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KVW100 or Autowindow question


Sold car - bought bike
Feb 10, 2007
Maidstone - Kent
How long did it take you to install it ?
Takes about 1.5hrs.

20mins at start & end to get the door card off, then about 20mins to connect everything up, and about 30mins to set it up.

This was on the Cool+ so there are a few more things to connect / setup.

It isn't difficult, just scotch clips into the existing loom, and then follow the instructions for setup.

Fitting details are good, and tells you what the indicator LED should do as each wire is connected.


Active Member
Mar 4, 2008
My two pence worth........i got the autowindow brite, pretty cool piece of kit, got the get you home lights and the sensor for day or night, quick delivery aswell considering where it comes from, about a week and half.........£60 (ish) i i remember right.
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