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  1. Tell

    Coding and programming OBDeleven Tool for VCDS type of activity... working ones for the Ateca Part 1 of 2

    The OBDeleven dongle works via Bluetooth with an Android device 4.0 and above and iOS to adjust / read the car's system via OBD connection. You need the Pro version to get maximum control so you can do "long coding". The tool also uses micro payments if and only if you use the apps that are...
  2. DEAN0

    Coding and programming VCDS - How To Guides - MK3 Leon - Facelift - Virtual Cockpit

    Just thought I would post up the VCDS mods that I know work on the Facelift Leon with Virtual Cockpit. For reference - These were all proven on a Leon Cupra 300 sc - MY18 - Virtual Cockpit For reference - I use a genuine Rosstech Hex-CAN cable with the latest VCDS software. Display Drive...
  3. Phillips1795

    Coding and programming VCDS - How To Guides - MK3 Leon 5F

    This has been put together from two members on Seatcupra.net JsyCuPrA (Kev) researching on the Internet and Phillips1795 (Zach) making the adjustment on JsyCuPrA MK3 Leon FR. Some images have been used from the ROSS-TECH website. http://www.ross-tech.com/vcds/tour/main_screen.html AS ALWAYS DO...
  4. oggydoodaa

    VCDS Cable + software

    Looking at getting a VCDS Cable and software for my 2001 LC but looking at prices a little out of my range . Wandering if there's anywhere reliable to get a cheaper one as I have a door lock issue that's causing my immobilizer to sometimes activate and prevent my car running. I would also like...
  5. Using VCDS to check the operation of the CCM and door locks.

    Just thought i'd make a quick video about using VCDS to help troubleshoot any locking issues, as this seems to be coming up a lot lately. Hope it's of some use to people now or in the future. Cheers
  6. VCDS in Wiltshire

    Hi there I was wondering if anyone in Wiltshire has vcds to enable my mfsw that I’ve fitted or even better if a retrofitted could give me a hand wiring it in but if not just to enable it would be great
  7. Steve T71


    Good morning Oracles one and All, I've got hold of VAGCOM for the Wkd and was hoping somebody maybe able to point me in the direction of a top 10 adaption for MY20 plate CUPRA ST R? Thinking sound aktor, Startstop etc etc. Any pointers or links to previous threads would be Most welcome? Kind...
  8. HighFlyingBird

    Auto wipers problem/Coding dump needed

    Hi all Got a problem with my auto wipers. They come on when rain or water is detected as they should but then they don't go off again. They were working fine but I noticed in carista they were set to disabled, so I set them to enabled and ever since they've not been right, even after changing...
  9. Any nearby Vcds in Wiltshire

    Hi I’m from Chippenham, Wiltshire and seeing if anyone has a vcds I could use to reset my airbag light would be great help as I have my mot next month. Many thanks.
  10. VCDS /obdeleven near Milton Keynes

    Hi New to the forum after some help on here finally installed the correct rain light sensor and switch for auto-lights in my mk3 leon fr As expected it fault codes everytime auto on so i need it coded properly. As i have an iphone and cant get hold of the new OBDeleven i need someone with it...
  11. Vcds mods on mk2 leon?

    Ive a mk 2 leon and was wondering what mods on vagcom vcds I can do? Thanks
  12. Seat Leon FR 5f MK3 Help

    Hi Hoping anyone can help did some coding with the VCDS and unlocked most features, however i just noticed my sat nav screen now shows a Golf and not a Leon anymore !! please help, the optical parking is also showing the VW version and no longer the Seat Leon version Also since i did the...
  13. Vcds codeing?

    Hi does anyone know any sites where i can find codeing for example to have rear lights as drl ect cheers
  14. olie93

    ODBEleven Support for 2018 Leon

    Hello, I have just got my 2018 Leon and have made some changes using my VCDS HEX-USB-CAN cable. I now have an error code appearing, yet VCDS is unable to decode it saying that i need to buy the new HEX-V2 cable to be able to read this. Does ODBEleven support that latest LEON or is HEX-V2 the...
  15. emlyn11

    Did some VCDs logs opinions please

    Hello. I recently got vagcom and have been doing a few logs. I'm new to this but from what I can see the lambda value doesn't look right. It's just stuck on -1.6 for some of the runs but fluctuates on others. The intake air temp is high on one of them because the car was on idle for...
  16. sjolliff

    VCDS / VAG-COM Register - Who's got what and where?

    Just to let people know. VCDS (VAG-COM) Genuine Fully Registered HEX-CAN-USB. Latest Software Used, Covers All VAG Cars 1992-Present Brighouse, West Yorkshire. I also work in and around the Selby area ATM! PM if needed IE: Full car scans, Fault Finding, Fault clearing, Data Logging...
  17. sjolliff

    Iv'e Got VCDS (VAG-COM) Brighouse, West Yorkshire

    Just to let people know. (as there is no user list) Fully Registered HEX-CAN-USB Covers All VAG Cars Brighouse, West Yorkshire PM if needed IE: Full car scans/ Fault clearing, Alarm beep, Auto locks etc Cheers Steve :cheers:
  18. VCDS options on Leon mark 1

    Apart from the auto locking/anti-hijack for the door locks, and single click opening/locking for all the doors, can anything else be tweaked in VAGCOM on the Leon 1? I've had 2 separate genuine Ross-tech leads plugged into mine now, and neither will access the central electrics or convenience...
  19. Viking


    Quick question. Mk4 Ibiza isn't Can based is it? Might be buying one for the daughter and need to know if my current cable is suitable. I think probably not but can someone confirm. Cheers
  20. vcds connection problem

    i have installed vag.com 805 but when i test the connection everything is connected but the can connection. 'can not found' is displayed. my car is a 2008 ibiza 6l, im sure the can connection should work. i am running the installation on windows vista i have tried changing the baud...
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