1. General maintenance DIY Radar - Front Assist Alignment

    “Front Assist not available” came up after I changed from 18” to 17” wheels and added a full sized spare but around the same time I hit a pheasant at about 15 mph with no damage seen. Adding a full sized spare which on an estate is way behind the rear axle will misalign the radar sensor; the car...
  2. SierraTango

    Scotland (Central Belt) Recommendations for 4 Wheel Alignment?

    Hey folks, Replacing all 4 tyres to Michelin Pilot Sport 4's (finally!:dance:) this week through Blackcircles and wanting to get a Hunter HawkEye 4 wheel alignment done to make sure everything is in check. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to get this done? Based around...
  3. MY69 Seat cupra issues

    Hi guys Took delivery of MY69 cupra at the start of the month and loving the car. However I have 2 problems. First issue is gravel noise from the road. The first thing I realised when I drove the car first time was gravel noise. I have driven on the same route for about a year for my daily...
  4. Seat Leon fr184 strange shaking when driving

    So I got a leon fr 184 2013, I have a stage shaking when I drive low speed high speed doesn’t matter, what’s strange is the shaking comes and goes, it shakes like 5 seconds after that is smooth like 5 seconds than shaking comes back and so on, I can feel the shake around 20-30 mph, but anyway is...
  5. Tracking/Wheel alignment

    Looking for some help guys, after getting droplinks,bushes and wishbones replaced for my mot ive had the tracking done 3 times from 2 different garages. Each time as soon as i go at any speed the alignment is out massively, any ideas?
  6. mazzerati


    anyone running them camber adjustable bolts that eibach do? if so they any good? might have to get some cos i am running silly amounts of camber now them beasties :)
  7. Dan1.6

    Light alignment

    Well my light aligment is out of wack for some reason what is the best way to solve this? how would i go about identifying the problem? is there any regualtion it should be sat at? what is the best way to check it? Cheers Dan
  8. Four Wheel Alignment

    Hi Just a quick question can four wheel alignment be done on a lcr? Been told different things. Also is there any adjustment on the front for camber? Cheers :)
  9. Rear wheel alignment

    Can anyone on here tell me if the rear wheels are adjustable on a 2007 Leon FR? The reason I ask is that I know my front wheels need aligned due to tyre wear, but it's a lot cheaper just to get the front wheels aligned and it seems a bit pointless to have 4 wheel laser alignment if the rears...
  10. Jon TDI

    Dipped beam horizontal alignment.

    Anybody know how to adjust the dipped beam horizontally? The vertical alignment is fairly obvious with the white screw at the back of the headlamp, but the horizontal adjustment is not so obvious.:(
  11. Alignment after CV Joint Change ??

    I have just fitted a new outer cv joint to stop the clicking noise I experienced. To make life easy, I disconnected the ball joint via the 3 bolts underneath. Now all re-fitted, is it recommended I have the alignment checked. This costs £50 at my local garage so would rather not have...
  12. aterro

    4 wheel alignment How they adjust?

    hello just wondering how they adjust it on the rear? thanks
  13. robdf2

    Cupra Throttle body alignment

    Went out to fit my led sidelights today and had the ignition on while trying to get them to work but thats another story. Any way i can hear the usual high pitch noise of the throttle body aligning but it stays on for ages easily 50 seconds or so , once the ignition is turned off the noise only...
  14. wheel alignment

    hey, i'm wondering if anyone knows the settings for the wheel alignment for the ibiza fr 1.9tdi ? ive just aligned the wheels on my car (both front are reading 4.5 on the back wheels and the fronts where reading N/S at -5 and the O/S +5) which i was told off one of the other mechanics i work...
  15. Anyway of adjusting rear subframe alignment?

    Mine was within manufacturers spec, but would be desirable to adjust according to the shop, is there anyway of doing this?
  16. front bushes, wheel alignment and rubbish dealers

    having had my front tyres changed by an independant fitter i was told that the front left bush was on the way out, the guy showed me how as he tightened the left wheel it moved laterally....ALOT, and how the right didnt move at all. so i take it to my dealer twice and im told there is...
  17. The Pielander

    Wheel Alignment / Tracking

    I've just had 4 new tyres fitted to my TDI 130 Sport and after seeing the wierd wear patterns on the old tyres I took it for a 4 wheel laser alignment check. This showed one of the fronts thrust angle was out but also the rear tyres both have a negative camber of about 1° so as you look at the...
  18. adam cupra 20vt

    Wheel alignment or Tracking?

    Had my coilovers fitted a couple of weeks now so there nicely settled in, getting my wheels and tyres on this week so want to make sure everythings as straight as it can be. Question is.....Is it worth having a 4 wheel alignment done as I read that things are not adjustable on the normal LC...
  19. DEAN0

    4 wheel Alignment - North West - Recommendations ?

    Can anyone recommend a good place to take my Ibiza for 4 wheel alignment in the North West ( Somewhere near Preston if possible ) Cheers Dean
  20. fozzybear

    esp light problem-could it be wheel alignment?

    have already mentioned this ,but just looking to find out if rear wheel was out of allignment whether it would bring up a fault on esp .as i have found my rear drivers side wheel was toe out by 2.0mm-should be 0.5mm.and the front was slightly out but nowhere as said it,s going in tues...
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