Seat Exeo BI Xenon headlight issue, need help

Mikey Smullen

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Jul 17, 2018

Since Friday i have been having the issue that when i am driving with my headlights on my Main Beam will flash on when my car is accelerating, The main beam comes on and then turns off when i take my foot off the pedal no indication light comes on my dash.

I have plugged in the diagnostic machine and it is showing no faults. Both lights are doing it at the same time. I have posted a video on Youtube that i will link below.

I have not found anyone else having this issue hopefully someone can help.


Video =


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Mar 9, 2015
No idea what could cause it but it could be handy for warning the car in front that you are about to overtake.

Tom B

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Apr 2, 2002
Hi there,

Sorry to hear about your issues, this is what I'd do if mine were playing up.

First of all, check the battery voltage, make sure the alternators charging and the aux belt is in good condition. If the battery is the original one made by Moll or it's been changed to a smaller 096 battery, change it to a Varta F17.

Secondly, do you still have the drain bung things installed in your bulkhead? If so, look for my WARNING TO ALL EXEO OWNERS thread and follow the instructions.

Thirdly, check the connections to the power supply module which is between the steering wheel & pedals. The plastic panel can be removed by taking out a couple of screws/bolts. If it all looks OK, I'd use your diagnostic kit to make a note of the module's coding (it's in 09 - central electronics), buy a second hand replacement module from eBay (they're £20-30), code the module to match the old one and test again.

If none of that works, call an auto electrician.

Good luck, keep us posted :)
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