Post your MK2 Leon Power/Torque graph


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Aug 10, 2004
Hello Guys,

Herewith a graph of my Cupra with Oettinger Stage 2 setup:


Is nice.....


Sep 14, 2006
cool :) What are the figures that you have got?

The figures maybe a little higher after this weekend, James at JBS is doing another tweak to the map.


2006 1.9TDI Seat Leon 105 BHP standard!! 162.3BHP remapped!!!
when it first read brain it said it was a 125 BHP, man said must be a good going car!!!:p


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Mar 29, 2007
Irvine, Scotland
My mate with an astra vxr got less power than me and threw mines out my window the next day when he was in my car and it was lost forever lol :( was 307 bhp and 309ft/lb

Will get a new one done when the car goes back on the road after winter.


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Sep 25, 2010
Here's my old graph! ;)

But the only one i have on this computer..
i will put the latest here as soon as i got it in the computer

Tuned by Vtech in Sweden!

They are starting in the UK too :happy:

I now hav 369bhp, 475nm in the car [B)]

Here you can se My car if somebody is interrested ?? ;)

Best Regards// Michael
I swear i saw just like yours yesterday?? in Finland?? 100+ motorshow?


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May 19, 2001
Popped up to Awesome today, went mainly to check out a fellow members Cupra K1 that has recently had a Helix Clutch kit fitted. So I could way up whether I want it... which I do but thats for another thread after Nov 5th when its booked in for fitting amongst other things. :)

However today Awesome also had a Lupo RR day on, and I had nothing planned so I hung around all afternoon and generally made myself at home. :)

I'd asked that if they had space could they chuck the Cupra on the dyno at the end of the day, its not been dyno'd since last year and has had a few small changes since it achieved 340hp & 360ftlbs torque last December. John kindly made some time to run it just before they shut for the day.

Since last December its had the APR back box removed and replaced with a Milltek CAT back to quieten it down. The APR was too boomy to live with, I've kept the superb APR down-pipe but its much more liveable now its got a quieter back box. I also switched from the ITG intake to the Forge Twintake mainly as I prefer its look under the bonnet and its a little more drivable with the Twintake.

John had a couple of aborted runs due the rpm pickup not registering, which we think is down to wet tyres in most cases. But he got it sorted and he did 3 runs back to back.

Best run today produced 346hp 380ftlbs clutch power, not bad at all on the APR software. It either got a bit warm on the final run or the oem clutch slipped, but oh my does the oem clutch stink :p Its well on its way out. :cartman:

Oct 2010 - APR 2.2 (Stg2+), APR Pump, APR IC, APR 3" down pipe, Milltek CAT back section and Forge Twintake

Its having the clutch done on Nov 5th as I've said above, when it will also be re-flashed with REVO Stg2+ code, but we aim to do another back to back run with both the currently loaded APR code then REVO, with the new clutch fitted. Nothing else will have changed, but I felt it had to be a fairer comparison to run the car on both once the new clutch is fitted rather than change it now with a pretty flakey oem clutch.

For those interested here is the graph from last year on the same rollers. Only difference is it had the ITG on and the full APR exhaust.

Dec 2009 - APR 2.2 (Stg2+), APR Pump, APR IC, APR 3" Stealth Exhaust with Downpipe and ITG intake
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May 22, 2010
here's mine after new helix clutch and revo stage2+ done by awsome .. 366bhp and 418lbs/ft torque, if i knew how to put my graph on here, i would :) any help awsome andy, or zboyd pleeeeze
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