1. setting the clock on seat toledo

    I have a 2001 Seat Toledo TDi SE and would like to know how to set the clock to show the correct time. It's always been out and I've never managed to set this up properly. Can anyone helpm please.
  2. Mr OCD

    Setting up question...

    Hi All, I've got the following in my Cupra: Alpine CDE-9882Ri Head Unit Components powered from head unit JL Audio W3 Sub JL Audio monoblock amp My question is how is best to setup the sound? I'm trying to control the sub via headunit but I dont know how to remove some of the BASS...
  3. setting up sub and amp

    hi there ive installed my sub and amp and was wondering can anyone link to any guides explaining how to set it up or give any advice on how to set it up as not too sure what to do set up consists of jl audio 12inch W3v2 dual voice coil sub e1200 monoblock full range amplifier Clarion...
  4. Cupra R alarm setting..

    Hello... Just set my alarm on my Cupra R and it beeped 4 times as apposed to the normal 1, looking at the manual it states nothing to do with this, but if it beeps 4 times when unsetting battery is low... Do I assume battery is low, or is it something else? Ta!
  5. RabReith89

    Setting up forge splitter dv

    Hi guys my car is not holding boost which i think its cause the dv spring is to weak, its been like this since the boost was up'd after its stage 1 remap, car is boosting at 1.5bar. Can anyone tell me how many clicks it should be???? I have searched for this answer but nothing i can find...
  6. Dougy

    Setting up Turbosmart DV

    Right just got one of these Fitted it and it doesn't sound much different unless i'm doing something wrong. Just wondered any guide on setting up? I have been turning and turning, got to the point where it started stalling but the sound doesn't seem very different to the 007P Any ideas?
  7. paul-murphys

    setting up actuator

    im going to fit my hybrid today but not sure how to set actuator, its uprated an its really hard to pull out an open wastegate is this normal? getting car mapped next week. how do i set it as i dont want to damage the car or turbo. im going to stay off bost when driving till cars set up...
  8. torque setting

    hi all just a quick question.. what is the torque settings for the wheel nuts??? getting new wheels tomorrow so just wanted to find out.. thanks if anyone can help..:p:p
  9. Cupranation

    ATA Setting in MFD

    What does it do? If you go into the settings menu followed by convenience menu there is a setting called ATA Confirm. You can set it to on or off, mine is set to on. Have tried changing it to off and doesn't seem to change anything as far as I can tell. Anyone know what its function is? By...
  10. Setting up a sub and amp

    Anyone got a easy way (thread) in setting up a sub and amp in my car. got the sub and amp all in one box but what other wires will i need to get the thing to work. (New to all this)
  11. __B3NNY__

    Setting up WMI - Logs up.

    Ok, So by this afternoon i should have my WMI all installed, i have a good idea of what it exactly does and why i have installed it but i was wondering if sombody in the know could give me a a quick idea of what logs i should be doing and what should be adjusted on the controler and when...
  12. Driveshaft nut Torque setting?

    Hi all, just in the process of changing the front wheel bearing on my Mk2 16v Ibiza Cupra, I've just ordered a haynes manual but not recieved it yet... Does anyone know the correct torque figure for doing up the 30mm nut on the end of the driveshaft through the hub? Many thanks.
  13. DonniD1991

    setting up fog lights

    just wondering if anyone has done this but i have a 1.2 ibiza that did not come with fog lights i then put a facelifted bumper on it and just wondered how a could set them up so they are working would appreciate the help cheers
  14. Which setting on whiteline rear ARB?

    Just got my whiteline rear arb and wondered if anyone can tell me if the middle or hardest setting is best
  15. Setting up coilovers?

    Hi all. Want some advice about setting up my coilovers. Now, on the rear both springs are just sat on the bottom plate with no adjusters, so not much I can do there. On the front, what is the best way to set them up? When we fitted them, we just did both sides the same number of...
  16. Clunk when setting off/slowing down

    Hi guys, before I get this down the garage and it starts costing money, does anyone have any idea what might be causing a clunking kinda noise when setting off or slowing down. Usually it happens at pretty slow speed but has happened when I've just been driving along kinda thing and sounds like...
  17. GainfulShrimp

    MP3 CDs - can the 'frnd' setting be fixed?

    I find the MP3 compatibility of my new FR is good fun. I've burned a few CDs with about 6 or 7 albums on each disc and I like to listen to them fully randomised - i.e. using "frnd" setting, so both the track and folder are randomised. Trouble is, whenever I switch off the ignition, the head...
  18. Wheel nut torque setting LCR?

    Hi can anyone tell me what the correct torque setting is for the wheel bolts on a LCR please? Regards Paul
  19. Help setting up a lcr

    I have just bought a 54 plate lcr. I'm looking at getting a decent set up on it before the summer, got the nurburgring etc coming up. Where do i start? suspension is totally standard. I was thinking of the ap coilovers but open to other set up tips on other parts of the car Front role bar...
  20. magicoi

    Torque setting - rear brakes

    Hi, Does anyone know what torque the caliper bolts should be done up to on a mk1 leon cuipra TDI? Changed the pads and disks yesterday and did the caliper bolts upto 35ft/lbs Is this sufficient? Thanks
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