1. Dave_88

    312mm brakes behind 16s?

    As above. Ive got an awesome plan for the leon but need to know if you can squeeze 312mm brakes behind 16s first :D Thanks in advance Dave
  2. Dave 77

    My 312mm Brake Upgrade

    As the title says i upgraded my 288mm brakes on my Boca to some 312mm ones What u need is a set of carriers, caliper, disks and pads (the stock calipers that come with the cupra/boca are not quite right unlike i first thought) I found out the hard way half way thought and had to try...
  3. 312mm Help needed.

    Gone to fit my 312mm's this morning, but noticed that the bolt that holds the original caliper to the original carrier is far too short to use on the 312s. Should i have a different longer bolt for the 312s? sure i read somewhere you can re-use the original bolts. Any help appreciated.
  4. 312mm brake upgrade

    Hi Im looking to do the 312mm upgrade. However people keep saying different things, will I need calipers and carriers, or just carriers. I have a pre-facelift Ibiza fr, with 288mm's as standard. Also can you tell me how much your upgrades cost. Cheers :)
  5. Who does the Best price drilled 312mm discs please

    Ive just got some tt calipers and wounderd who does the best price cross drilled discs as im pretty skint but would like to get them fitted. without going megga bucks
  6. Are mk4 golf 312mm brake calipers and carriers the same as audi tt ones ??

    Ive been offered a pair of 312mm brakes with the carriers and calipers from a mk4 golf and wondered if there the same as a audi TT which was my first initial choice. I thought the mk4 golf calipers were the same as my mk 4 ibiza fr tdi ones except different size carriers.Or are the calipers...
  7. jase750

    312mm brake question ?

    I'm finally getting around to fitting the 312's to the FR. Bought some ATE power discs from Eurocarparts for £63 the pair and Pagid pads. the question I have is will the banjo bolt from my LUCAS original calipers fit the new Audi TT calipers ? or am I better off getting new ones to suit the...
  8. ChrisGTL

    312mm Brake Setup Questions

    I had my 312mm brake conversion done yesterday, so spent last night bedding them in per Bill's instruction on his sticky. Came to work this morning and nearly rammed somones arse end (ooo-errr), the brakes feel much worse then my old 288mm setup.......so:- Do the ferodo DS2500 pads only...
  9. 312mm help please! *urgent*

    Hi there. My arb link has snapped and took out the brake pipe flexi with it! So its now gushing brake fluid everywhere.. does anybody have a REG that i can use to order a new brake pipe flexi? This is pretty urgent as i need the car for college on Monday and its a right treck to get there...
  10. Mk4 Brake Hoses 312mm

    Just had 312 brake upgrade done, the new TT hoses I supplied do not fit! They had to put the Ibiza ones back on. I know this makes it quite tight but is it acceptable? Provided I check them regularly? Otherwise does anyone have a link or can recommend hoses that definitly fit a Mk4 tdi FR but...
  11. Possible stupid question about 312mm brake upgrade - pads!

    Got all my bits and pieces to go ahead with the 312mm brake upgrade, thanks to a couple of folk on here! Basically I've got the calipers from Leon mk1 180/Golfmk4/TT, and some Ferodo pads. I'm just wondering if I have the correct pads, they are the right size but one of each set of pads has the...
  12. ChrisGTL

    312mm Conversion Guide?

    i'm going to tackle my 312mm conversion this week on my TDI (weather permitting ov course!) I've got the following:- Brembo MAX discs Ferodo DS2500 pads VAG 312mm Carriers + pins + seals A couple spare bleed nipples Copper grease Wire brush Caliper rewind tool Things to still get:- Goodridge...
  13. SteveC123

    Oversensitive ABS - TT 312mm Conversion

    I had cause to punt my car round a track last weekend, and was expecting great things from it in terms of braking given how the brakes tend to be on the road. However, I found the ABS was a bit too eager to kick in on certain corners... so I was just wondering if there was a way to adjust the...
  14. 312mm

    alright guys just a quick one, ive got my hands on some 312mm brakes for the fr, will they fit behind the fr wheels ok, also i need new discs and pads what do you guys use and what do you recommend,
  15. jase750

    312mm brake help !

    I'm buying parts to do the conversion on my FR from 288 to 312. I've been told that I only need Carriers,Discs and Pads, I've searched the forum and looked at several pictures and I've noticed that my calipers dont look like the ones used on the 312mm conversions mine say Lucas on them does...
  16. 312mm Upgrade but now I have "banging/rattling"

    Hi everyone, I have an annoying issue. I fitted the Audi TT 312mm Front dics and calipers, I got some pads for them as well. Now the brakes work fine, they just fit under my 16's and they fitted like the guides and everyone said...except......... The pad rattles and moves around like...
  17. Ibiza 130 tdi

    312mm disc fitting guide?

    Hey guys! Long time no thread! ;) I have searched as I know Gazjones had done a 312mm fitting guide, how easy is it to change the discs? Is it just a case of normal discs or is it like some of the newer cars where it's all part of the bearings? Hopefully it's just like the old school...
  18. joop200789

    312mm brakes question

    went to swap the brakes today on the car. found a problem i couldnt get the old disc off,it looked it was held on by the drive shaft hub nut? if so any one know what size it is as its bigger then a 32mm socket (largest one i had) and also its a bi-hex nut
  19. 312mm or 323mm Discs for Brembo Brakes

    HI all, I have brembos fitted the the Leon FR i have recently bought, and am having problems with my brakes as per my previous post on here. Ive been searching for discs on the internet this morning but the most common disc available for the cupra r brakes is 312mm?? I know i have...
  20. dave mac

    280mm to 312mm brake set up?

    Guys, I have the 280mm brake set up on my Leon and want to change to the 312mm set up, will I just need the calliper carrier or the 288mm/312mm calliper and carrier? I have been tols the callpier may be different to the 288mm item, cheers:)
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