1. Jimski

    SuperSport 35mm Front - 50mm Rear - Shock and Springs

    Evening! I know that Truss has asked the question about whether Supersport can consider making us happy by supplying a 35mm front, 50mm spring/shock kit for ibiza mk4. Just thought this thread could be a follow up to my thread asking a similar question generally and help everyone else...
  2. rocky2008

    Cupra shock absorbers

    got given some cupra shockabsorbers today of a 55plate low milage ibiza cupra... i currently have apex 35mm springs on the rear and i am soon to do the front very shortly...can anyone tell me how much stiffer the cupra shockers will be over my standard shockers? thanks :)
  3. tequilan

    weitec spring and shock set - big thumbs up

    got this fitted yesterday to my ibiza fr tdi and wow what an amazing piece of kit for just over £300 quid! i'd read many times damien blabbing on about how good this kit was and didnt want to follow the coilover crowd and im kinda glad i didnt now, im so surprised by the quality of the ride...
  4. bla1n3

    shock knackered?

    how would you know or what would be a good tell tale sign that a shock is knackered? squeaking? is this a new shock or can they be refilled, i think im still on standard shocks and im lowered 40 mm front and back? cheers
  5. rydoo

    just had my lcr rr and im in shock!!

    hi guys just had my lcr on the rolling road,produced 297bhp and 258ftlb,its got a decat and revo stage 2 map was expecting around 270ish so im well pleased :D guy sayed the flat spot in the graph feels like poof airfeed
  6. Standard Shock Question (1.6 > Cupra)

    Asking on bahalf of Dan (he's not got access)..... Basically, he has a 1.6, and his mate has a cupra, and his mate wi cupra has offered to swap shocks over (I don't know why, so don't ask) Would 1.6 shocks fit a cupra? I'm 99% sure the answer is yes. Afterall, I had cupra shocks on the...
  7. Darron1823

    Shock Diameter 50 or 55mm

    Hi folks im ordering shocks and springs for my MK2 Leon 2.0L TDI Sport and im wondering if anyone knows the diameter of the shock is it 50 or 55mm? Kind Regards Darron
  8. WHat are the shock options for an LCR?

    After replacement shocks and don't want to lower the ride or change the springs and wanted to know the options available and if there are any upgrades?
  9. Shock and Spring Options

    Hi all, A friend of mine is looking to upgrade the suspension on his 51-plate 227bhp Ibiza Cupra. It's currently sitting on Gmax shocks and springs and the ride is horrendous, very bouncy and jarring. As a result, he is looking at getting something with decent ride comfort, a bit of a drop and...
  10. GottaIbizaMk3

    Standard shock abbsorber costs?????

    My Mk3 1.4s (Jan 200) has done 86k miles and is very bumpy and thumpy - gonna take it into see about replacing the shocks absorbers if it needs it. Some threads here talk about replacing top mounts at the same time as the shocks. Any ball park figures for basic shocks and top mounts folks...
  11. AndyVTR

    Shock Horror!

    50mpg over the first 50 miles of a new tank. It dropped to low 49 by the last twisty 10 miles of my journey. Can I be bothered to drive carefully home on a Friday night?
  12. GarryGti

    Fitted new shock in fk coils

    Had a bit of play in my old strut so spoke to venom and they sent me a new one so took the coilover off stripped it down put it all together but now if i turn left the wheels pulls it to hard lock and it looks like its sat at a funny angle just. Any one know what this could be? or is it just...
  13. Will you recommand me to lower ibiza FR on original shock absorber ?

    i want to buy HR progressive springs 35/30mm its ok to use progressive spirings on the original shock absorber ? it will be comfortable?
  14. Tyres again people :D

    Right i need 4 new tyres, can get them fitted free so will order online for maximum cheapness ;) Ive kinda come to the conclusion that toyo proxes are the way forward, £285.40 posted from So, do any of you guys know of anywhere cheaper ? Or Can you recomend any other...
  15. Havok316

    Shock! Horror!

    Went to have a knocking sound looked at which turned out to be cv joint on its way out only to find one of the front tyres was worn down soo badly on the inside you could see 7 strings in the rubber! the outside was hardly worn the middle tyre was dipped in like its been over inflated and the...
  16. Servicing costs shock at Sidlow

    I have been an avid reader of this forum for quite a while but have never posted until now. i phoned sidlow up today to book in my 51 plate Cupra in for its service, its currently at 58.5K miles so i knew it would most likely need a cam belt change so i knew it would be more pricey, but i had...
  17. hissing shock absorber

    Hi everyone i have just bought my first seat (altea)and have started to notice a strange hissing noise from the front passenger side shocker(i think??)When i go over anything i get what sounds like the gas escaping from the shocker.If this is a shocker is it covered on the manufacturers...
  18. mk2 shock advice please

    hi guys can anyone advise me please i have a set of 60mm lowered springs and shocks for my mk2 golf,now ive been told these may fit a mk2 ibiza could anyone confirm this for me as my friend has a mk2 ibiza thats needs a 60mm droppage and i need some coilies for a massive slam :D thanks elmo
  19. electric shock

    Static Shock Does anyone else get a slight shock when you have been driving anc close the door:lol: Ta
  20. Havok316

    Shock Horror :(

    Went to have a new tyre put on my beefa and found the back tyre almost bold!!! couldnt believe it, you cant check it easily as my cars soo low lol hadnt noticed, bit p*ssed off with the tyre com[any not warning me as they fitted a new one about a month ago. Off the road for a few days :(
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