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Cupra Overhaul!!


IHI Ibiza Cupra
Jan 6, 2005
Thanks guys, got the new rear wishbone bushes in last week, also sorted out the oil seal leak too... took the car round Croft Circuit on a track day on Saturday and had great fun, only did one session mind!

Only thing that disapointed me was the Toyo T1R's they just got too hot to quick and really started to fade after 4 laps, may invest in a set of track rims and tyres should I do any more track days, for road use their fine.

I'll be hopefully giving the car a good clean and polish over the next week, sorting out a few general bits like new air filter + heatshield, brake fluid, engine oil, oil filter, fuel filter, etc... I tend to do the oil every 3~5k miles if that.

I'll be posting some pictures of the car complete again over the next week or so, and once I've been to Awesome GTI I'll be posting both the Jabba Sport and Awesome GTI rolling road results so people can get a rought idea of its true power.


Audi Technician
Dec 15, 2004
It's a VF34.20 turbo, normally Jabba use the .18 housing but most IHI car's up here run the .18 so I thought I'd give the .20 a go. It's laggier than the .18 housing however seems to have more top end pull, not too happy with the power figures for the moment but it stayed with a brand new M5 till we had to slow down so it holds its own.

At the moment its 323bhp and 330ft/lbs however it makes and holds 323bhp from 5000rpm right through to 7800rpm, those figures were without Aquamist. I also think it could have been mapped a little harder like I had requested but once i've done a decent mileage on it I will take it back down for some adjustments.

After all, the few IHI cars I know of have been to Jabba several times and its took a few times before they make their absolute most.

Exact same output as pete's IHI cupra with forge FMIC on, Interesting.


IHI Ibiza Cupra
Jan 6, 2005
Olly, tried to find some T1S's as they were much better but had not joy.

Hooch, got a SPEC G60 Stage 3 Clutch with SPEC Billet Steel 12lbs Flywheel.

Matt, that's why in several topics I kept telling him not to waste his money as I think it's Jabba safe guard mapping. I know the car can be pushed harder and have seen it on other car's, but I think for the first year whilst it has a warranty on the turbo and down pipe it'll be kept at a safe level.

It'll be interesting to also compare my RR graph to his. I was going to message Pete a few days back and send him some graphs and logs that he could compare to his, but haven't had the time to do the logs yet!


IHI Ibiza Cupra
Jan 6, 2005
Cheers Dave, had a great day even though I killed a set of discs and pads and near enough melted my front tyres LOL!

Matt, I do believe Pete runs the .20 housing too.

Anyhow, finally fixed every single little niggle with the car and everything is working as it should. Before going to Awesome GTI for a rolling road day I gave the car an oil and filter change, fitted new discs and pads all round and fitted the Jabba Heat Shield which has finally arrived after 5 months...!!

Here's a quick shot of the engine bay and new filter;

At Awesome the car made 343bhp and 315ft/lbs of torque, and it's running better than ever, so I am now happy that this stage of work is complete. Here's the print out and another quick pic...

At the moment the full spec of the car inside and out is;

Engine Modifications

- IHI VF34.20 Stage 3 Turbo
- Jabba Sport IHI VF34 Exhaust Manifold
- Pro-Alloy 50mm Core RS500 Intercooler
- Blueflame 2.5” IHI Down Pipe + De-CAT
- Bluefame 2.5” CAT-Back System
- Bosch 440cc Green Top Injectors
- Aquamist Water/Methanol Injection
- EvoShield Intake Manifold Gasket
- Forge Black 007P Dump Valve
- Jabba Sport Custom Re-Map
- Samco Modified Silicone IHI VF34 TIP
- Jabba Sport 3” Filter + Heatshield
- 3” S3/TT MAF Tube
- Jabba Sport Boost Controller
- N249 Valve Bypass + Removal
- Carbon Canister Removal
- Secondary Air Injection System Removal
- N112 Valve Removal

Drive Train

- SPEC Stage 3 228mm VR6 Clutch
- SPEC G60 Billet Steel 12lbs Flywheel
- Peloquin ATB Differential
- Neuspeed TT Short Shifter
- Vibra-Technics Race Engine Mounts


- Brembo 4 Pot 305x28mm Front Brakes
- Ferodo DS2500 Brake Pads
- Front Braided Brake Lines


- H&R Adjustable Coilovers
- SEAT Sport OZ Super Turismo Wheels
- Toyo T1-R 215/40-16 Tyres
- SEAT Sport Strut Brace
- Powerflex Front Cross Member Bushes
- Powerflex Power Steering Rack Bush
- Powerflex Front Wishbone Bushes
- Powerflex Anti-Roll Bar Bushes
- Vibra-Technics Rear Wishbone Bushes
- Machined 10mm Rear Wheel Spacers


- Recaro Speed Style Leather Seats
- Full Leather Rear Seat Re-Trim
- TRS Silver 3 Point Harness’s
- Momo Race 320mm Steering Wheel
- Nomad A-Pillar Gauge Pod
- SEAT Cupra R Centre Console Gauge Pod
- Autometer Ultra-Lite Boost Gauge
- Autometer Ultra-Lite Oil Pressure Gauge
- Autometer Ultra-Lite Oil Temp Gauge


- Mk4 Ibiza CUPRA Badge
- Honda S2000 Ariel
- Leon Cupra R Front Splitter
- Lupo Aero Wipers
- Small Drivers Side Mirror
- Removed Rear Wiper
- De-Locked Drivers Door Handle

Next it'll probably be buy a second hand engine, rebuild it with pistons, rods, bigger valves and possibly a new intake manifold and throttle body but at the moment these are all just plans.

I'll get some nice arty shots of the car complete when it's not wet and windy outside!
Jul 10, 2001
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Blimey Craig thats some beast! A lot of work has gone into that i see.

Seem to be a lot of power hungry folk on here? I'm just waiting till someone decides IHI or equivalent isn't enough for them! ;) :lol:


IHI Ibiza Cupra
Jan 6, 2005
Well alot of the Golf owners and of course out very own power junkie Bill Brockbank have well over 400bhp in the 1.8T lump, think Bill's last figure was 517bhp. However traction becomes the problem here, I didn't want to go the IHI route I wanted more and looked into the GT2871R and also hybrid versions of the IHI VF34 but got a bit too hasty and months of looking and researching and I was only going to really see 360bhp.

Plus I wanted the car back for summer and didn't want to do the internal's just yet. There may be more to come for the ickle Ibiza but only time will tell, at the moment I'm enjoying it whilst we have the weather as it's silly in the wet... Was coming home last night wet road slowly building up the power and as it came in (in 4th gear) the wheels just lit straight up!


Huge Member!
Feb 11, 2004
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Craig, where'd you get the Filter from mate, and how much?

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