1. HoopDub

    anyone running E30 bmw bbs wheels??

    tried the search and came up with a lot of miss hits, anyone running the 15" E30 bbs wheels on their mk2?
  2. BMW e46 Beige Leather Interior Detail

    BMW e46 328 Interior – Topez Blue with beige leather. An interior detail only.. Product • 303 Aerospace Protectant • AutoSmart G101 • AutoSmart Bio-Brisk • Jeffs Werkstat Prime • LTT Auto Ultra Foam • LTT Step 1 Jean & Dye Transfer Remover • LTT Auto Ultra Protect • Water Car...
  3. Light cloth interior detail - e46 318 BMW

    Something a little different for you this time.. e46 BMW 318 – Interior Detail – Light grey upholstery Car in question: The owner had seen images of a previous e46 that I had worked on.. Leaving it looking something like this: This one however was in a little worse...
  4. BMW E46 330d Tourer

    BMW E46 330d Tourer – Minor Correction with full Interior Detail and Leather Care. 23 hours put into this one – a fine turnaround I’m sure you’ll agree.. Product • AutoSmart G101 • AutoSmart Bio-Brisk • AutoSmart Tardis • AutoGlym Glass Polish • AutoGlym Vinyl and Rubber Care • Dodo...
  5. jonjay

    2002 BMW 330D Detailed: my mate dave

    Tender love and care with a BMW 330D ----- Mrs Dav3 purchased this 330D BMW for a stonking price. Mechanically sound but needing some TLC my mate Dav3 contacted me to see if I could help. I couldn’t have been happier to oblige. Here is how the car turned up...
  6. jonjay

    BMW 530i Interior Detail

    There is a first time for everything and 2010 brought back the BMW 530i I did few weeks back, thread found here This is first time I have done an interior detail for a customer so the pictures are not the best before and after I ever...
  7. jonjay

    BMW 530i Paint Correction Detail: Below Freezing Detailing

    Below Freezing Detailing ----- Saturday 8am – 19/12/2009 BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP…Press snooze….9 minutes later…BEEP BEEP BEEP… Switch off the alarm. I open one eye and feel the blistering cold air freeze it open. To my surprise I see a text on the phone and the detail is on. At this stage I check...
  8. jonjay

    BMW 320D 2 Stage Paint Correction Detail - Gleam the Beemer!

    BMW 320D 2008 BEEMER ON THE DEVILS FUEL ----- It’s great having good friends like lm_gauci because his uncle changes car every couple of months. His latest car is a lovely 08 320D BMW in blue fully specced out with the M Sport package. When I was asked to do this 2 stage paint correction...
  9. BMW Z4 - 303 / LTT / Jeffs Werkstat

    I wasn’t going to document this one, quite a small detail, but, I do like the car, so, it’d of been rude not too! I last saw this car August 2008. Then, it wore Chemical Guys’ Wet Mirror Finish and a couple of coats of Collinite 476s. The car was still in pretty good shape; unsure if it’s had...
  10. Suchley

    Your opinions on 14in BMW BBS please

    Just droped in a set of 14in BMW BBS E30 wheels in to a mate who does wheel refurbs, im just wondering what you guys opinons are on the wheels, Sizes are 14x6.5 offst being 30. ? ill post pics once there out of the shop..
  11. bmw wheels on seat leon

    I have found some bbs alloys i like they are bmw e46 stud patter. what can i do to fit them? i found adaptors, but would ther be anything else i would need to do?
  12. cupra/fr TDI or BMW 320d

    Hi i recently posted a thread asking opinions on how a cupra tdi compares to my current car a bmw 320d both 2004 age. Well i have decided to make the change :D Put the the BMW up for sale yesterday and someone came round last night, left a deposit and are coming to collect wednesday ...
  13. modd1uk

    BMW alloys ?

    Was out on the bike today and saw an M5, thought to myself..those alloys would look sweet on my Leon, has anybody done it before ? Or any alloys that look like those, kinda dished in look ?
  14. Husbandofstinky

    Got blitzed by a BMW 530D last night

    Looking at the spec on these 530D's its not surprising: 0-62 - 6.9 secs 235 Bhp 500NM torque Impressive. My standard Leon 150PD gave it a run for its money, but tbh that's being kind to her. What I did like about the Beemer was no soot at all! - I assume it had fancy filters and...
  15. bmw 330ci convertible vs toledo V5

    This post isn't what you might think from the title :think: I parked up my 150 v5 toledo a few months back, pointless selling it, it's got too many miles on it and it's worth more to me as a spare car. The reason I parked it up was that in a mad fit I bought a BMW 330ci sport convertible...
  16. Jay20VT

    LCR Against BMW Z4??

    not a chance and it happened all too quickly. At a set of lights in my neck of the woods when a Z4 pulls up next to me, no idea who was driving but all I know was when them lights changed he was away quicker than a mouse... ... He was several cars ahead of me but I as not too far behind, it...
  17. Kris

    Formula BMW is no more

    There will be no FBMW at the BTCC after this season. I always thought they were better than Formula Renault, but thats not saying much! No replacement, "to free up the tight timetable" Discuss...
  18. Ibiza cupra Vs bmw 325

    hi ; who will in u think ...ibiza cupra 07 with upsolute chip and 2.75" downpipe and intake hose silicon and bov by forge and coilover ... Vs bmw1985 325 manual gear with supercharger.... ??? from 0-60 and to top speed
  19. Ninja

    BMW 645 - Thought they would be fast ??

    Pulled up next to a shiny new BMW 645i convertible in town today. Now i dont like the look of them but it had amazing shiny deep dish alloys which actually looked really nice.. Lol anyway we both floored it away from the lights.. Without meaning to i sat there wheelspinning for a few seconds...
  20. BMW ish

    what ye guys think of this?
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