1. 22.1 A/C Refrigerant High Pressure Switch, static open

    OK so after having no air con through the winter, I'm now starting to want to get it sorted... The error code is as per title - 22.1 A/C Refrigerant High Pressure Switch, static open The radiator fans do not come on when the air con is turned on on the climatronic unit which I have seen...
  2. MrNorma

    Drivers door thinks its open all the time?

    A strange problem developed yesterday after i washed the car (pressure wash rinse). The drivers door seems to think it is open all the time. The interior light stays on although its set to only be on when door is open. The buzzer to remind you the lights are on comes on although the door is...
  3. Fuel cap wont open !!!!!!!!!!!

    Right folks went to the petrol station this morning to fill up, pressed the button and nothing happend :cry:, i could not hear any noise behind the cap and the light was not on at the button, are these common faults ? does anyone know the fix ? thanks chris. :)
  4. MrBen2k7

    Open cone flter in OEM airbox??

    Hi all, As per title, can the OEM air-box be modded to house an open cone filter? Also, what size would I need to fit onto my MAF? I have a Leon TDi SE 110. Cheers, Ben
  5. hardcore4

    06 cupra boot wont open?

    Hello all, new member here so would just like to say hi first of all :) I have just purchased myself a 2006 ibiza cupra and the boot wont open, when locking and unlocking the car i cant hear anything happening inside the boot and it doesnt open with the key either, has anyone had this issue...
  6. boot lock is could be open and locked manually not from key. Pass side door nly

    as in title. Also pass side door not locking when driving. Only when i lock the car. Help please:)
  7. Boot wont open!!

    As title says my remote locking unlocks the doors and makes a noise for the solenoid/motor in the tailgate but the handle feels like something has maybe come off inside as it wont open! any ideas what it could be or how i can get the boot open to replace parts? It was working one minute then all...
  8. Help Mot fail can't open rear door

    Car fail Mot because can't open rear door does anyone have rear door assembly diagram didn't put it back properly when I replaced electric window motor regulator
  9. CHESTER SEAT Brand new dealership now open

    I am proud to introduce Chester SEAT as the new dealer for Chester. We are currently in a transition stage of changing from a chrysler jeep dealer to SEAT which for us is a fantastic move. We are still very much a Newbie dealer so be gentle with us. We have all the latest diagnostic hardware...
  10. Martin_FR

    Passenger door wont open

    Few days ago my passenger door decided it didnt want to open. Car is still under warranty so going to get it booked in. Just wondered if anyone had heard of this happening before and if there is anything that could be an easy fix cause the seat garage is 60 miles away. going to check the fuses...
  11. Gunnie

    My boot wont open. Help

    It wont open with either the remote or key any ideas????:(
  12. Rear door won't open

    Hi Everyone I did a search but couldnt find much on this topic. Basically the passenger rear door on my V5 toledo has decided that it no longer wants to open. If i pull the outside handle nothing happens at all , if i pull the inside handle the little bit on the top of the door goes up...
  13. Boot wont open - HELP!!

    Hello all Went to open the hatchback on my 05 LCR and it does'nt work! Tried the central locking loads of times and can hear things happening at the boot lock but still cannot open it. Have tried using the manual lock but this makes not difference. Any suggestions? My MOT due soon and I...
  14. ashtray wont open

    Not had a proper look at this but since today has decided to get stuck in the locked position and doesnt want to open.Anyone had this and a quick way to get it back open as repeatedly pressing it doesnt do anything cheers matt
  15. Single beep sound when i open the driver door

    Hi, I have a Seat Leon MK II 1.4 TSI and sometimes when i open the driver's door the car issues a single beep and i was wondering if any of you have any idea why it would do that. I have the Coming Home feature and I always leave my lights on as the car will turn them off after 30 seconds...
  16. truss

    open cone filters

    Im bored of my panel filter and miss my old open cone. im going to go back to using one now, but wondering if theres any real difference in using the cheapo Ripspeed metal gauze type jobbie compared to a pipercross foam filter like this...
  17. My boot will not open at all!

    Today I went to open up the boot on my Seat Ibiza 1.4 S 2004 5 door. I found it would not open at all, as if it was locked. I have pressed the unlock button on the central locking both on the key and from the button within the car several times but it refuses to open. I have also tried the...
  18. open windows

    Hi, can any one explain to me how some times when I return to my car all the windows are open, not fully but may be a couple of inches It doesn't happen often but I am concerned about leaving it for any length of time for security purposes and it getting wet inside! Any ideas?
  19. Back Passenger Door will not open from the inside or out...HELP!!!

    I have been using my back doors normally since I got the car and all of a sudden my back passenger door will not open from the inside or out. When I pull the handle from the inside the lock comes up, only to go back down when I let go and it will not open at all. I've even tried to unlock it...
  20. Front Passenger Door Wont Open After Smashed Window

    Ok so a couple of weeks ago my front passenger window got smashed, and ever since then the door wont open from the inside or out, got the window replaced the guy just had to wedge it in because he couldnt get the door open. So my question is there any way i could get the door to open or even...
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