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  1. MK1 Cupra R

    MK1 Cupra R

    SeatCupra.net Berkshire forum meet March 2020
  2. Leon Fr 184 coolant loss after DPF regen

    Hi, I have a 64 plate Seat Leon Fr 184hp, the coolant is lost after every dpf regen and I have no heat from the vents. I assumed it was the heater matrix.. However I did a Head Gasket test and the water changed from dark blue to a darkish green colour. I’m not sure if its worth getting a...
  3. Jasonlee28

    Could someone help me please? Would be very grateful?

    Hi everyone, I’m having difficulty finding a debaged honeycomb grille for my seat Leon, it’s a 62 plate supercopa, everyone single one I’ve clicked online says it doesn’t fit, could someone point me in the right direction? Thank you guys, jason.
  4. Bumpers for 2010 SC

    Hey Gents, I have a 3 door Pre-facelift Seat Ibiza SC and I want to put a bumper like a boca on the rear and I'd like to ask if it was ever possible to fit the front bumper of a boca on my sportscoupe. If the answer of those two are yes then what would I need to know when Im fitting them together?
  5. Leon 1.6 TDI - Fuel Filter Help

    Hi Guys, I am currently ordering bits to service my Leon 5f 1.6tdi, but I stumbled on something here with the Fuel Filters... It seems they come in 2 different sizes? The outer diameters seem to be quite different, one being 77mm and the other 93mm and my question is, can I check which filter I...
  6. 12v socket / input / cigarette lighter?!?!

    So basically my cigarette lighter socket is absolutely knackared so had to break it out.. I bought a 12v socket from eBay and the connections are completely different... the original socket had an actual connection block on the bottom, with three metal prongs, which the connection block just...
  7. Ibiza ST 2014 - Cigarette Lighter - poss fuse blown

    Hi i need some advice, my cigarette lighter has decided to pack up, I've been through the forums and I've checked fuses 27, 40 and 42 but this hasn't sorted it out. The problem came about when i was checking fuses for a power steering problem that has since got sorted. Can anyone help/advise...
  8. ITzadamZz

    Blue Seat Belt Strap

    Hi All, Does anyone know where i can get some coloured seat belts from?? Prefrablely looking for Blue to match my car :D
  9. iammooks

    DIY Rust Repair and Respray...

    Planning on doing a couple of repairs to the car while things are a bit weird out there, and decided I want to sort out some rust inside the offside rear door. Thankfully it's on the inside, so it won't show too much if I don't do the best job, but what I'm thinking it needs is just to be...
  10. Kaiju

    Passenger window has dropped - help! - Leon mk3

    Hi I have a 2014 Leon and the front passenger window, when closing, made an awful bang within the door and the window dropped. When operating the window switch the motor can be heard working, but I believe the cables have snapped and the regulator needs replacing. SEAT dealers are closed and...
  11. TheJudge2009

    Drivers seat cable for adjusting the seat fwd and back.

    Hey all, Need some help if you don't mind, Car: Seat Exeo 3R 120 HP 1986CC Year: 2010 As the title says, on the web for the last 2 hours and can not find a motor factor who has it or sells it. I tried to look under the seat to get a oem number or something, but with no luck. Did found a thread...
  12. NathyPhillips

    N20THP - Clean MK1 LCR (Platinum Grey)

    Hi All, I've probably gone a bit over the top adding the Service & MOT detail but i thought it is about time i do a build thread for my car so I can look back at progress and appreciate the car in years to come, but also to share with all of you. Hopefully you can all appreciate the car as I...
  13. Seat MIB's firmware

    Hello all I hope you are all good in those crazy days. I'm searching for some Seat firmwares, doesn't have to be the latest. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance and god bless you all.
  14. Any suggestions welcome

    Hey guys. I have already used the search function and cannot find the answer I am looking for. Sorry if this is quite long. I drive a seat ibiza cupra tdi 2004. When I purchased the car 2 years ago all the work had already been carried out. Hybrid turbo etc. The Engine management light...
  15. Seat leon fr 2.0 prefacelift 59 folding mirrors

    Hi guys new to the page. I have a seat leon fr prefacelift 59 plate. I have the folding mirror option on my car but they dont fold. I have performed all remedies such as 10 second. Iv also checked fuses but nothing seems to make sense. Anyone got any ideas?? Much appreciated in advance
  16. Rear Door is Locked Shut! Rear Doors Arent Working Correctly!

    so when i bought my 1999 seat leon its was problem free but now its problem after problem, newest problem is my OSR door is shut and will not open from the inside or the outside(i had the window regulator unplugged for afew days while i got a new one as it was already off and i was manually...
  17. 2.0tfsi weird loss of boost please help!

    Hi everyone I have had this issue since taking owner ship of the car when it was stock now stage 1 I have changed every service item plugs coil filters dv n75 etc I have experienced this odd boost problem has gotten worse since mapped as more obviously boost. so 3rd gear or above you floor...
  18. Libby

    Seat Ibiza FR 2015 RADIO NOT WORKING

    I’m in desperate need of some help!! I was listening to music through Bluetooth in my car and my friend turned it up too fast and the radio turned off and wouldn’t come back on. The sat nav isn’t charging on the dashboard either. My partner has checked the fuses and he said they’re all fine...
  19. Seat Leon start up issue, any help?

    Hi everyone, I've got an issue with my Seat Leon FR 170bhp mk2 2.0 tdi. After leaving the car overnight etc in the morning the car will not start unless I rev it. The car almost starts then just dies. Once the car has started once by revving it, every start after that is perfect with no issues...
  20. Considerably more power with fresh fuel ?? Any help

    Hi I’m trying to diagnose a sorta problem with my Leon if fuel has been sat for a day or 2+ she’s still quick but really lacks enthusiasm put some fuel in weather that me 5 quid or 80 quid it’s a night and day difference, Obviously theres always a little difference in power with fresh fuel but...
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