MY01 Leon Cupra now with CCFL angel eyes 2 1/2" dp-200cell cat and one box


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Dec 10, 2004
No way. I've been looking for updated clocks for ages. Please spill the beans on where you got them from, how much, and was it easy fit?!

Sportyness ftw
Got the clocks for (are you sitting down?) £29 delivered of ebay muhahahahahahaha

Yeah use two spoons and prise them off, and the actual dial bit is only held on by the middle bit behind the two big needles.



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Aug 26, 2009
Stoke / Cheshire
Couple new bits

-30mm lowered

And thanks to unclefester for the speedy and well packaged delivery

Cars looking good, gives me insperation for my own. Its like looking in the mirror :)

Were did you get your lowering springs from? Are the Eibach? Going to stick some on mine next week but slightly unsure about the 30mm front and 25mm rear. Are yours 30mm all round?
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