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Mk4 Fmic


cant find the polo intercooler on the web site of forge?? I think im gunna plunge for the seat one as dan has done and im just gunna have to do away with my headlamp washers :cry: How much is the full seat sport fmic and pipes , ps i can get at trade price too! thanks


La VaK LoK
May 15, 2005
Guanajuato, MEX

We've just finished our prototype front mount intercooler for the new shape VW Polo 1.8 GTi. Its around 130% bigger than stock, sits right in the mouth of the bumper, and shows a very good intake temperature reduction. Initial customer feedback is good - we hope to have this in production shortly.
I can see headwashers in the pic.

I wish this intercooler could be fitted in the Ibizas :funk:


does anybody know the dimensions and angles of pipework required to change from SMIC to FMIC?
It depends on the type of the fmic that you will you use.Both of the exits of the fmic will be at the left or the one will be at the left and the other from the right (this is the type of fmic that i 've install on my IBIZA)?


GT3071r LCR
Mar 18, 2008
My House
Has anyone got the part numbers for the intercooler and brackets that are needed for this??

I am getting my pipework from forge, so just need to know what parts i need to order from stealer?

carlos tdi75

somebody try put fmic of renault megane dci??
in portugal we have some ibiza's with this. i will put une like this.

nils 6l

Dutch Driver
Aug 9, 2008
I recently bought an Ibiza Cupra FMIC for my Ibiza FR 1.8 20vt. I also bought the two original brackets. Are the brackets ready to fit on my FR or do I have to drill holes in the chassis before I can fit them?
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nils 6l

Dutch Driver
Aug 9, 2008
Here is a step by step discreption about how to install the Cupra FMIC on a FR 1.8 20vt.

First you need to remove the front bumper
- 4 torx size 25 on the top
- 6 in each wheel arch
- 5 under the bumper

Then you need to remove the crashbar
- 3 bolts M13, 2 bolds M10 on each side

Now you need to unbold the radiator from the cars' front.
- 1 torx size 24 on each corner of the radiator on the front.

Then you can push de radiator with the airco condensor a little bit backwards. You can now mount the brackets (6LL 145 808 & 6LL 145 808) with the same bolts the airco condensor is mounted on the radiator.

Now it's easy to mount the intercooler in the brackets. The original bolts are N902 809 01. You'll need 4.

The old SMIC can be removed by 3 M10 bolts

Here you can see the old intercooler piping.

To connect the bottem side a 2 inch pipe is used.

Here nicely welded. The bracket is to mount the piping on the bottem bolt of the crashbar.

On the throttlevalve there's an 2,5 inch 90° silicone tube. The piping from the intercooler to the throttle valve is exactly 2,5 inch to reduce any compression in the airflow, to get as less presure drop as possible.

Here you can see the intercooler completely mounted.

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FR - gone, not forgotten
Mar 17, 2008
looks good, will definately get this done once the funds are high enough.

i'm guessing the Seat parts should come with mounting points already on the pipes?...:confused:
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