1. xenon conversion

    hello... has anyone made that conversion? i have OEM front lights and d1s bulbs.. i'm still missing processors, what else do i have to have? what can be eventual problems? thnx
  2. owen lcr

    Xenon headlights

    hi folks, my car is going to have zenon headlights on it when i get it, i was just wondering if it will be the dipped beam only or dipped and full beams thanks, owen
  3. R1ch85

    OEM xenon bulbs

    Does anyone have an Ibiza with OEM xenon headlights? Just wondering as i have a set of xenon headlamp clusters and no bulbs/HID kit to put in them (yet!) Will a normal HID kit fit? where the bulb goes, it looks like the bulb should have a square shaped end to it. Ive had a look around some...
  4. Xenon Bulbs?

    Hi everyone, Im looking at getting some Xenon headlight bulbs for my leon 03, Has anyone else changed theirs for Xenons? are they good? What are the best makes? Regards Dan
  5. Adam R

    Xenon Conversion kit...

    i have searched though past threads regarding the change from normal bulbs to a Xenon kit. i think this is a worth while mod to do as i plan on running the car in to the ground. a few questions befor i go and spend £150 of hard earned cash on a kit.... 1) are there any brands to stay...
  6. npd

    xenon light conversion

    hello people is it true you can get a xenon light conversion 4 the ibiza ive heard a few people go on bout it now? any help on this would be greatful
  7. holmesy55

    xenon bulbs

    looking to get the xenon bulbs for my car so had a look in the owners manual and it says to get the H4's. Was browsing on the internet for them and found a site which tells me to get H7's??? anyone know anymore about this?
  8. Xenon

    Is it possible to tell to the ecu via vag com or sethig like it, (seat leon FR, 2007), that I have a xenon ligts, ( I dont, I bought HID KDG). Is there an option for that?
  9. Rob GTI

    Bi Xenon Headlights Queries

    I’ve gone for the bi-xenon option on my new FR after seeing the light :lol: with a non xenon and xenon headlight comparison on the golf gti forum. Anyway the question I have is does the xenon work on main beam as well as dipped and are the sidelights uprated as well as I’ve seen some cars with...
  10. Nick_J

    Ibiza Xenon headlights

    Hi When buying my FR, was going to buy the xenon headlight pack, but then saw the price. My idea was to get some aftermarket ones, All I want is the xenon look with the headlights with the glass ball front, not necessarily a full HID conversion. Any ideas where i can source one? Cheers
  11. Harry's cupra

    Xenon fitment

    Hi guys got a xenon kit for my Ibiza and been having a look at fitting it, one thing though any ideas where to fit the Ballast?
  12. reedbradshaw

    xenon bulbs

    just bought some how do i fit them ?are they ahrd to fit ?
  13. Leon/Toledo HID Headlamp Guide/FAQ

    After a little chat with m0rk about the number of HID related enquiries recently it has been agreed to create a single resource on the subject. I will start it off and get as much as I can think about down and then help will be needed :p Here we go Leon/Toledo HID Guide/FAQ What are HIDs...
  14. vangoo

    xenon lights

    can u get xenon lights for a mk1 leon?.if so where.
  15. Xenon H.I.D kit

    I came across a Xenon conversion kit in the Netherlands:confused: Has anyone tried them? Cost around 170 Euros considering the real Xenon are perhaps ten times as much
  16. Havok316

    Xenon Bulb Problem!

    I have the same problem as my mate does in his cupra. He fitted them on both cars so..... lol anyways the drivers side bulb seems to be a hell of a lot brighter than the passengers when i squat down and look directly at the headlights you can really notice it! but when driving aroound the light...
  17. Smoki333

    Xenon's fitment on a mk3

    Has anyone got aftermarket xenon's fitted to there mk3? How and where are the ballast's mounted? and how is the wiring fitted to the back of the headlamp units for power? Done a searchy but can't find anything:shrug: Any pics/info would be great!!;)
  18. Xenon Headlamps

    You know when you feel a BIG expence coming on....... 6 months old..... o/s Xenon Bulb gone out[:@] :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: Book states bulbs not covered by warranty...... hell! only £140 inc vat or there abouts.... Speak to dealer in morning!:cartman:
  19. Xenon bulbs

    Hey all Has anyone fitted Xenon bulbs to their Leon Cupra.......want to buy a set but have had a look and asccess looks like an issue? Cheers mgoo
  20. Andywest2k1

    xenon lights

    i've just ordered the xenon look bulbs from my seat dealership and i'm waiting for them to be delieverd. Just wondered if anyone has had these fitted and what they think to them...
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