1. ando

    Vibrations @ motorway speeds

    Any thoughts on this? My car vibrates when at about 60 or 70mph, only when accelerating. If I take my foot off the accelerator there are no vibrations. I'm going to try get my wheels properly balanced but is there anything else I could look out for? Wheels are 225/45/17, tyre pressure 30...
  2. Best tyres for motorway miles

    The Mk4 diesel is wracking up the miles and as such could do with some new rubber. Any one have any suggestions as to which tyres to go for? Must have good grip and longevity, not really limited on price but must be good value for money. Have Firestone Firehawk on at the moment i think.
  3. Ant FR

    thanks dealer, wheel bearings collapsed on motorway and i nearly got hurt

    so, its 3:20 am, just got dropped off by AA, the noise i had told the dealer was a wheel bearing decidedt to let go fully tonight and caused me a major brown pant moment as the car went all over the shot at 70mph. after telling the delaer that it was a bearing and then being told it was play...
  4. Motorway cruising?

    Does anyone know what its like to drive a Seat Ibiza 1.8 20VT FR/ Cupra on the motorway for long journeys? Does it feel noisy/ rattly/ bumpy/ unrefined or is it comfortable relaxing? The reason I ask is because small cars tend to have that unrefined feel to them when travelling at higher...
  5. New tyre time - mostly motorway, but want some smiles... FK452s?

    Hi, My rear tyres are at the level where they need changing. This is on a standard Seat Leon Cupra, 16" wheels. I think that is 205/55/16. I've been reading here and the Falken FK452s seem to be recommended. I want something which isn't going to completely square off due to my...
  6. Short motorway journeys + cold engine = ?!??!

    I am picking up an 08 plate FR TDi next week and would like to hear what people think about motorway driving whilst the engine is cold. My commute to work is a very short hop to the motorway, a 5 minute blast down it, and a very short hop the other side to the car park. My current Golf barely...
  7. LCR motorway noise, is it common?

    Just bought a 55 Black LCR and driving back on the motorway, I noticed a droning noise that was related to road speed, is this common or is there something wrong with car?
  8. 28000 motorway miles hello DPF +Eng Mgmt lights

    Hello all, Returned from Cardiff to Shropshire yesterday. Got into the car this morning to DPF and Engine Management light on. Read lots of DPF threads on here over 28K miles I had the car (1.5 years) so reread the manual and called local dealer and am here now. Waiting to find out if they...
  9. Detailing and motorway? Do they mix?

    Hi guys, My black LCR is in need of a few scratches sorting out and a good polish/wax etc etc so i want to take it somewhere in Bristol to get it done. (No idea where yet!) Anyways, i do about 300-400 miles a week all on the motorway. At the end of every week my car looks like its been...
  10. immersion

    Spring Snapped on Motorway

    Hi Everyone I was driving on the Motorway on saturday at about 80mph in my 03 1.2 and the drivers side spring just snapped and pushed its way up off the shock! Is this a common thing to happen? i got the front bushes done three weeks ago is this related in anyway or just bad luck! Thanks.
  11. Car dead! any ideas welcome

    revs died and cut out at 70 on motorway! Driving at 70mph on the motorway all good, then revs died and cut out? forced to pull over and get towed(embarrasing). tried starting engine fires then revs drop within a few seconds. anyone got any ideas or had similar problem. help would be much...
  12. jezza49

    stiff clutch after motorway driving????

    hi guys, basicly i get a slightly stiff clutch when driving along a motorway for 30miles ect and when i come of the slip road and put the clutch down to change down the clutch is a bit stiff? but it goes after a couple of presses? any ideas?:confused: cheers jay
  13. Wackojacko

    95ron on Motorway journeys

    Right please don't flame me, i don't think this is a stupid question. i have always used 98+ in my car however on Sat i'm driving 500Mile in one day, going to be all motorway in the LCR (mapped) I'm not going to be on boost much, let along giving it beans. Can i get away with just using...

    Vibration on motorway!???

    Hi, ive recently bought an ibiza FR 1.9 Tdi, when i was on the motorway today i noticed a nasty vibe through the car. I was in 6th doing about 70mph and when i put my foot down i felt it through the whole car, but when i backed off the accelorator it dissapeared??? :confused: Can anyone shed...
  15. v5er

    v5 170 motorway acceleration

    Does anyone else feel the engine slightly check or chop at 85+? On a separate issue, should I be concerned if the alternator warning light flashed on for a minute a few days ago and never since then?
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