1. Altea keeps getting broken into, yet alarm is not being set off

    My 2004 Altea 2.0 FSi has been broken into three times in the last 6 weeks. It is alarmed (factor fitted) but whoever is getting in, is doing so without any apparent damage or setting the alarm going off. They are rummaging around looking for valuables (there aren't any) and leaving all non...
  2. Mashburn

    Friend cant set up account.

    My mate has tried setting up an account on here but it told him he was banned before he even started! Any ideas? His username was Galley if that helps.
  3. how many miles from a set of brake pads?

    roughly how many miles have you had from a set of front brake pads before having to replace? preferably on a cupra tdi with the seat sport brakes.
  4. tequilan

    weitec spring and shock set - big thumbs up

    got this fitted yesterday to my ibiza fr tdi and wow what an amazing piece of kit for just over £300 quid! i'd read many times damien blabbing on about how good this kit was and didnt want to follow the coilover crowd and im kinda glad i didnt now, im so surprised by the quality of the ride...
  5. tequilan

    possible problem with weitec hock + spring set.....

    hi guys, the above kit i bought off u recently and got delivered yesterday, ive noticed has a split part from thre factory, im not convinced its an imperative part as its only made of very thin plastic, but can u pls confirm as to wether its ok to be fitted to the car like this, or needs sorting...
  6. Nice set of lightweight alloys

    Lightweight, cheap, german made, and fitted to porsches for different racing series. What do you guys think?
  7. MK4 tdi exhaust set ups!

    hey guys am looking to up rate my exhaust system am pritty much set on a full non resonated milltek system with a milltek downpipe at the same time put on by AMD:lol:... i was just wondering what others think is the best exhaust set up for tdi's? i have a mk4 ibiza pd130 tdi sport what has...
  8. Lcr mk1 how do i set the time on the dash clock

    Can anyone help with this, the time is wrong and i dont know how to set the time also how can i get a code for the stereo????
  9. sambryant

    just bought myself a full set of 20mm lowering springs and a neuspeed induction kit

    i just bought myself a full set of 20mm lowering springs and a neuspeed induction kit (second time round) for the small fee of £50 all in woop woop.
  10. Hot air from blower when set to cold

    I have an X reg 1.9S TDI. I noticed after being in traffic jam the other day for an hour or so that when I put the cold blower on it was blowing hot air. The engine temp gauge was only showing half way. Was told by a friend that it could be the thermostat. At the same time i found it hard...
  11. 4x100 4 pot brembo set up?

    Hi all i'm hailing in from edition38 after I was recommended to ask on your forums, since i'm a VW lad! I'm currently putting a Vento together over the winter for show/daily use once it's finished, I want to keep 4x100 (since i've got some BBS LMs in that fitment) and run an OEM setup, so I was...
  12. set time on clock

    can anyone tell me how to set the time on clock I have a seat cordoba 1.9 deisel which is 4yrs old:cry:
  13. usp

    lcr E T (off set)

    Does any one know the E T number or the off set on a leon mk 1 cupra r? A mate of mine has got some leon hardiritt wheels wich are 9.5 front and 10 rear and need to know if they would fit.:confused:
  14. G2232

    camshaft set point mechanism

    Does anybody know what this is? what it looks like? How to fix it? Garage has just told me it need changing and its going to cost best part of £700 :cry:
  15. 312 mm set up - what pads?

    Can anyone suggest me a decent set of pads (sub £50 ideally) for this setup. I'm not buying DS2500's as, if I was spending that, I'd buy some Pagid blues. I'm wondering whether I'm just as well getting some OEM ones from GSF but obviously your opinion is appreciated. Also, suggestions as...
  16. dave mac

    280mm to 312mm brake set up?

    Guys, I have the 280mm brake set up on my Leon and want to change to the 312mm set up, will I just need the calliper carrier or the 288mm/312mm calliper and carrier? I have been tols the callpier may be different to the 288mm item, cheers:)
  17. fast road, track set up

    im after setting up my car for road and track. I frequent the nurburgring a few times a month(bonus of working abroad:D, so i cant set it up for smooth tracks, and this is also an everyday car that my wife drives, so i have to cut a fine balance.:shrug: I currently have corner weighted...

    Split R set up wrong? vibration buzz no real whoosh

    Hi all I was wondering if i could pick your brain on this one. I have a Forge Split R DV and although i've never had any problems with power delivery etc, i do think i may have it set up wrong or something isn't right:think: Its (as i hope) running in 1/2 re-circ 1/2 blow-off mode. I've...
  19. jamandspoon81

    revo,where in wales can i get my lcr set up properly?

    hi,i have an lcr with the revo stage1 and a sps3,the problem is that i dont know what the setting should be set to and am quite sure they are not set to give the best out of the car at the moment,this is the only mod which has been done apart from a atmos dumpvalve,so id like to take it...
  20. Nathan

    Is this brake set up any good? Ebay link

    Hi, I need to change disks and pads, front and rear on my LCR. I really like the look of drilled and was wondering if anyone has any experience with this set up on ebay...
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