1. Bocanegra Rolling Road Results + Video + Graph

    Went back to see the guys at Awesome on Friday to put the car on their rolling road. Very happy with the results and not completely surprised as I was sure the car felt faster than 180PS. I'm uploading the vid to youtube and will update the post when its on. I'll also post the graph once...
  2. dirk1978

    Cupra TDI Power Graph

    Hey guys. Went for a custom remap at Stealth Racing at the weekend. Met Vince there who is very knowledgeable about all things VAG. Really impressed. Anyway, He put the car on the rollers to check it's all OK before starting the process and it made 291 lb ft. This is the graph I took a pic...
  3. luke07cupra

    Stage 2+ graph

    Does anyone know if there is a rolling road graph of a Cupra running Revo stage 2+ on here? Cant find one......
  4. benuk

    Ibiza 1.9 TDI FR PD130 - bhp/torque graph

    Bit of a long shot.. does anyone have a bhp/torque graph for a stock Ibiza FR PD130? cheers :happy:
  5. Bhp graph

    Anyone got a picture of there printout on a standard 130 fr ibiza
  6. Damo

    RR results from AMD Essex RR Day 22/02

    Here's the printout for my K03S Ibiza at the RR day at AMD today. Mods as follows......... K03S with 4bar fpr Forge FMIC 3" Z-Ex Downpipe/100cel cat into 2.5" Scorpion exhaust CAI kit Jabbasport remap + boost controller Forge DV007P Forge TIP EVOshield inlet manifold gasket N249...
  7. Neel-Cupra

    My Power Graph from P-torque RR Day!

    Had the car on the rollers at the P-torque rolling road day last saturday and was amazed at the results: 267.4 BHP 241 lb ft Torque :funk: Heres the graph: Car is completely stock so very happy with the results! comments welcome :)
  8. robdf2

    wow wasnt expecting this now with power graph

    well as most of you know i have had a lot of problems with my Cupra , so thought i would get it on a rolloing road today and either find out the truth :( or be susprised :D and guess what ! 267.1 BHP and 258 lbs/ft torque. :-o im over the moon car is strong and torquey. :p...
  9. shantybeater

    IHI VF34 down on power, any ideas why? Dyno Graph included / video

    ok I bought the cupra a month or two ago as a bit of a project, and luckily ive been looking at it that way as its costing a fortune at the mo! Anyway it felt not a massive amount faster than my k03s & as some of you may know i made a thread a while ago about the lack of turbo noise... Ok...
  10. Rolling road graph analysis

    Had the LCR in a rolling road to see what power it is actually making and below are the results: The car is still pretty new to me and as I understand it, the following mods have been done: Revo Stage 1 BMC Induction Kit Goes the graph seem about right? I was expecting...
  11. __B3NNY__

    Saturdays Graph.

    As per my other thread heres my graph, I wouldnt have botherd posting it up but i cant make head nor tail of the dip in power around 3000rpm then picks up to peak bhp, im pretty sure its somthing i can feel when doing 4th gear logs. Ive looked at other graph with all the same mods and even...
  12. Help understanding graph

    I have being having problems with a 115 TDi PD going into limp mode and have logged the turbo function using I did start a thread in the Alhambra section but I figured the graph was better straight here in the TDi section. A quick 30 second drive shows the problem. It starts with...
  13. v-g

    So, what's wrong with this graph?

    In another thread my power was mentioned. It's a little strange to put out almost 210 HP on almost a stock set-up. Model year 2000, APP code engine with out VVT. Stock K03, not S. The engine mods are about non existing. I've a new TIP, some other hoses, open air kit, dumps...
  14. F2 Ed

    RR graph

    Does anyone have a dyno plot from a GTI cupra 8v?
  15. Post your MK2 Leon Power/Torque graph

    Hopefully this can be made a sticky to save having to scroll through all the pages to dig them up. Here is mine for starters - Standard MK2 Leon Cupra 2.0T
  16. Had car on RR today, help needed on dyno graph

    I had my car on a rolling road today, and i'm a bit confused with the results and how to understand the graph. The rolling road isn't a up to date one and it doesn't measure torque. On the graph all it has is KM/H and KW and i'd like to know how the RPM and BHP was worked out from these...
  17. gavthelad

    R/R Graph..........

    After i found out that Revo was already installed on my ecu, i had it turned back on and a week later, took it for a power run at Weston Performance in Shirley, Solihull. I'm not that impressed with the results of the R/R really but i still havnt got an air feed pipe for my induction kit yet so...
  18. __B3NNY__

    Graph From Weltmiester

    Heres the graph from Wednesday when i had the car re-mapped and then RR`d, If somebody would like to go into a little detail about the graph i would be greatful as i found it a little confusing apart from the obvious bhp and torque lines.. what are other two? Cheers David.
  19. nick s

    My graph from Jabba

    here's my graph. tell me what you make of it. spec is; Green dynatwist Samco TIP K03s Forge Actuator Forge 007dv Forge FMIC Blueflame 2.75" downpipe Blueflame 2.5" system 4 bar FPR look how low the transmission loss is.? :blink: anyone have any idea what the rule power bit...
  20. owen lcr

    finally got the lcr graph

    highest line is with stage 1 revo + lowest line is stage 2 revo readings show left is stage 2 torque + right is stage 1 torque line with squares is stage 1 + lines with circles is stage 2 i know the pictures arnt the best but at least you guys will get a rough idea[:@]
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