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  1. NickWest

    Hard to choose - Black or Orange?

    Hey everyone, I'm still 17 and live in Spain, And I'm interested in getting a Seat Ibiza when I turn 18. But I don't know what color, I always said orange, but I just got back from the dealer just to look and there was one in black, and I found really nice as well. But I want your opinions...
  2. downrodeo

    Please help me choose alloys

    Ok, guys opinions on these please. So scared they'll look crap when fitted onto the car. Haven't got a huge budget, otherwise I'd go for BBS Lms or something similar. Whatever I get it will be 17s, and will be going onto a black leon tdi.
  3. Alloy advice, which to choose!?

    Want some new alloys for my red Ibiza FR, I'd love your opinons on, these http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/4-17-SEAT-IBIZA-93-ALLOY-WHEELS-TYRES_W0QQitemZ320475652374QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_CarParts_Acc_Wheels_tyres_Rims_Car_Wheels_ET?hash=item4a9dd66116 which look cool, or these which Ive wanted for...
  4. Which ST to Choose, plus extras?

    I am changing my company car shortly & I am very tempted to go for an Exeo ST. I need a little guidance and advice from people already driving one. I am going for the 2.0 TDI CR 143 engine. The S model seems to be all that I need but can anyone out there suggest reasons why the SE is better...
  5. ibiza mk2 cupra - 8v or 16v to choose?

    i need help deciding which to buy, ive seen a 2.0 16v in black for the same price as a 2.0 8v in copper. im torn between the 2 :confused: (RIP RED IBIZA)
  6. hoggy90

    Help me choose a leon?

    Hi guys...most of u seem to know your stuff about the leons,and i dont at the mo...lol so basically im looking for advice on what to get? a 1.6 or 1.8 petrol? or a derv? my only problem with the dervs is the sound....does anyone on here drive a diesel leon that isnt an fr or cupra...
  7. K3mist

    Poll: Which make of tyre would YOU choose

    5 makes of tyre, which would you have? Im in the market for some new tyres. Ive done some research on here and other sites and have NOW come up with 7 makes that have all been praised in some way (see poll). Just wanted peoples opinions on which one they would choose as a good all-rounder...
  8. Help me choose which Altea, petrol or diesel?

    Hello I hope you guy’s and girls can help me chose. I am considering buying a Altea FSI but do not know which engine is best as still want something with a little go. I am looking at the 2.0 litre petrol or 2.0 litre Diesel which is best, Is there any engine troubles with them that I...
  9. Which Leon FR to choose....

    Hi all I am looking at buying the Leon FR 2.0 TFSi. There are some available in standard spec with DSG, Feb 2008 '57 reg, from a Seat dealer for £11,999, pre-registered with less than 10 miles on the clock (delivery mileage). I have also found one being sold privately, '58 plate, manual...
  10. Tfsi_Mike

    Help me choose.....

    Either BBS CH in black, want to keep 18's so i can co lower but could get 19's orrrrrrrrr With some inspiration from a man who knows wheels (Pure filthy *****) 18 x 8.5 2" lip rear, 1" lip front and Slammmmmmmmmmmmmed.... Slllight stretch 215's???
  11. what cat back system to choose

    hi im looking for a nice catback system for my leon 20vt sport i heard of blueflame is it anny good and had somebody got a soundfile of it? what other brands can i choose (wich are good but not tooooooooo loud) thnx for helping out
  12. What rims to choose? 2 choices... help!

    I seriously need some help choosing between these two rims on my black 2002 seat leon (1.8t 20vt) TSW Splitz Konig something Please help me :)
  13. Help me choose alloy colour

    I have been ripping my hair out for weeks deciding what colour to do my alloys in for my cupra tdi. I dont really want all black. I have search and found this from a cuprajay thread (photoshop). I think they look really good: Its a possible choice. What do you people think? Ta
  14. Newbie: Help choose between 1.9TDI or 1.4 petrol?

    Hi All, I have a dumb question or two. I am getting a Ibiza but don't know if I get a petrol or TDI model. From a driving point of view which one is better in your opinion: 1.4 petrol or 1.9 TDI? I've heard that the TDI is a little heavy in the front and doesn't corner at speed too well...
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