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  1. toledo tdi 110 help

    hello only new to the site and lookin some help with my toledo well to start it seat toledo 110 2001 only got the car and when you drive it dies of all power and sound like it chokeing it self if you know wat i mean and and some time when i rev it sounds it missin and starts spluttering...
  2. Leon tdi alternator pulley fell off

    Hi there, Has anyone had an alternator pulley fall off their leon whilst driving? Mine came off on thursday night (1st April of all days!), first thing I noticed was the battery light came on and the power stearing failed as you would expect, then a bang as the pulley departed the car and...
  3. WeeG

    BIGG addicted's Leon FR tdi stage 2+ MORE SMOKE, MORE POKE!! GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN!!

    Leon FR mods- .DPF Removal with 3" Milltek system and stage 2 Custom Code software (had) . 18" Cupra Orion Alloys . Eibach Sportlines . BTCC spoiler . BTCC sideskirts...
  4. TerrificToledo

    1.9 TDI Front Mount Intercooler

    Hey guys, I've heard plenty of stories about why not to get FM intercoolers etc.... But i'm still going ahead with it lol I'm having a bit of trouble though, the standard intercooler has got the sensor plugged into it, so i was wondering what part i'd need for that same connector to plug...
  5. Strange Tdi 130bhp mpg problem

    Strange Tdi 130bhp mpg problem Hi folks iv got a strange problem my mpg has gone down a lot only when engine/ water is cold My instant mpg is reading terrible mpg between 8 and 35mpg when cold I know it uses more diesel in cold conditions but is gone down a lot more lately more than when...
  6. 1.9 tdi not starting

    i have a seat alhambra p reg , 2 weeks ago driving back from london it cut out sudenly ( almost like fuel had run out, but it had fuel in it ) cranked it over would not start ( glow plug lights come on and go out etc..) got recovered (after 2.30hr wait with rac ) after it got home next day...
  7. Altea 2.0 TDi Timing belt intervals

    Hi , Iv got a 56 plate Altea FR 2.0 TDi , Can anyone tell me when the timing belt should be done , its got 33k on the clock and alsowhat kind of oil semi syn or fully syn and what viscosity . cheers
  8. SeanyK

    Im back... With a Cupra TDi !! (And the old member used to be on here!)

    Hey folks! Im back... After a short while away from a Cupra... 4 days actually :happy: I bought a Ibiza Cupra TDi, Black, it's a 2007 (07) and has done 20,300 miles I actually had to get it transported from Penzance to Essex - yes the measures I go through to get the right car!!! But...
  9. My leon mk1 tdi 110

    Hi all... Brought a mk1 leon sx tdi 110 imperial blue a couple of weeks ago( had to be a diesel due to commuting to work), not really been into modding before but have started to get the bug. List of mods so far Ordered 18" RS4's Will be ordering a set of coilovers shortly Fabia rear wiper...
  10. Backbox for mk1 leon tdi???

    Hi all... Thinking of getting a backbox for my leon, just wondering if anyones got any recommendations???Would go to cat back but dont know what to go for, dont really want to spend more than £200.
  11. Has FR TDi changed tax band?

    Hello I have been a member for sometime on seatcupra, but i haven't posted anything before. I am currently looking at getting a new 3dr Ibiza FR TDi. One of the things that made it appeal to me more was the fact that it was in a low tax band (£35) as it emissions were below 120g. I have just...
  12. zach225

    Tdi clutch advise

    Hey all, my clutch is slipping very very occasionally and I thought I would replace it as I have the money, my car is running 175bhp and 300 ft/lbs. What would be my best option? I don't necessarily want to be going for more power but a clutch that can easily handle what I have plus...
  13. Bazza's Ibiza FR TDI

    Polished my car at the weekend seen as though the weather was nice :) Also some pics from earlier in the year what do you think :)
  14. fuzzy232

    Ovni Yellow Ibiza Sport PD130 -Hybrid Turbo, BBS RK 504's

    Hi , Im new to the seat scene and got to say im impressed by the ibiza ive recently purchased. Im currently progressing through tidying it up considering I picked it up cheap and in need of abit of work. This is how I picked it up: -bonnet looks as though its been keyed and laquer...
  15. leon tdi fr 07 power upgrade

    I have a leon fr tdi 07 how and where can i upgrade engine power for a reasonable price, as ive got used to the car and find it not as fast as i want, i dont know much about this sort of thing and need advice. thanks:think:
  16. Tdi turbo again 49000

    Hi Lads Didnt think I would be back o here posting but here it goes... I changed my turbo through warranty about 1 year 1/2 ago after getting a whistling sound much like a police car/ ambulance chasing you. And i am getting the same noise now? I went to the dealer thay said that nothing...
  17. Ibiza Fr Tdi *Updated 24/09/10 Mass mods

    Having bought my new car 2 weeks since, i have loads of stuff i want to do to it but no money at the moment. :cry: Need to get some serious overtime in lol:) This is when i bought it I have purchased some mats from Awesome GTI And added some wind deflecters. My next thing is to get...
  18. phatchoonz1

    FR Tdi intermittant power loss

    Hi, I've been looking at a 150pd (ARL) FR Tdi, it's got a problem with intermittant power loss, which rectifies itself when the engine is turned off and back on. The codes i've got out of it are: 17957 - Boost Pressure Regulation Valve (N75): Open or Short to Ground P1549 - 35-10 - - -...
  19. Jerry*

    TDI Loss of Power/Boost Pressure? - Help Please!?

    Hi there, This is one for the Cupra/FR TDi peeps. I know this is a Seat forum but this is a query relating to my mk4 Golf GT TDi PD 150, which is essentially the same car as the Cupra/FR TDi so I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.. :blink: The car is an 02 plate and...
  20. rod the sod

    TDI internal Modifications

    Hey i am just wondering if anyone has done any internal modifications? I.E> polish ports, injectors (I kno i few people have!) ETC? cheers
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