1. Syphon

    Brochure SEAT Ibiza MK6 Brochure and price list (2020 to present)

    The brochure can be download using the link provided. This is the UK version.
  2. Syphon

    Brochure SEAT Arona MK1 Brochure and price list (2020 to present)

    The brochure can be download using the link provided. This is the UK version.
  3. ChocoMilkShark

    What options do i have?

    Hi all I'm trying to work out what options I have on my car but I'm not finding it as easy as I was hoping, I have the codes but nothing to compare them too I'll post a pic below any help is much appreciated.
  4. ToledoNorthEat

    Hybrid options - experts please!

    Hi Guys and Gals, I know a few people on here have had some excellent results with GT1749VA-B turbos from a 130 on a 110 so I know that is probably the way to go. Q1: Is the standard turbo on a 110 ASV is even worth hybriding? Q2: Got my eye on some bigger injectors, what kind of fuel...
  5. s1l3nc3r

    N75 options.

    Im thinking i may need a new N75 but ive got no seat dealer near me now because its closed down. Got a VW dearler near me just so is the N75 off the golf etc the same as ours id assume it is but not 100% If someone has a part number would be a great help. ;)
  6. 110 TDI manifold options

    stil newbie on the site been doing lots of research and reading. i saw some pics of a 110 tdi inlet manifold and a 130 and 150 tdi and the 130 and 150 look like a much better design for flow. so my question is will a 130 and 150 inlet manifold fit on a non pd 110 ASV engine and would i need the...
  7. FMIC options.

    Just wondering will a FMIC off any other VAG group models fit the ibiza TDI sport?? obviously is it hard to do and worth while?? it would have to be a bigger one.
  8. MacFever

    Brake options with standard FR wheels

    My car needs better brakes but I dont want to change my standard FR wheels (I like them a lot) Can I fit the Seat race brakes together with wheel spacers and if so how much mm must they be? Other options ? Thanks
  9. 2001 Toledo V5 (20V) suspension options

    Hi, can you tell me what suspension options are available for a Toledo V5, the 20 valve version from 2001? What would be ideal is a stiffer setup with no or little change in ride height. For example, can stiffer dampers be used with the standard springs? I appreciate it's a little different...
  10. warren_cox

    Exhaust tail pipe options on aftermarket exhausts for Leon Cupra/FR

    I appreciate a few of you will have changed your pipework as some will be coming out of warranty, others will have done it as a matter of course as part of your upgrades etc. Question I have is if you could have chosen any exhaust tailpipes (e.g. the bit you can see!) on an after-market...
  11. VCDS options on Leon mark 1

    Apart from the auto locking/anti-hijack for the door locks, and single click opening/locking for all the doors, can anything else be tweaked in VAGCOM on the Leon 1? I've had 2 separate genuine Ross-tech leads plugged into mine now, and neither will access the central electrics or convenience...
  12. TDI Cupra/FR Factory Options

    Hi All, I'm currently on the look out for one of the above. Seen a couple but nothing I want to buy as yet. Quick Question. Apart from leather interior what other options were available when new ? Thanks in advance :confused:
  13. Performance Options

    Hi only new to the forum and Im chasing some sound recommendations on the performance upgrade path I should take. Car is a Seat Ibiza GTi Cupra Sport 1998 110kw 2.0L 16 Valve ABF Engine. Looking for the best air intake,exhaust including headers and a flash tune so all information would be...
  14. magicoi

    Cupra TDI exhaust options

    My last service identified a rusting exhaust hanger and just under £300 notes to replace the exhaust (stealer) ! My question is, what options are there for us derv drivers for new back boxes? I dont want a droning exhaust because i drive 20k a year but would like a sportier note and perhaps a...
  15. andyspencer

    TDI exhaust options

    Has any tdi people on here running anything meaty at the back. Just having a browse and contemplating the idea of it again. Just wondering about the benefits, noise, if its worth the cash, decent prices to pay etc. Any input appreciated :D
  16. Bobby.Gee

    Exhaust Options

    Anyone know if this little bit of kit is any good? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/leon-cupra-r-mk1-3-Exhaust-Down-Pipe-De-Cat-Bypass_W0QQitemZ300375683801QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM?hash=item45efc932d9#ht_574wt_941 I like popping and banging, flames and noise lol so i...
  17. A.m.C_Ibiza1

    Clutch Options

    Morning!! Ive managed to snap my crankshaft main oil seal and need to have the gearbox removed to replace it, while im there i think i should replace the clutch while its off, need somthing stronger than standard as currently the car has about 280 + lb/ft maybe more but im not 100% sure...
  18. Cupra r clutch options

    HI there probably been covered loads of time. im not sure what to do or if my car needs a clutch. the Clutch is slipping in 6th gear when you put your fut flat on the pedal throughout the gears up to here its fine but it slips dont know if the map is too harsh for it. my car has a Hybrid...
  19. what options i have to remap my leon fr ecu

    im thinking to remap my ecu but i want to know what options i have , i heard about 034motorsport standalone but there are a chipper one? right now i have 162whp (completely stock leon fr) my goals are 220whp at least, can i reach just remapping the ecu, without engine modification or turbo...
  20. welsh frtdi

    clutch options and part numbers

    hi,i have a fr 150 2005 model. i need to find a clutch as my oe clutch slips..trouble is my local part factors said that replacement is over 400 pounds. i would not mind the price only i was hoping i could find a sachs kit..would anyone have a number to someone for some part numbers and prices...
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