LCR or dc2 Integra?


Not yet mate, internet been down for a few days hence me not being on to reply.

The guy with the teg is mucking me about a bit, hoping my mates vxr is fixed this week before the weekend so can see what thats like, a guy is supposed to be coming round with his LCR tomorrow night. Was going to go look at it the other day but its not insured and neither of us were keen on me driving it uninsured so he's sorting that out then will hopefully get to take it a blast tomorrow night :)


Nov 24, 2009
i promise you this one is worth travelling for i can guarantee your be happy enough to buy it i look after my cars more than anyone else im obsessive :lol:


Cool, will have a think about it then mate.

Will see what the VXR is like tomorrow and take it from there

How many facelifts were there with the mk1s btw?


ahh right, wasnt sure. must just be the angle of some pics.

thought the 2002 that RS6 is selling looked a bit different to some of the newer ones Ive seen so wasnt sure
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