1. engine light on `

    hi left the ibiza parked up for last 2 days and now when i start it the engine light comes on plus the car is shuddering badly. also there is loss of power when setting off. anyone know what it is or can recommend a place in sheffield to look at it
  2. slim20vt

    help engine noise

    hi people i just picked up my seat leon tfsi sport 185bhp turbo:) 44k miles on clock no mods at all.. got it from south hampton Seat........................ car drives great very quick and smooth. Unti i pull up at a set of traffic lights . Then it sounds really tap tap tap tap tap...
  3. Oil leak - strange noise from drivers side of engine

    I have Sesat leon Cupra, 2003 and have noticed that when the engine is started from cold there is a slight noise from the drivers side of the engine which stops after about 30 - 40 seconds ! Sounds a little bit like a motor whirring ! Also today the red oil light started flashing, i topped up...
  4. V5 Toledo weird engine smell

    Hey guys, As some of you're aware, I just got my V5. The check engine light came back after the reset at Autohaus, so the lambda probe & cooling fluit temp sensor do need to be changed. That I am not so worried about, as I'll have the garage that I bought it from do that, however what worries...
  5. hi guys, new car, problems- hesitancy, petrol flap, locks, strange hole in engine

    hi guys, 2002 tdi leon, just got today, when driving home i noticed bit hesitant going up through the gears almost holding back then letting go (all very quickly) then driving ok, then doing same again? any ideas?? also fuel flap doesnt work, figured out by pulling carpets in boot that i...
  6. Engine sounds like it's stalling when turning off.

    I am hoping this is nothing more than hypercondria as I've had a few 'issues' recently so hope you guys can give me some reassurance. My '03 tdi 130 had a service yesterday and since then when i turn the engine off it seems to stop very abruptly as if stalling (it's running fine though)...
  7. oil light flickering and engine jumpy on new car!! please help!!

    on 1.9tdi, 2002, 110 any ideas??
  8. Engine Coolant Temperature

    How accurate is the "51 Engine Coolant 51 Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) in deg C(ECT) in deg C" option on the hidden climate control panel? I've had an issue with the temp gauge on the was sticking very low or fluctuating. The Thermostat and Coolant Temp sensor has now been replaced. Now...
  9. rsmith

    Somethings not right, Engine Torque Monitor 2:Control Limit Exceeded!

    Hello all, I had some serious issues with my LCR over the weekend on a long journey.When i set off i knew something didn't feel right, when i put my foot down it just didn't feel right, sort of held back a bit. So anyway, while cruising on the motorway at 120kph in 6th gear with low...
  10. cupra tdi engine oil same as pd 130/150 oil?

    just checked my oil level this morn and its a tad low, i have some oil that i had for my previous fabia vrs but something tells me that mu cupra tdi used different oil! can anyone tell me if im correct and if so, where can i get the correct oil today, halfrauds?:shrug:
  11. Engine Management Light - Cat?

    Hi All, Hope you can help. Had the Engine management light pop on and off a couple of times, RAC Came out and said it looks like the lambda or cat but i should take it for a full diagnostics to narrow down the problem. I had my downpipe and Cat changed about 16 months ago (still under...
  12. MK1 cupra engine swap

    Hi im thinking about changing my cupra 1.8t 180bhp engine for a cupra r 225bhp ive seen a few on ebay with low miles on one has the full loom+ ecu and the other has just ecu and key would my loom be ok or would i need to change the loom?:blink::blink:
  13. twin2189

    engine manegment fault codes can anyone help me?

    16825 - EVAP Emission Control Sys: Incorrect Flow P0441 - 35-10 - - - Intermittent 16490 - Manifold / Barometric Pressure Sensor (G71) / (F96): Implausible Signal P0106 - 35-00 - - 16556 - Fuel Trim: System Too Rich: Bank 1 P0172 - 35-10 - - - Intermittent had an engine manegment...
  14. delboyuk2005uk

    Seat leon tdi fr mk2 engine light come on help?

    Bit worried about this what can it be? Car seems to have loss of power from 3rd onwards. Like it's not letting all the power through. Does not seem to be the dpf as the light has nit come on. Is it safe to drive with this as I need to get home?
  15. Engine Cuts Out - (MK1 Leon TDi)

    Hi, I'm having a problem with my Mk1 Leon TDi. On saturday was driving along and the engine completely dies. I was able to restart the car and continue but it did this a couple more times (sometimes I was able to restart it straight away, sometimes i had to wait a few mins first). Called...
  16. Is the PD 130 Engine a good motor?

    I'm interested to know about this as I've searched, but struggle to find much in-detail information. I hear different Turbo's metioned like K03 & K04 Models mentioned. Which is best & whats a good choice of Hybrid Turbo for this engine? Is it possible to gain 300 BHP from this engine...
  17. Emissions light come on? its a little picture of a engine PLEASE HELP

    Hi guys i own a 02 cupra 1.8 20vt, and the above mentioned light has come on.. my owners book says it means excessive emissions. Could this cause damage to the engine? is it safe to drive -- as its still driving perfect.
  18. 8bit

    Engine Warning Light - LCR225

    Disclaimer - yes I did search first :) Just got my LCR in February, it got a service and MOT at the dealer I bought it from before I took delivery of the car. For the past 2 or 3 weeks I've noticed that the word "service" flashes constantly on the mileage display on the speedo when the...
  19. Engine Cover

    I have just bought my mates daughters 58 plate 1.9tdi sportrider with 9k on it and 18m old, i notice the car has no engine cover ? but has the round runner ring under the oil filler cap and a bracket with a post on it above the alternator. Has someone pinched mine? or dont they come with a...
  20. engine warning light

    hi guys had almost a year free trouble driving with my leon cupra r on a 04 plate but yesterday i was driving on the motorway when i lost power and the engine warning light came on (static orange )i pulled onto the hard shoulder and phoned rac . it turned out to be number three coil pack the rac...
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