1. retro fit cruise control in or near devon

    i need help i want cruise control to help me with long journeys, but not fancy the drive up to awsome to get it done, any one know of a place near or in devon
  2. Zappa

    Major car problems tonight after a cruise - help or advice required please!

    Hi all, driving a 2004 Ibiza, 1.2, 50k Miles. I took a drive up to the coast tonight with a few mates (30miles). You may have seen a thread I posted up a couple of weeks ago about changing the air filter and cleaning the spark plugs - Ever since then, the car has been shuddering between...
  3. Cruise

    Anybody help? When you have cruise control selected on, does the light in the instrument panel light up or only if there is a problem with it. I'm sure i've read that it should light up, and in my mk1 it definitely did when selected. Cheers
  4. kevh

    Cruise Control retrofit

    I know Awsomegti are very reasonable priced for retrofit on Leon but as i live in Hampshire to travel up to them would make it very expensive job in time and money is there anywhere in the south that does CC retrofit?
  5. Retrofit cruise control to an LCR?

    Phoned TPS today, who said there is not a retrofit kit available for the LCR, but many people on here have had it done. AIUI, i need the stalk, and an extra part of loom. Does anyone have the part numbers available, so I can just give them the numbers over the phone? Also, is there a...
  6. Cruise Control - Fitting - South Wales?

    Afternoon All, Yes - I'm afraid its another question about retro fitting cruise control to Mk 1 LCR 225. I have seen lots of posts on here where to buy it from (eBay being the favorite). However I am a little doubtful that i would be able to fit it myself. Does anyone know of anywhere that...
  7. Cruise Control Kit

    I have a 03 LCR and have wanted to fit cruise control. Has anyone had a go at fitting this unit Is it hard to do or is there anyone local...
  8. Cruise Control

    Has anyone fitted aftermarket/retro fitted vag cruise control? AMD wanted silly money, wondered if any of you had any suggestions, id like to use the vag parts, but im assuming id need VAGCOM? Cheers
  9. ashley600

    cruise control not working???

    help cruise control decided not to play today, had a quick search and have checked the brake light switch which is fine. any ideas anyone??
  10. Tomibz

    29th december cruise

    Hi, does anybody have any idea what this cruise is all about. Supposed to be happening in sheffield on the 29th december? Heard off one of my mates just wondered if anyone knew about it on here?
  11. Cruise Control and Computer

    Maybe a daft question but i have been reading and see that my 2003 Leon 1.9tdi SX can be fitted with cruise control. I wanted to ask is this something you can do at home or does it require setup on the computer at SEAT?? Also since cruise control can be retro fitted can you therefore fit the...
  12. Cruise Control problems

    Hey guys, I have my 05 leon 150 for 3 months now and love it. I have had my fair share of problems with it but it still hasnt put me off. However my cruise control doesnt work and I dont even know if it is fitted, I have a stalk but it does nothing. Any suggestions. :confused:
  13. Unrefined Cruise Control

    I do find the Cruise Control very handy on my 2.0 TDI, but increasing / decreasing the speed is very unrefined with the cruise seemingly trying to instantaneously increase or decrease the speed when I want to adjust it, so is not at all smooth. I also find that going down certain hills that the...
  14. 1.6 TDI Sport Cruise control

    Hi Guys I am new here so here goes my first post. I currently have an Octavia VRs and I am looking at buying a 1.6TDI Sport with conv pack and bluetooth. Ideally i want cruise control otherwise have to wait for factory order (4 month lead time) problem is i am being told that cruise cannot be...
  15. myneek

    Anyone fitted KUFATEC Cruise Control - Retrofit - w/ Multi. Display - Seat Ibiza 6L

    Hi I've just bought a Ibiza Cupra 180 1.8T 20v - 2005 I miss cruise control, especially driving it back 80 miles from the garage I bought it from today! Has anyone fitted the following? KUFATEC Cruise Control - Retrofit - w/ Multi. Display - Seat Ibiza 6L Product No.: 36313...
  16. Retro-fit Cruise Control

    I have seen a retro-fit stalk which hooks into the ECU on ebay. Has anyone fitted one? I understand that as long as the car has EPC and can enable the feature via VAG-COM it should work. My car is a year 2000 1.8 20VT (engine code APP) and I have a EPC light that comes on when I first...
  17. Metric Display Cruise Control

    Hi Guys, I picked up a new Leon FR yesterday and I'm absolutely chuffed with it so far. I've just got one very minor niggle in that the cruise control speed is displayed in km/h. The units for everything else are displayed in standard imperial. I've had a look through the manual and it...
  18. _williams_

    Cruise control increasing fuel consumption??

    just a quick one . . i've been told that the use of cruise control can increase the fuel consumption, now i was planning on getting cruise control fitted but am i gunna end up paying out more for long journeys for a luxury which i can easily live without? cheers
  19. Cruise Control Needs activated - Ireland?

    Hi all, I installed cruise control retrofit today with a friend. His diagnostics computer doesn't have the option to activate the cruise control stalk....need VAG-COM. :cry: Is there anyone out there that could help me out? Just need access to vag-com for 5 minutes to turn on the cruise...
  20. Cruise Control

    hey everyone just fitted the stalk into my cupra but unsure on the wiring, can you extend the cable that comes off the stalk straight to the ecu? or do you need a loom from seat any one got a pic of one or can tell me where they all go? thanks
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