1. Broken Folding Mirror

    Hi everyone. Got a Mk3 2014 FR with Tech pack so has heated folding mirrors and all that. A while back the driverside mirror stopped unfolding automatically, and has to be pulled out hard by hand and no longer locks into place unfolded. It's stiff enough not to rotate while driving (vibrates...
  2. Cracked and scuffed wing mirror cover replaced.

    Hey all I had a slight run in with a large dumpster when I got squeezed over by a SUV in a tight street and unfortunately it cracked and scuffed the wing mirror cover. Thankfully no damage to the mirror itself or the mount, just the plastic shield, but still disheartening to see when I've not...
  3. Leon driver mirror try to fold but no succses !

    Hi my 2006 seat leon mirror (driver mirror) it's trying to fold in and out but it stops after 2sec and goes back. what could it be ? the other mirror works fine
  4. Driver's wing mirror replacement

    Just back from holiday and somebody has completely smashed the driver's side mirror (electric, non folding) off my 2003 V5 Toledo. Unhelpful!! Searched the forums and guides but still have a few questions: (1) Is there a specific guide for changing the mirror? I've found the door card...
  5. Folding mirror advise please?

    Hi just brought a 55 plate 1.8t fr with the folding silver mirrors. Well they fold in fine electrically using the switch, but they will not fold back out again electrically! The seller said he has always had to fold them back out manually. Is this normal or are they faulty? Is it a common fault...
  6. passenger door mirror wont fold? help plz

    hi guys was parking in a tight asda car park the other day, so went to fold my mirrors in and only the drivers side moves??? :think: so i checked what was working and both mirrors move and i can even hear what i think is the motor turning in the passenger mirror but no movement.. any...
  7. Booya

    Pic request - Black LCR with chrome wing mirror covers

    Seen as I can't find any carbon fibre ones I have lost all patience :cry: Any pics to give me an idea of how it would look with chrome ones (easy to get) would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  8. yusuf_1977

    Removing mirror covers on 2009 ibiza

    hi mates i am trying to find a solution to remove without harming the mirror covers to have them painted in piano black or silver grey. :help:
  9. Electric folding mirrors driver mirror folds too far out!

    Hi Guys This is a very weird one. I have an Ibiza FR which has the "luxury" pack fitted, meaning I get folding mirrors. The only problem is that it has just picked up a fault, so that when you fold the mirrors out, the left side one is fine but my one bends back out too far. The only...
  10. Wing mirror control knob

    Morning, Just picked up my new 1.4 sc sport on saturday an when I was adjusting the wing mirrors yesterday the knob you adjust them with came off in my hand !!! Its gone back on but i'm wondering if i need just to glue this on or whether I should go back to th dealer as it may be a build...
  11. Face Lift Mirror Covers

    Hi I have finally got my replacement mirror covers sprayed piano black and now want to remove my silver ones to swap. The problem is how the hell do you remove these things? I have looked at the new ones and they have clip on lugs inside the covers. The problem is trying to get at the ones...
  12. DaNnY_LaD

    Can this Be Repaired (Wing Mirror)

    Since ive had the LCR the drivers side mirror has never folded in...So today i finally got round to looking in to see why it wasnt working, anyway the wirers have been Broken from some form off impact from the former owner.. Does anyone reackon i could repair it or is it a new one?
  13. Power Bluetooth Mirror Via Car Interior Light

    Hi I have just purchased a Bluetooth Rear View Mirror (Handsfree Device). It came with a cigeratte lighter charger But I would like to permanently power this device so I do not havce to charge it all the time. can I do this via the Car interior light just above the rear view mirror. Any...
  14. Driver's side wing mirror won't fold in

    Hi guys, Just got my LCR, knew when I bought it the driver's side wing mirror won't fold in on the motor but the dealership evidently forgot to fix it before I picked the car up. Before I take it back in to have it fixed, I'm not missing anything am I? I turn the wing mirror adjustment...
  15. scardy

    wing mirror question

    Some kind motorist took my wing mirror off this morning:cry: all I'm left with is the baseplate, some wires and the metal bit. Does anyone know whether the mk4 golf one is the same as the leons? (square mirrors) Just that I cant seem to find electric mirrors anywhere, but there is loads for the...
  16. Wing Mirror Fault Leon MK2

    Hey Guys, This site has been really good at finding out other faults with my 56reg Leon FR TFSI but i have failed to find out what's happening with my wing mirrors. To cut a long story short, they dont fold in all the way as they should with the key hold lock or the 6pm position. I have...
  17. how do i remove the wing mirror cover???

    ive just bought a second hand replacement mirror for my lcr 2003 the mirror is the new style pear drop, i want to remove the cover to replace with my original, to save having to spray it i dont want to break it, so thought id ask before i do any help would be appreciated thanks
  18. oldman

    How do you replace powered wing mirrors?

    Hello, Managed to win a full set of power folding wing mirrors, very cheaply, so need to swap them over. Have looked and no guides or tips were found. Only info on how to fix when not folding etc. anybody done this and helpful hints? if nothing i will try to make one up at the time...
  19. Andy_FR

    Black Wing Mirror Caps

    Hi all, I am going to get a set a pair of black wing mirror caps tomorrow to replace the silver ones, my question is are they very easy to fit? Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks andy
  20. Electric folding mirror's question.

    Hi I have electric folding mirrors on my Toledo and just wanted to find out if it is possible to fold them whilst driving :confused: They fold when the car is stationary and running, but when I'm driving and try to fold them they won't do it :think: Its a pain because I live on a Island and some...
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