1. Seat exeo st 2012 ACTIVE EYE AND D1S BULB NOT WORKING!!!

    Hi thanks for reading and for any wisdom you cracking lot can share.. The xenons are d1s with day time "L" led, seat want 611 for a new unit... So there's a hole in the unit and a crack which has let water in so I changed the bulb thinking it would be that but the compartment at the back was...
  2. Xenon power units constantly burning out(water leak)

    Greetings, my xenon power units are constantly failing, to be exact,water is somehow getting in,whenever I pull them out,there is a burnt plastic smell and plenty of water comes out. Is there something that goes over them to prevent water getting in? I see they have some rubber gasket that goes...
  3. Wanted: MK2 Leon facelift O/S (drivers) genuine xenon headlamp

    I have a 62 Leon FR 2.0 tsi 211 which has a damaged o/s xenon headlamp. Need a new headlamp, even if electrics don't entirely work. More in need of the headlamp casing as can transfer my own ballast, power unit, motor and bulbs. Thanks!
  4. JHox

    LED Side lights what sort of bulb needed?

    As above. Can anyone provide some guidance as to what bulbs are needed to change the Mk2 FL Leon sidelights from yellow to white to better match the xenon headlights?
  5. Mikey Smullen

    Seat Exeo BI Xenon headlight issue, need help

    Hey, Since Friday i have been having the issue that when i am driving with my headlights on my Main Beam will flash on when my car is accelerating, The main beam comes on and then turns off when i take my foot off the pedal no indication light comes on my dash. I have plugged in the...
  6. Xenon HID on angel eyes?

    Can I use an HID kit on angel eyes? I remember I have a decal "HID not allowed" on the headlights and I remember a pic of angel eyes melted somewhere on the board but at the same time I've seen an mk2 with angel eyes and HID here so...can I use them? Searching I've found a kit that seems well...
  7. DJ_Eatch

    Headlight question

    Hi, If "somebody" :whistle: made the mistake of not chosing bi-xenon headlights when they ordered their car, is it possible to fit them when the car arrives? Or is it a factory fit only? if not, should i just get some LEDs instead? Cheers
  8. Which xenon kit to buy for my mk4?

    i have a 2007 ibiza fr, which is the nicest xenon hid kit to buy??
  9. Xenon Lights

    I have tried to fit Xenon lights to my Leon but they trip the Bulb Failure warning light.If i attach a resistor the xenons start flashing. Has Anyone got any ideas???? Nige
  10. Grat

    Xenon fog lights

    Hey all just wondering can you fit the xenon kits in to the fog lights on a lcr and if so what H is the bulb? Many thanks Dave
  11. DaveysFR

    Bi Xenon Dipped Beam very low since lowering

    Hi guys, I lowered my Cupra on Eibach Sportlines before christmas and since then the AFS system in the Bi-Xenons seem to be very low on Dipped beam. I replaced the sensors on the front passenger hub and rear arm in the position they were in prior to lowering the car. Just wondering can...
  12. xenon headlight bulbs

    hi guys, looking at upgrading my headlights to xenons and the sidelight bulbs to. any ideas for best one's to use? thanks :D
  13. Problem with Xenon Headlamps

    I posted on here last week as my Xenon headlmap isnt working (Drivers side, main beam). I ordered a new unit as it had to come complete with gas chamber but its still not working!! Any ideas what it could be???? Thought it could be the fuse but when i checked I couldnt make out what fuse...
  14. Problems with Xenon Lights - Leon FR

    I havent posted on this forum before but being a girl I could do with some advice! I bought my Seat Leon FR in November and I absolutely love it. The only thing is my one Xenon headlight/lamp has just stopped working and i've been quoted £140.00 & VAT by Seat to replace it. I was just...
  15. Xenon Bulbs ?????

    sorry if this has already been asked, im looking at changing my light to the white xenon bulbs from dipped and side lights on my 05 ibiza and i've bought some e-marked bulbs, but a few of my friends are telling me there illegal, so i did not want to put them in. Any help would be greatly...
  16. MadsenTDi

    xenon ballasters part number?

    Hello and happy new year on the board :D I just got my new BI-xenon lights for the leon, but i can see that the xenon ballasters are missing :cry: Does anybody have the part number for those ballasters, and dosnt mind sharing? TIA -Lars
  17. xenon bulbs?

    is there such a thing as xenon bulbs? ive seen the conversion kits and HID upgrades etc but these seem to be expensive, are there any bulbs out there which give a similar effect? I see many taxi drivers etc driving about with a blue tinge light in an old corolla or something but im sure they...
  18. ares

    Anti-roll bars and Xenon lights

    I am on the search for anti-roll bars for my Cupra. I finally decided to go for H&R due to their history and R&D. I noticed that it is the only company that takes into account and offers two different sets of anti-roll bars, one for cars with standard lights and one for cars with xenon lights...
  19. Will Original Xenon headlights plug and play ?

    hi people i'm new to seat.net and i have just bought my seat leon and been offered some original xenon healights complete with balasts and bulbs just wondering if they will plug and play without any modifications ?
  20. Leon cupra xenon oem bulb upgrade

    Hi All Has anyone tried upgrading the standard OEM xenon bulbs on their Leon Cupra MK2. If you have please could you post some instructions with photos and how you did it. Thanks :happy:
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