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  1. SeatFRTSI

    Seat Leon FR TSI EVO 130BHP

    Hi, I have a Seat Leon FR TSI EVO 130BHP and I want to stage 1 remap it which will increase the BHP to 175 but my question is has anyone done this to theirs and has the cars internals been able to withstand the extra power and how many miles can I expect to get out of the engine until it’s...
  2. Ibiza 6J FR Electric Folding Mirror Issues

    Hi all, I have a 2016 Ibiza FR which has wing mirrors which you can fold up/down using the dial next to the door handle and recently I've been having problems with the passenger side mirror. A couple of days ago after parking in the city I tried to fold them up and the driver side folded up...
  3. Multiple issues with 2019 Seat Leon Cupra

    Hi guys, this is my first post to the forum so apologies if i get anything wrong. Above are two videos that show the problems i'm having with my car. All of the issues i'm having occurred after i put my foot down in eco mode on a slip road. Car made a loud mechanical bang and hasn't been...
  4. Lee_FR140

    Brakes, Clutch & Hydraulics

    Evening Folks, Looking for some help.. From time to time, the car feels like the rear calipers are not releasing fully causing it to feel sluggish. When this happens, the handbrake also feels like it has somewhat less resistance when pulled. Coincidentally, when this happens, the clutch pedal...
  5. New Ibiza owners: Did you have any issues with the car so far?

    Please answer the poll and also give some more details if you can.
  6. Issues with re-mapping engines?

    As per the title...would there be any issues with getting engine re-mapped? Are you at more risk of engine failure? What sort of things do you need to watch out for? Cheers.
  7. Gooders

    LCR fan issues

    Hi, my fan on my '05 LCR used to come on just after 90 degrees...now it doesnt come on at all...ive let it go up to 100 degrees and its still not come on...anyone have any answers or had the same problem? does everyone elses come on just after 90? thanks
  8. TerrificToledo

    Brake Light Issues 02 Toledo

    Hey, this is a bit strange. I haven't really got a clue where to start, but here goes. - Flashing orange coil light when i put my lights on (then stays on until engine is off) - Front right (from drivers position) sidelight comes on when i press the brake pedal - Cruise control...
  9. Diesel FR stage 1 CC remap - any issues these days??

    Sold my old puma and I've decided I want to spend some of the money on a remap for my FR - to try for a little more power and increase the mpg. Most of my driving is motorway/dual carriageway, and 50 miles a day average. Car is coming up to 49k miles. I've been reading lots of old threads...
  10. james walker

    new hesitancy issues

    on part throttle i have hesititancy issues, as in part throttle seems to pull back and hissing sound(hard to describe)feels like air going in and swirling around somewhere then going through to give power..... now, i have run vagcom logs, maf is fine, boost is fine so id say the problem is...
  11. Key issues - help

    Hi all, Firstly I'd like to introduce myself as a new owner. Picked up my LCR 225 (MY05) last weekend and been quite impressed so far. Was running an S2 Elise 111s and Honda Civic 1.4 but due to change in job and uping my annual mileage to 25k ish decided that doing 22k in the Civic and 3k in...
  12. MrNorma

    Overheating Issues

    HELP.... Well last night half way along my journey i was presented with a lovely little beep along with my water temp shooting up to 130. I managed to slow down and come off the motorway and it cooled down to 90. This allowed me to limp home. I went out to have a look today, topped up...
  13. Argh mk2 16v issues

    Hi All, I've got a mk2 16v with starting cutting out issues. I think the original issue of cutting out is due to the laser line alarms imoboliser kicking in so i've stopped using the laser line fob and just using the factory fob. All went well the first day i tried it but then today i went...
  14. D_O_U_G_I_E

    Issues with brakes/bleeding - PLEASE HELP!

    Now before people start shouting "search bar" at me, believe you me, l've spent many hours reading every thread l can find stretching back many months.......but l'm still no wiser on the situation :confused: So the story goes.............at the end of last week l took all my calipers off to...
  15. cupra-gaz

    VAG COM Windows 7 Issues

    i have installed a few versions of the vag com software on my laptop which has windows 7 installed, i cant seem to get the program to run at all, tried the compatibility xp on all versions but had no joy at all, could this problem be because of windows 7 or could it be something else?? also what...
  16. D_O_U_G_I_E

    PLEASE HELP - Brembo caliper issues!

    l've spent the last few days sorting out my braking system and this morning (about 15 minutes ago) a mate who was helping me do them has managed to some how put a flat head screwdriver through one of the piston seals on my front Brembo calipers! [:@] Firstly, does anyone know where l can get...
  17. dannychapman10

    For people with stability issues

    There has been a few posts on here regarding the Leons stability. After having a 4 wheel alignment check and all my wheels being perfectly aligned I then took the matter to Seat. On Tuesday they will be doing a full suspension check and if there isn't an issue they will be looking at other...
  18. TDI 110 boosting issues

    hey all a have a ibiza tdi 110 02 plate having trouble with boost keep hearing my 109 relay clicking and also replaced it but still does it had it on vag com and my maf was sitting above a 1000 on the actual dont really know wat that means if someone can help the car has gradually lost...
  19. Donnyboy

    Panel/Cone filters = maf/turbo issues?

    Will the oil on any of the above cause issues with the MAF/turbo on the Mk2 Leon Cupra/FR? Is the panel filter after the MAF so oil could get to turbo? What are the affects of a cone on the MAF/turbo?
  20. Leon Cupra 2.0T first MOT passed with no issues whatsoever

    Mine sailed through yesterday, emissions perfect with the Milltek TBE, cat in place. No issues whatsoever other than tyres being a tad on the thin side :whistle:
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