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  1. Ibiza Cupra TDi remap

    Hello ladies & gents, Pardon me if this question has been asked a million times but I've had a quick search and can't really find anything that answers the question.... I'm wanting to remap my Ibiza but as it's the PD160 engine, will it be able to withstand extra power/torque etc or is it...
  2. devonutopia

    Fabia TDI - in car acceleration video

    Following engine rebuild and a few more mods, initial testing of my Skoda Fabia went well and performance is pretty good. I am sure there will be more to come though once my 4 year old mapping is updated. [B)] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMCeMIPL0sY
  3. jaykicksass

    Leon FR tdi first service

    Hi, I am a fully qualified mechanic and don't really want to pay £120 or what ever the price is for my first service. Is it possible to get the genuine oil and filter and stuff and do it myself and get the service book stamped by a main dealer to cover my warrenty? If anyone can help please let...
  4. cam blet 02 tdi/ 160pd turbo

    Alright guys/girls Ive got an 02 ibiza tdi 130pd 6L, its got just over 63000 miles on so i need of a cam belt. Quick question, anyone know how much it cost to get it change at a seat dealer or if its worth tryin it myself? (pretty amature when it comes to cars, changed suspension, brakes...
  5. Reference 2.0 TDI VS the FR 2.0 TDI DPF 170?

    Morning all, I'm still looking for my perfect Leon at the moment, i've got up to £13,500 to spend and want to buy an FR, 08, with <20k Miles. There are quite a few around on Autotrader but i'm being picky now with options and ideally want to find one with Bluetooth, Heated Seats, MP3 input...
  6. FR TDI Clutch Pedal Vibration???

    I have had my Leon FR TDI for a week and still getting used to driving a diesel (Always driven petrol). I have noticed over the week, whenever I press the clutch down to change gear there is a fair bit of vibration on the pedal. Now to start with I just thought it was the diesel engine vibrating...
  7. great_kahn

    Ibiza cupra TDI- Stage one P-torque remap dyno results

    Evening all, finally got my cupra remapped on Friday. I know there are plenty of companys to choose from when it comes to this service. But i had heard alot of good things about performance torque. Bit about the service, very quick and proffesional. Top gear dvd was loaded and ready for my...
  8. What next?? MK4 TDI Sport

    Ive got a MK4 TDI sport(130) pushing 175bhp, its got a jabbasport map and panel filter, im thinking of getting the PD160 intake, any other little tweaks for abit more power that dont cost an arm and leg?? also i want bigger brakes at the front, whats the cheapest/best to go for? cheers.
  9. karizma_fas

    Returning from the Dark Side: New owner of a Mk4 Ibiza Cupra TDI

    HI all, I have moved from the dark side (Leon Cupra R) to bying a Mk4 Ibiza Cupra TDI :happy: Had an Ibiza Mk3 for my 1st car so doing a u TURN. Really happy with it, bit strange with the diesel noise but it's awesome when not at the fuel pump every 3 days! Garage attendant is missing...
  10. harper2009

    1.6 Tdi Noise from air vent when in reverse

    I dont know if anyone else has noticed this but when i select reverse it seems as if an extra fan comes on, its very noticeable as a passenger !! Could anybody suggest why this is ?:think:
  11. Cupra R back box onto my original cupra tdi exhaust?

    Hi all :). I was planning to put a cupra R backbox on my cupra tdi but will it be a straight fit or will it need modifiying to make it? Can anyone help? :help:
  12. cupra tdi coil light??

    Hey, i know that you have to wait for the coils on the dash to go out before you start the engine when its cold. but does anyone know what it means when it starts flashing at you whilst your driving down the road?? mine started doing it last night. obviously i took it straight home n thought...
  13. Mickylad

    Seat Ibiza TDi Mk4

    So the C2 was sold at the start of January there, fancied something a bit different and preferably diesel as I could be commuting to Uni next year. Looked about at various Mk5 Golfs, Polos etc. but most of them were high mileage English cars which I would rather have avoided. Found a clean...
  14. New fr tdi

    Morning everyone , was out with a friend last night and he's after an fr tdi brand spanker. He wants the media pack is it worth the extra money? Also can you buy a tdi with the k1 kit on or will he have to buy seperatly? He wants a white car with black wheels, told him if he maps it hel get 200...
  15. SeanyK

    Would you px your Cupra Petrol for a Cupra TDI if...?

    Hey folks, So i've been offered a tantalising (does anyone ever use that word?) deal... A Cupra TDI same year as mine (ok if we are being pedantic its a few months newer), roughly same miles (20K) etc. BUT I'd have to pay £2000 on top for it. Clearly the question is , how long...
  16. jaykicksass

    FR tdi CR superchip/remap???

    Has anyone ever used one of these? If so whats it like? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Seat-Leon-2-0-TDI-FR-170-CR-Tuning-Box-Chip-Diesel_W0QQitemZ270473240677QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM?hash=item3ef9762065 Jamie
  17. Ibiza tdi sport annoying rattling when cold!!!

    Hi folks need help and advise as this is really peeing me off I know ibizas are not the best made cars but im having real problems finding this fault on my 130bhp Ibiza sport Basically when the cars cold there a rattle which seems to be coming behind the dash board (engine maybe) every...
  18. Ibiza 2003 TDI sport speakers.

    Anyone know the standard sizes?? and how easy are they to change, ive got a few speakers that i wouldnt mind putting in, did a quick search and couldnt find much. cheers.
  19. My mrk1 Leon FR TDI

    Thought it was about time i put some piccies up lol When i first bought it in January this year with 41k on the clock First job was Eibach lowering springs and a LCR front spoiler Second was de-badge the rear and wings and fit new FR badge on tailgate and front grill...
  20. Any known delays on the new ibiza FR tdi production?

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone know's if there are any delays on seat producing the Ibiza FR tdi? Ordered 1 back beginning of Feb with promise of March delivery? I always thought the standard leadtime was 12 weeks unless you got lucky and the dealer gets hold of one through the network...
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