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  1. rs6 style alloys 5x100 17x8 fit cupra ?

    Hi I have an 05 ibiza cupra with the big AP brakes. Does any one know if the new rs6 style alloys will clear the brakes ? The spokes are stright. The fitment of wheels are 5x100 17x8j and et35 Please help if you know Thanks :confused:
  2. LCR ibiza cupra style grill

    I remember at some point seeing an lcr with a off centre cupra r badge grill like the sort of style they had on the old ibiza cupra's This is a bit of a crap angle but it puts the point across http://www.resmoto.com/a_car/seat/opisy/ibiza/ibiza_cupra/seat_ibiza_cupra_01.jpg Does any1...
  3. hypopsycho

    Fiesta ST style stripes

    I might get shot down for this, however..... I'm thinking of putting some white stripes down the side sills, like the ones they fit to the Fiesta ST, except I'd like them to read 'Ibiza'. Can't seem to find any though. Any ideas people? Seen something like on ebay, but the font is awful and...
  4. Help required with my leons body style

    hi people ive just bought myself a leon cupra and its been modified as far as the performance goes. It has been remapped to 225 bhp with additional things such as air filter, dump valve exhaust etc etc, im not clued up in any of these all i know is that it is very quick and responsive. my car...
  5. steveyg

    New Style Sideskirts

    Hey there ppl, has any body got a any pictures of the new style sideskirts, been in touch with seremotors and he says the skirts are smoother lookin.... can anybody help???
  6. jasont87

    R8 Style Lights

    Thinking of putting some R8 style LED strips on my mk5 ibiza what you reckon guys? :shrug:
  7. seantdi

    black trim cupra r style

    hi all. i was thinking of getting the gray plastic trim in my fr sprayed black to look like the cupra r trim. is this a stupid idea?? would it turn out crap.. i know most of the bits can be got from the dealers. anyone any idea how much it would cost to replace all the gray trim with black trim...
  8. 1.9PD timing belt replacement (DIY style)

    Have had my alhambra (02) for over 3 years now and its covered 71k miles. Looking to tackle timing belt replacement - lack of a shalhabra Haynes manual doesn't help. K
  9. Dan_T

    dayline r8 style headlights

    has any1 got them fitted they look amazing thers a set on ebay i really fancy some...
  10. Leon with Golf R32 style wheels ?

    Hi folks Does anybody have any piccies of the mrk1 leon cupra/fr with the golf R32 multispoke allys fitted ?? Thinking about replacing my facelift Fr wheels with these Piccies please if poss thanks Col
  11. Any interest in WRC style mudflaps here?

    Looking at possible new products for our shop, and having designed and developed the original Subaru aftermarket WRC flaps for our other business (Scoobyworld Ltd) was wondering whether theres any mileage in developing a Leon and Ibiza line? Any thoughts? Neil
  12. 'Fan' Style Heated Washer Jets

    Another A4 mod courtesy of ASN..... 'Fan' style heated windscreen washer jets, instead of the 'jet' ones on the Exeo. http://www.audi-sport.net/vb/showthread.php?t=75370 http://www.audi-sport.net/vb/showthread.php?t=65482&highlight=passat+fan Part Numbers needed are: 5MO 955 986 9B9 (Qty 2)...
  13. Techie is back Boca style

    Some of you may remember me, old member but not been around much recently. After many years im back in the driving 'SEAT' as it were. Picked up my new car today Brand new Boca in lovely white, really impressed with it loadws of cool touches. More pics soon :) p.s Thanks m0rk, you...
  14. rally style wheels

    im struggling to decide on what wheels for my car as most do! i want some like on the escort cosworth monte carlo. i want to keep the car on 16`s has any got an ibiza with this style wheel or more importantly pics! i also thought a set of renault clio 16v wheels or something that style what do...
  15. A6 LED rearlight style

    Hi have found an Iitalian guy who have made these rearlight back in 2006, i think they look great. Do anybody know if there is some people could make them as a production, if your get what i mean and if you like them.
  16. Cupra style front grill behind plate

    Hi, Id like to paint the small part of the front bumper behind/above the plate black, like it is on a cupra as I think it looks the biz, could anyone tell me the type of black it is shiny or matt or whatever? Thankyou, kez:)
  17. lanceneoman

    will these 18" Audi R8 Style wheels fit

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/18-Audi-R8-Style-Alloy-Wheels-Tyres-Mk1-TT-Seat-Leon_W0QQitemZ270439022034QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_CarParts_Acc_Wheels_tyres_Rims_Car_Wheels_ET?hash=item3ef76bfdd2&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14 does anyone know if these wheels will fit
  18. brightsideteeem

    Will an audi A6 Interior W8 Style Light fit in a Leon?

    I think I may have bought one off ebay, then realised that its different to the normal W8 light:lol: will it fit or am i going to end up re-listing it? :whistle:
  19. newbie hi - any pics of style pack for sc sport

    hi guys, just ordered a white sport 1.6tdi with 17 alloys and rear tints. ordered the style pack as well. The style pack comes in 4 colours i believe, aluminium, red, piano black and blue. i saw the aluminium so ordered that, but the cupra looks like it has the piano black version fitted and it...
  20. My 51 plate Mk1 leon tdi....cupra style!!

    Hi all, well i thought that is was about time i showed off my leon which has done me proud on my many numerous road trips across england!! I also own a mk2 golf vr6 turbo 4wd and my other half drives a mk3 vr6 so we thought that we'd get a 'practical' car for the long journeys!! So far, it...
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