1. Number plates - size

    Hey guys, HAs anyone on here got 3/4 size plates? And if so do you have any pictures? Was wanting to get these but I've noticed that for soem reasons the plates are screwed on and hope holes will not be too noticeable if I put smaller ones on.... :( Also are these legal? Cheers
  2. ROBD--M15RPD

    Metal pressed plates

    Good evening just a quick one. Does anyone know where I can get legal metal pressed plates from in essex. I dont really want too send off my documents cos we all know how good the royal mail is. I dont mind traveling a little but not too far. Thanks in advance rob :think:
  3. Hunnie79

    Private Plates Question

    Hi all - hope this is the right place to put this! Just wanted to know how people buy private plates and how they choose a company to use? Bit of research really. I didn't realise how cheap they can be if you're looking for something simple-ish. All feedback very welcome!
  4. SCN track/ demo plates ?

    Does these exist. Some clip ons or stickers to cover your plate when driving on track or similar..?
  5. Metal number plates

    Hi I just wondering if anyone can recommend a good place to get some pressed metal number plates from. I bought a set years ago for my golf. Cheers
  6. L14M_T

    Spanish Plates

    Anyone know website where I could purchase some pressed metal Spanish plates? Im putting on my cupra bumper this weekend and would like to order some Spanish plates on to finish it off. And yes I know they're illegal but they look pretty cool.
  7. Keeping number plates stuck to the car???

    I have done a search and not found anything on this, my rear number plate only stays stuck on for a short while then start to come away at the edges, front one always seems to be ok. I am just wondering what is really good for sticking the plates to the car? I am currently using a double...
  8. flegz16

    custom car mats and number plates

    as said in the title im after some custom number plates and car mats for when i pick up me new cupra on wednesday. the thing is, the drivers side mat has a big hole in it other wise i wouldn't change them, but seen as im getting some new ones anyway i thought i would change them a little, so any...
  9. Descent number plates, wich ones should i go for

    i want to get some new number plates to make my ibiza look a little bit more modern, i was thinking about going to halfrauds to get some of their ones with the blue GB badges, but then i thought, how much to pressed ones cost? were can i get them from aswell? does anyone here have any...
  10. M4TTYF

    bonnet bra and plates (Mk2 Ibiza)

    guys i need to know if there are any places i can get a bonnet bra for my mk2 and some road legal pressed german plates pls
  11. Endi2008

    Number Plates

    I was wandering the other day if it was legal to have 'Yellow' Number plates on the front of my car because i live in Bristol in UK and the only cars i have seen with it are European or have european number plates. :help: "Like the European ones".
  12. Pressed Plates

    i am after a set of pressed number plates for my leon but dont really want to go for a set with a UK, D or E logo on. what im after is a set with an EU logo on, does anyone know where i can get one? ive been looking around for ages and cant find one anywhere!! cheers
  13. J0N

    Pressed Plates

    Are the German style Pressed number plates legal in the U.K? I know they're clamping down on dodgey spacing and the like.
  14. mike_allison

    replacing license plates

    right got some new license plates. need to replace them looks like the current ones on the car have been glued on. how do i go about getting them off and securing the new ones to the car? do i need to buy anything else?
  15. R Power

    German Number Plates

    Hi guys. Anyone got a set of german plates for their cars? if so where did you get them from?
  16. knight85

    custom licence plates

    looking to get a set for my mk4 FR, was wondering where other members got theirs from? found a few place on the internet.....that looked reasonable. was wondering the legality of different fonts? is the only legal font the standard UK font? cheers
  17. toonfiend

    Euro style Number plates

    I saw these on a Golf the other day and fancy getting some, does anyone know where I can get a set? I know the law has recently changed and a lot of places wont do weird fonts on plates now. Cheers TF
  18. LEDS on rear number plates

    hey guys sori if theres a thread for this btu i cant find it anywhere can any1 tell me if theres a kit yet to put led 272 festoons in without setting the bulb failure light off? i got my HID kit and piaas on the front and its working great but with the numberplates theres no room for adjusting...
  19. Craigus

    The law on number plates.....?

    As the law stands at the min Am i okay to order pressed plates with gb on? or pressed plates plain? Just wondered if im allowed pressed at all if they are legit many thanks craig
  20. CupraSmitten

    Smaller number plates

    Does anyone know anywhere that makes the highly illegal smaller number plates? Looking for either one same height as normal, but shorter OR one thats completely shorter and smaller and with small letters too. Any websites??
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