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GTI -180, 1997 Black Magic 2.0l GTi 16v - Edinburgh (track day toy)

Mr Slak

Chris, 1997(i think) 2ltr 16v cupra sport, orange, copper, or as the dvla like to call it brown.


balbeater 1998 2.0 gti cupra sport 8v in kiwi green. Worcestershire


Jamie mk2 97 2.0 8v GTi cupra sport in red sheffield
Also: mk2 97 2.0 16v GTi cupra sport in red
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EXEO Sport & mk2 IBIZA
Sep 7, 2008
mansfield, notts
Haha well if you can't decide thats one way to settle it, I must say i have considered the alpine white 16v in the for sale section. Been there and spent enough though.
talking to a guy today who was bidding on that car and if he won it, he was going to track it! maybe a good idea he didnt win it!


Which one do you prefer? :) Reveal all!
I really can't decide between them, they're very different cars with different purposes. Never had a car as happy to sit on the redline as my 8v the only problem with it is that it runs out of rev range to quickly :( whereas my 16v is pretty slow off the mark (compared to the 8v) but makes up for it with top end and really starts to pick up about 3500 revs all the way to 6500
I love them both but unfortunatley can't settle the debate for you or choose which one I prefer
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