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Big Leak - Whole of Drivers Side


Cupra R Potter
Hi all, hope someone can help

A friend of mine has a LCT and after driving down the motorway in the rain on the weekend the whole drivers side is flooded

Had the carpets up and there is literally puddles in both the front and rear drivers footwells

We cannot see where the water is coming from, I know it is common for the passenger footwell to leak due to a poorly fitted pollen filter but this is the drivers side

There are no obvious holes, it doesnt appear to be the door seals as it is wet right up to the pedals under the carpet

Has anyone any ideas/insight on where it might be coming from?




Hi Andy,

I'm actually taking my car to the garage to have that problem sorted, mine doesn't sound as bad as that but i think i know what it might be.

Apparently there is a hole in the bulk head on the drivers side somewhere that lets water in (especially when driving in the rain!) which can lead to rusting fuses and causing the airbag sensor under the front seats to become faulty. This was told to me buy a mechanic at my local seat dealer. According to him it's about a 45 min job to get to it and fill it up.

Hope this is of some help to you.



Active Member
Aug 2, 2007
Eglish, Co. Tyrone
same as above...had the exact same thing and was told that the bulk head was the problem no probs to fix and does sort the problem.

bloody pollen filter is playing up on me AGAIN on the passenger side!!


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Feb 23, 2008
water leaks

hi, i posted pictures of this hole not long ago so a search will help you, mine just poured in, Sicoflex the hole and all is well. just took alot of finding!


water used to pour in through my door seals on my Lupo, and they looked brand new.. Unfortunatley visual inspection isnt enough, best off biting th ebullet and replacing them. I think they were £70 each for the lupo though...
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