1. Jordan20vt

    K03 Yellow Plate

    Hi all, I read on another site that all K03 turbos (not S) have a yellow id plate attached to them, is this true? Had a little seachy but couldn't fid any info on this. Thanks
  2. basemanuk

    Onvi Yellow anyone

    Hi there im after a few pics of tinted windows on a yellow lc or lcr. thinking of getting it done but not to sure what the black might look like on the yellow! Thanx Also looking to see if anyone has tried white wheels with there yellow lc. I saw some one had done it at the last amd meet...
  3. New car, 3rd day, yellow engine light :(

    As the title suggests, the yellow engine light has come on :( only had the car three days, f***s sake! So, what does it mean? Can I get into any sort of diagnostic to see what it's pointing at? Car is an 02 cupra, pre facelift if that makes any difference. Actually, according to the manual...
  4. Dan_T

    Dan_T's yellow biza pre facelift

    heres the beast lol edit: pics soon i messed it up 1st time round :edit let me know what you think:)
  5. faded yellow *help*

    Hi, the paint on my roof has faded, and was just wondering how to get it shining again and more importantly the same as the rest of my car lol....its only slightly faded, the colour is yellow... many thanks
  6. yellow forge spring

    hi. does any1 no wer to get a yellow spring for my forge 007? need 1 thanks
  7. NottsLCR

    Yellow or blue spring???

    I currently have a Forge Split R in full recirc mode and just realised I still have the standard spring! Currently running stage 2 on my LCR with mods in my signaure so would you say I need the yellow spring rated 15-23 PSI or blue rated Blue - 23-30 PSI? Cheers
  8. jonjay

    Ovni Leon Cupra R - they call it mellow yellow.

    Ovni Leon Cupra R – They call it mellow yellow! ----- Ben finally got round to letting me attack his yellow LCR. I am always up for challenges and this one certainly was. Ben has spent a lot of money on her with mods including, full engine rebuild, S3 interior, hybrid turbo and more wheels...
  9. Onvi yellow paint fade

    My onvi yellow is starting to show bad signs of fading, would a good detail and cut and mop sort this, if so does anybody know anybody in the hertfordshire, buckinghamshire area. or would it need a respray?
  10. aterro

    mk3 yellow ibiza. What colour wheels?

    my cupra just wondering on what colour wheels to go? i was thinking black but now im thinking of a grey. opinions.:)
  11. Yellow leon, black boot, roof and bonnet?

    Ive got an 2002 yellow leon cupra its got lcr bumpers and skirts i was thinking of getting the boot sprayed black? maybe the bonnet and roof aswell? what do you think? just the boot in black? thanks :help:
  12. Bobby.Gee

    restoring yellow

    Hi peeps I have a yellow LCR R and the roof and tops of the rear wings have slightly discoloured due to it being out in the sun, When i get to 15 posts i will put some pics up but for the time being does anyone know any correction that will work. or do i need to repaint?
  13. shantybeater

    So who bought the Yellow GT28 on PH?

    I've seen this car on and off PH for the last few months tempting me back to a third cupra. Unfortunately it's sold by the looks of things! Anyone know who bought it?
  14. godber225r

    Laquered Engine covers gone yellow!!!

    As title says, I bought car 2 years ago and the garage had laquered the engine which i told them NOT to do. I have wanted to get it off for ages now as it looks hideous:cry: but didn't want to scratch/damage anything!! Now its gone yellow and started peeling at the edges. i really want to get...
  15. ConradJellyfish

    G14 0SE - Mk3 Ibiza Cupra - Onvi Yellow - Road/Track

    Morning/Evening, Seen as though ive posted quite a bit now thought id start a readers ride thread for my ibiza. Ive got a few on local forums but nothing on here. Im going down sort of a motorsport theme with the cupra with the main aim fast/track use. I got the Ibiza in February, it had...
  16. Yellow FR Pics!

    Hi There, Just ordered a new FR TDICR170 in Crono Yellow, 18" Ibera Alloys! Anyone out there got this combintion on their FR with pics? My local dealer only has silver FR with the Ibera Alloys but would like to see the yellow with them! I have been torn between the Crono Yellow, or the...
  17. ruba

    ruba's mk4 Ibiza Cupra 20vt

    2005 Seat Ibiza Cupra 20VT Engine: Revo Stage II remap aFe Intake (golf mk4) K&N RR-2803 Filter Forge Spliter Dump Valve Forge TIP Milltek Downpipe Milltek Catback Exhaust 3" maf housing RC 440cc fuel injectors Malpassi adjustable fuel pressure regulator DEI turbo wrap Walbro fuel...
  18. jamandspoon81

    has any1 got a pic of a yellow lcr with a black or carbon roof?

    as the title says im just wandering what this would look like because im thinking of doing this as a quick fix to my roofs paint fade,thanks
  19. sparkyc

    yellow stuff pads

    need some new breakage gear and while having my milltek fitted the mechanic reccomended standard bremo discs with yellow stuff pads, said bite well even from cold etc etc. anyone run this setup, heard of anyone that has?? and anyone have any idea what cost i'm looking at cheers
  20. Good deal - Yellow Leon FR TDI?

    Having been looking for a Yellow Leon FR for some time, I have found one at a dealer. Had a 90 minute drive yesterday to view it and on the outside the car is imaculate. However on the inside, the steering wheel has a scratch in the leather and the drivers seat is showing signs of...