1. Syphon

    CUPRA Leon MK4 owner's register

    The CUPRA Leon can now be ordered, so who's ordered one / owns one? Please use the poll to select your model (polls don't work in TapaTalk, please use website) You can also share a picture of your car below :) Scott
  2. Smyg

    Track my Leon Cupra!?

    Hey guys, ordered my 2018 car in April and got a 6-digit number from my local dealer. VW has a tracking page for 8-digit numbers... won't work for Seat :( Can I track this somehow?
  3. Cupra 300 Order Times?

    Hi all! Newbie on this, I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on lead times with the Cupra 300. Got a fantastic deal on the Cupra 300 DSG so placed my order for contract hire 2 days ago, now being told delivery times are between 24-26 weeks! Has anybody had luck getting it before this...
  4. redcupraboy


    Hello Damien, Any news on my order or tracking number at all mate? Dont worry I know its a little early yet for it too arrive but just thought I would ask bud. Many thanks Lee.:)

    I'm Gutted. Error on BOC order !!!!!!!!

    My dealer rang today to tell me that he put the wrong order in, made a mistake on the code, its an FR that's coming, and i orderd the BOC. He is very sorry, and totaly his folt, and there was only a few weeks to go. i'm absolutely gutted, i cant tell you how i feel, almost sick !!!!!! and i hope...
  6. SkimpyWan

    Help!!! I need to order new ARB tomorrow, but which?

    Hi, I have been reading threads over the past few weeks and I seem to have the common fault of a squeaking noise when depressing the clutch and going over bumps - I have a '54 plate, 1.9 tdi FR. Which led me to thinking my anti-roll bar bushes (ARB’s) had gone? After taking the car to...
  7. tmjns796

    in what order should i Mod the Leon tdi?

    hi, i have a leon reference 110 tdi 2007.:) ive started collecting bits for the fmic. but im not shore if i need various pipes for sensors and stuff from forge.... help me on that one please. ive got pair of fr bumpers of ebay in same color, and btcc back box. should i cut out the centre box? i...
  8. FR Order Placed

    Hi All, I had a company order pending for a Golf GTD, the monthly money available just stretched for a basic model with upgraded alloys. However, its been bugging me that i really wanted Sat Nav and DSG. So i managed to cancel the order and in place have ordered: Leon FR TDI DSG Candy...
  9. Order placed

    Well after much umming and aahing I placed an order on Monday for a new Exeo to replace my Leon FR TFSI. It's a sad sign that I am getting old - the ride on the Leon is too stiff and crashy so I was looking for something a bit more comfortable! I've ordered the SE Lux model in Black Magic with...
  10. Getting the SKC code in order to program new keys?

    Hello all, first post so be gentle! :D I bought a 55 plate FR TDI yesterday and it came with only one key. I've been reading up on how to pair up another key fob and it seems that I need the SKC code (which apparently SEAT dealers don't have access to now). Is it possible to use one of the...
  11. Craigus

    Where can i order Pipewerx 3" DP & decat

    A pipewerx 3"dp and decat as im after one for my LCR.
  12. danny20vt

    Next mods, which order?

    I'd just like to thank you lot for getting me addicted to modding! only this time round its power mods. Current mods, Green cone filter, Forge 007p with relocation kit and a SS catback system, next mods I want are a remap, TIP and down pipe with sports cat. Which order do you recommend I...
  13. Help Please - New Car Order

    Hi All After some help/guidance. About 2 and a half weeks ago, I ordered a car from a dealer (holding their name back just now as they're trying to fix something for me). They managed to get the spec I wanted from one that was already on the boat, albeit I had to give up one or two...
  14. JamJay

    In what order do I clean?

    Hi people, can someone tell me the definitive answer to the above question? A soon as Spring arrives and there is a good weekend, the car will be getting it's 1st thorough clean (one at the beginning of Spring, the other and the end of Summer/beginning of Autumn with thousands of washes in...
  15. Bumper Dealer Order

    Hi, Is the Bumper In the above picture (kewe's Toledo) the leon Cupra or the Leon Cupra R and is the facelift ot Pre-facelift?. I thinking of Ordering one from Dealer for my toledo but don't really know what to ask for. Doesn't anyone have a model Number or Official Name? Thanks...
  16. Syphon

    Placing our MK5 Ibiza order any day now

    Going to be ordering our new Ibiza for the wife any day now. Would have loved the sport (well Cupra really!), but with the financial climate the way it is and the PCP being up soon we need to change. She's been happy with her current 1.4 MK4 and enjoyed the drive in the MK5, which despite...
  17. Would anyone order new ibiza without test driving it first

    Would anyone order the new ibiza without test driving it first?? (did i read somewhere that Seat would be taking orders from May for the new 5 door?) Just wondering when the date arrives that you can order the FR/Cupra how many of you will order it without driving it first?
  18. Why is it so hard to order a part!?

    Argh!!!!! I've been ringing around since 9am this morning trying to get hold of a new coil. VW Garage #1 (Closest) won't talk to me because its a Seat. VW Garage #2 have no record of the part number, either the OEM one off the top of the old coil, or the replacement part number I found...
  19. was just about to order a set of hid's and ballasts when I came across this.

    Found on Department of transport pages. Had heard this somwhere before, mate of a mate of a mate etc... Aftermarket HID (Xenon) headlamps Print Download PDF Fact sheet: Aftermarket HID headlamps December 2006 In the Department's view it is not legal to sell or use after market HID...
  20. GlanzaV

    Brake Bleeding Order:

    Morning Gents, Can I just confirm as with most cars it's: Rear nearside Rear Offside Front nearside Front Offside Also I've not got an Eezibleed. Was going to buy one but I was sure that so long as the brake pedal isn't fully depressed when bleeding there should be no problem rolling...
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