MY01 Leon Cupra now with CCFL angel eyes 2 1/2" dp-200cell cat and one box


Apr 28, 2004
Tipperary, Ireland
I got a new car!!!!! My fuel was poor, my fault not using v-power or the like and we hit 60 deg temp on the intake so Bill did is best.
On the road driving is immense so much more power 60 lb/ft infact, boosts to 21 and tapers down, but my god chalk and cheese from driving up there.

Made 211 on bills but the intakes were high, but on way home they went to 19 deg and my LG recorded 224bhp and 213 lb/ft so with a FMIC and proper fuel and using the SPS should see even more
first print is old map V new

Bloody hell, day and night right there.Must feel soooooo much better.


Stage 2 Revo'd
Dec 10, 2004
Not yet mate, been quoted £40 by a local pro exhaust place, needs rehanging and mating to the middle section properly as they are different sizes.
Every penny i have is tied up for another treat at the mo, but that's a secret, sorry.

The guy looked at the box on the car and said he's never fitted on as small as that, no wonder i want to change lol
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