1. Headlight Converter Xenon Lights

    Hi all, couldn't find anything by using the search function about the headlight converter for Xenon Lights. Has anyone experience with Halfords converter sets? Or can the beam be adjusted manually? :shrug: thanks for your help!
  2. nickibizaCUPRA

    xenon headlamps????

    hello, i was wondering if they do a rhd spec xenon headlamps for the ibiza (cupra) i love xenons but haven seen an ibiza with them ever!!! seat main web site says they are an optional extra at £690! but i also heard that they are lhd spec only? can anyone enlighten me?>?? :confused:
  3. xenon's

    Has any one upgraded there head light bulbs with the xenon's or similar and was it worth it .
  4. LarsLeon4

    Xenon headlamps

    Hi friends Is where any Xenon app. for Leon? BW Lars
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