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  1. Seat Ibiza 2006 1.4 TDI 'Reference.' Compatible Bumper?

    Hi all new to the forum and recently purchased a Seat Ibiza 2006 1.4 TDI 'Reference.' (not sport, from or cupra etc) it's a nice looking car but needs a few tweaks. I want to replace the bumper where possible, are there any bumpers from the other models that would fit as a strait swap?
  2. Blinking pre glow plug and yellow solid engine management sign

    Hello friends, I have a Seat Altea 1.6 TDI CR 105 style. Year 2010. 107000 km. Manual transmitter. Recently I am having a problem, explained below: For the first time it happened 3 days ago, I was in the road and to be honest for the first time I filled car with fuel/diesel in a fuel station...
  3. Mikey Smullen

    Seat Exeo BI Xenon headlight issue, need help

    Hey, Since Friday i have been having the issue that when i am driving with my headlights on my Main Beam will flash on when my car is accelerating, The main beam comes on and then turns off when i take my foot off the pedal no indication light comes on my dash. I have plugged in the...
  4. Airlock and over heating

    Hi Guys, Urgent help needed. I gave an ibiza fr tdi 2005. Before Christmas previous owneri had waterpump and cambelt changed, the garage did not bleed correctly and over heated. Managed to get this sorted and has been driving ok since. Recently started over heating amd radiator fan stopped...
  5. mjstokes85

    My Mk4 facelift Ibiza Cupra TDi

    My facelift Ibiza Cupra 1.9TDi, got it Saturday, absolutely amazing car. Previous owner was sad to see her go, he is actually on the forums so if you see this Liam, I am looking after her as promised. Having previously had an Ibiza SX 1.2, I cannot believe the power this has, it actually scares...
  6. 110 TDI Turbo + Injectors

    Hi there, ill start at the beging: The cars a 2003 Toledo 110 TDI (ASV engine code) Its got, a green panel filter, the EGR blocked off and a high flowing de-cat, its got a tuning box (not the resistor in a box one but the one that works) Buut the turbo is on its way out :( Im trying to...
  7. Genoc

    Fuel Filter Change How to on a TDi Cupra?

    I'm just about to service my Cupra Tdi, and wonder is there anything specific to take note of when chaning the fuel filter on a Tdi? e.g I'm assuming you can get air in the system? cars done 48k and not had one replaced as far as I can tell. thanks Gemma
  8. Ibiza tdi possible electrical problem

    Hi everyone, im new to this forum and have a Seat Ibiza 1.9tdi sport pd130. It has been a great car to me over the past few years until now! When i unlock the car and open the door the whole dash lights up which didnt used to happen, then you turn the ignition on and try and start the car only...
  9. Help needed with leon fr tdi

    Hi i am new to this site but thought i will ask for your help. I have a seat leon tdi fr mk2 and lately if i give the turbo some stick after a while the exhaust starts to pop a little and the turbo gets a little laggy, i have been to many garages who have looked and said all is fine. i must...
  10. Altea Tdi oil leak?

    Hi all Noticed a bit of an oil leak going on with my Altea 1.9 Tdi. Ive attached a picture for info, any ideas where it could be coming from? Sorry, not too familiar with this engine at all Lee
  11. vt-marty

    centre exit K1 backbox on CR FR tdi?

    guys, my new FR 170 Cr is in transit and will get the aero kit fitted once it arrives at my dealer. i have wanted the centre exit backbox off the K1 petrol car fitting since day one. the dealer is ordering bodykit parts as we speak and tells me "Just been informed from parts there is no...
  12. Project Golf TDI ARL - PD300 304hp/530NM Now FOR SALE

    Project PD150   Some of you may know I’ve been modifying my golf over the years and edited this thread to show a bit up to date information. I ran the car on a stage 1 remap for approx 2 years. After this I done whole load of work and research to reach a MAX power figure of around 230hp...
  13. adam_may

    MK4 Ibiza FR TDI De-Cat

    Has anyone took the cat out of theirs? If so did it make any differance in power? How much louder does it make it? And can u just chop the cat out and weld some pipe in? Or can u buy a de-cat pipe? Cheers Adam
  14. LC TDI possible stability upgrades

    Been reading the site alot over the last few days and lots of talk about strut braces, front and rear arbs, mount kits , bushes, dogbone and so on so compiled a bit of a list your thoughts on what is the best suitable mods for LC TDI 150pd to add to my never ending shoping list. THS mount kit...
  15. cupra tdi engine oil same as pd 130/150 oil?

    just checked my oil level this morn and its a tad low, i have some oil that i had for my previous fabia vrs but something tells me that mu cupra tdi used different oil! can anyone tell me if im correct and if so, where can i get the correct oil today, halfrauds?:shrug:
  16. 110 TDI manifold options

    stil newbie on the site been doing lots of research and reading. i saw some pics of a 110 tdi inlet manifold and a 130 and 150 tdi and the 130 and 150 look like a much better design for flow. so my question is will a 130 and 150 inlet manifold fit on a non pd 110 ASV engine and would i need the...
  17. Gavin's red Leon Cupra TDI (finally!)

  18. Smoothing the airbox on a FR 150 TDI??

    Hi, have read a bit on the smoothing airbox mod. Is this beneficial to a diesel engine like mine? Does it give a better sound from the turbo etc etc or is it a waste of time? Any help appreciated
  19. magicoi

    Clutch prices . . .Leon Cupra TDi

    Im asking here as its too latetoday to ring a dealer / garage to check out prices for a replacement clutch as mines slipping. Getting worse and needs doing sooner rather than later Im toying with the idea of uprates Sachs job and then geting a map but im not sure i really have the money...
  20. Remapping the 140 TDi.

    Has anyone plumped for a remap on the 140CR motor yet?? I like the idea of it, but I'm not convinced about the torque loadings on the DMF/clutch assemblies and turbocharger. How sophisticated are these maps, is the injection timing changed throughout the map for best efficiency, or is it...
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