1. xenon bulbs blowing

    xenon bulb blown price of a new bulb 154.89+vat + fitting on top of this is it poss to get a cheaper outlet to do this bulb change i think this was caused by misting in side unit as the side lights and main beam bulb have gone before allways had trouble with misting(condensation) had...
  2. Moley RUFC

    Facelift Xenon DRL

    Had intially deleted this as I thought I had found the answer but sadly not. Does anyone have any information on what the daytime running lights look like on the new Leon?
  3. Xenon upgrade

    How do chaps, I'm kinda new to this melarchy and have searched the forums but couldn't find anything - maybe 'cause i'm a newbie???! Anyway, onto the subject at hand. I'm looking into getting some xenon lights for my MkIV Ibiza Sportrider but I'm unsure as to whether or not I can just go...
  4. Leon_MHX

    FAO anyone that has seen the underside of xenon headlight

    Could you please tell me what this connector is, i suspect its to do with auto-levelling?
  5. Xenon's

    looking for a zenon kit for my seat ibiza mk4, It's got the single reflector headlamps with a H4 bulbs. Do i need a bi-zenon kit ? or do i buy H4 zenon kit
  6. ben-ducky

    Xenon bulbs or suggestions?

    Im after the white bulb look for my FR...had a scout on ebay and have seen a few kits for about £15 but i cant seem to find the exact ones for the MK4 Ibiza? Was hoping someone could help...possible link me? Any info would be much appreciated. Cheers
  7. xenon hid conv kit.

    hi evry one,this may be a silly question but ive just installed xenon hid kit an whilst driving iv been flashed a few times!! is it because they need alinged at a garage????? :doh:
  8. Washers on xenon

    Whats the "score" with the washers on the head lights, sometimes they work sometimes they dont, is their a delay as i have been using my windscreen washers a lot lately but it does not always clean my lights. BTW my head lights are on all the time, it helps make people who sit in the outside...
  9. Ibiza xenon headlights problem

    Hello every one! I have a 2005 Ibiza FR 1.8T with OEM xenon headlights and I have a problem. I`ve changed the bulbs, because I had one that was not running ok (when the lights were on and the bulb warmed up to its optimal temperature it was going on and off and after a few minutes it went...
  10. Drivers xenon beam not working...

    Very strange. It has jUst stopped working. It's been working all day, but very wet weather. Looks like some water on the inside of the lens. Should dealer sort ?
  11. C3PRA

    Xenon Headlights

    Now that the dark evenings are in i'm looking to upgrade my lights. Just ordered side lights to match the xenon's but i was un sure as to whether or not i can upgrade the High beam on Xenons ?? Or do xenons do both H7 and H1 only when i go on full beam the lights appear to go slightly yellow...
  12. scarface

    Xenon Lights on RED LCR

    Am thinking about getting some xenon blue lights on my red lcr, has anyone else got these lights, and do u reckon they will suit a red motor? pics?
  13. How to change your headlamps to xenon

    this is tryout to see if you guys can understand my explanation after the writing part is done i will upload all the pictures. I have to thanks the guys at www.seatleon2.es to make this guide in the first place, as it was their guide i used to put mines, and also they had the kindness to let me...
  14. Tam

    Xenon Lights - Who's had problems?

    Has anyone else had issues with their Xenons. Mine are on pretty much all the time during the winter months, yes i'm aware that being turned on more than 3 times in an hour can reduce their lifespan, but its not often i do that. Anyway, its not the xenon bulbs i have issue with, but the...
  15. xenon style fog lights... link inside

    While the xenons are nice and white, when driving in foggy conditions etc you can notice how the fogs are the boring yellow colour just like the side lights... what do people reckon to...
  16. Specification of OEM Xenon Bulbs for temp upgrade.

    Every time I see aftermarket Xenon lights with an approx 8k temp, and of course some of the older Vauxhalls, Beemers etc with OEM Xenons, it makes me think that an OEM Xenon Bulb upgrade may be worth while. Problem is I have no idea as to the specification of the OEM bulbs although I do know...
  17. Colour Matching Halogen to Xenon

    Hi, Loving my Xeonons but hate the yellow side lights, foglights and supplemental main beams... Has anyone with Xenons colour matched the other bulbs and if so, what bulbs did you use? Thanks, fM
  18. Xenon's

    Hi Guys, I am looking at the FR and Cupra Ibiza's and i was wondering if any of them came with Xenons as extra's. Cant say i have seen any while looking.
  19. MDS

    Got XENON HID ? See this ...

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVuSSdZNsZw Enjoy ...;)
  20. Xenon Quezzy

    Hi, I picked up my FR DSG last night but I noticed something with my Xenons when it got dark - when the Xenons are on the inside of the polycarbonate headlight looks a little like the milky film you get on glasses that have been washed in the dishwasher. This is only visible when the lights...
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