1. oil leak

    have a little oil leak somewhere on my car, think its the egr vavle but not sure, its coming of the side of the block and dripping down to the gear box any ideas guys???
  2. andylcr

    Advice needed on rocker cover gasket, power steering pipe leak

    Hi guys I've had my Cupra for a couple of weeks now and it will be requiring the 50,000 mile service (and probably Cam belt change as its 5 years old) within the next 2-3 months. I had the car inspected when buying and the only things that came up on it were: Rocker cover gasket needs...
  3. Havok316

    water leak dilemma

    Hi all, after discovering my saturated boot, my soaking wet passenger front and rear foot wells, and signs of mould I decided to investigate the problem. We found the rear washer tube had come off in 2 places! But could there be another problem? I've looked behind trim & door cards but cant see...
  4. lukin dappa

    Air leak pls fuel

    Hi i have quite a big air leak in 1 of the small pipes going into the inlet manifold and possibly 1 other down low but not sure would this be affecting my performance and fuel consumption. I seemed to use alot more fuel than everybody else last night than all me mates i done £15 of petrol...
  5. Can anyone in derbyshire help with a boost leak

    I have a 2003 210bhp cupra r thats been mapped a while back b4t the last couple of days when driving steady then coming on boost i can hear a funny noise like a jet im getting the normal whistle then this jet like sound comes in the fades out about 5k? if i launch it through the gears i dont...
  6. water leak

    hi guys,just wondering if anybody can help me.i own a 2003 leon cupra and seem to have a leak,the rear passenger footwell is collecting water.had a good look round but no obvious sign of where it's coming in.anybody experienced this before?
  7. Boost Leak

    Does any body have or know where to find a step by step guide for testing for boost leaks??
  8. Boost leak from hell!

    I did another boost leak test yesterday! Took of the MAF, blocked the TIP and connected the pressure hose that goes to the N75 from the charge pipe directly to the hose that goes to the actuator. Removed the oil filler cap. Disconnected the hose that goes from the breather valve to the tip...
  9. nvidia

    slight oil leak from intercooler

    I just had my car bk from service under advisory items slight oil leak from intercooler...anyone know how much will that be to fix that? cheers
  10. EL

    boost leak test - ideas?

    Hey guys! Need to run a boost leak test on the car. Trying to find something to block the tip (3.5inch) which i can then drill a small hole into so i can pump air around the system. Any ideas what i can use?
  11. JB!

    Coolant leak under slam pannel?

    hi... took my cupra out for a nice drive, didnt give it too much as 2nd cooling pump for turbo is dead, get home and find that i have a slow/ish drip coming from under the slam pannel, turns out to be coolant. there are coolant pipes all around under the slam pannel and some plastic unit...
  12. Losing Coolant?

    Hi, Was out in the car the other night for about an hour came home adn everything seemed normal. went to the car the next day and didnt reach the end of the driveway and the coolant light came on. checked the tank and was below the min so topped up and off i went no bother. checked it a...
  13. M87NER

    Aircon Leak....

    well was booked in at SEAT this morning, car went in... 5 mins later come out to me and said there was a major leak in the system.... took me through to my car to show me and heard it leaking from behind my forge fmic.... they said it could be the condensor....which would be expensive.... the...
  14. richypanic

    2.0 16v ABF oil leak

    Hi all. I have developed an oil leak. I have got her up on ramps and had a good old wipe all over. It seems to be coming/reappearing from this area. Would this be simply the oil sump/gasket? Or possibly coming from elsewhere? Please see -...
  15. Leak finder kit

    Hi! Have anyone tried a leak finder kit with UV oil in to trace down the leaks? Similar to this: http://www.devildogtools.com/trle50wauvli.html Or is it just bullshit? Btw. The mecanic that should have fixed my car is all booked, so now I'm just waiting for a phonecall.. So now I'm...
  16. Has anyone made a boost leak detector for leons?

    I have tried having a search and wondered if anyone has made boost leak detectors for the leon?
  17. runsinit

    Water leak in door

    After heavy rain, When I open my drivers door water pours out. It's building up above the bottom seal and filling the door shut to the lip into the footwell (probably over into the car too). I'm told by a previous cupra owner that this is very common and is the seal on the panel inside the door...
  18. strange air leak sound when accelerating

    Hi guys. Whilst driving my FR Tdi over the last couple of weeks i've noticed a strange sound when accelerating in 2nd and 3rd gear. The only way I can describe it is an air-leak kind of noise which lasts for half a second and then goes away. It sounds similar to the weird suction-type noise...
  19. Cupra20

    Turbo oil return line leak!

    I've got a leak on my oil return line form the tubo where it bolts to the sump, forgot to put the gasket on when putting it back together:doh: and now found it after a first run, What i would like to know is how much oil am i going to lose when i undo the pipe, my theory is that it should...
  20. JJFukkard

    PAS Leak and failure - HELP!

    Hi folks, Last weekend I sold my Leon Cupra VT privately, today I've had a call from the new owner telling me the PAS has failed and that the car is undrivable. He's had it to the closest place that could look into it (unfortunately that was National Tyres). One of the mechanics at NT has...
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