MY01 Leon Cupra now with CCFL angel eyes 2 1/2" dp-200cell cat and one box

Apr 5, 2011
The aero blades can be bought to fit the regular "hook" arms.

Standard wiper arm with "hook" aeros

Golf aero wipers

Part numbers

S 1J2 955 425B wiper
S 1J2 955 426B wiper
1J2 955 409D arm
1J2 955 410D arm

Prices for the blades were about £25.
Any chance this is possible without cutting my car up?


Stage 2 Revo'd
Dec 10, 2004
It's tight in there, remove the bolt for the coolant pipe and it will give access to the second bolt holding it to the turbo.
Access to tighten it to the turbo is far better from underneath.

Difference is so noticeable from right low down.
The standard one is so tiny and really restrictive
You will also need to replicate the lower vacuum stud on the above pipe, unless your TIP comes with it already.

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