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  1. stezo2k

    Fitting a dual-din radio

    hi guys, i've pretty much decided on a dual din radio for my car, looks the nuts just got a few questions: 1. I've heard that fitting a dual din radio is hard in the mk4, apparently theres not quite enough room. do you have to chops bits of plastic off at the back or can you just remove...
  2. Radio Blues

    Please Help I have just bought my Seat Ibiza 1.4i Vibe 2000 on a W plate at first the radio and heaters came on when they felt like it now they don't come on at all I phone a local Seat dealership and he told me to take the car in and they would take the radio out and something else send them...
  3. RAdio Code input confusion

    Hi guys, I recently disconnected my battery and forgot that would trip the radio code. I strangely have a radio code and then another peice of card stapled above it with a different code on. Neither seem to work! I have understood the inputting correctly (Pressing buttons 1-4 multiple...
  4. how to put in radio code

    i know its a simple question but i don't have a manual pack for my car and i don't know the sequence for putting in the radio code. If anyone can look it up their manual and let me know it would be very helpful Cheer John
  5. can't enter last two digits of radio code

    Have had some probs with my radio. Have managed to get it saying 1000 again, but when I go to enter my code it will not let me enter the last two digits. I can press the right buttons to enter the code but nothing happens. Anyone got any ideas? Cheers
  6. leon cupra what radio?

    Hi all,had my cupra about a month but it has an aftermarket JVC radio that is really irritating not least cos it won't work with the cd changer (i hate faffing with disks). Which radio should be in it? Its a Y reg leon 20VT cupra. Then I can get searchin on the bay for one unless anyone has...
  7. Re MK4 Ibiza Alana Radio connections

    Can anyone tell me which ISO block goes where? My garage changed the starter motor and disconnected the battery which has lost the radio code. They then being helpful took the radio out and left it on the seat. I am taking the car to a SEAT dealer IMG warrington to get the code but it would be...
  8. Advice Needed - Radio LCD Problem

    Just bought a nice little Mk 3 Ibiza but the radio appears to do all the things listed in the forums and some....in other words it is past it's sell by date. What is the best option to replace it?? Halford tell me that there is not a replacement due to the LCD panel!:confused: The LCD panel...
  9. vee_dub_modder

    radio "2 SAFE"

    eeep... done some electrical work on the car so i've had the battery off, my mate "trying to help" has put the radio into safe mode. how do i get it out so i can enter my code??
  10. radio knackered?

    hi, i have been having problems with my radio recently and now it has died. a couple of months ago it started playing up. certain buttons wernt working and when you pressed one button it would do something else. ie changing to cd 3 put the radio on! Now it has just died. wont turn on at...
  11. Alpine iDA-X300 loss of radio and eq presets!

    Hi all, Just had my car back and found that the cd changer decided it didn't want to work so decided to get a new headunit. I went for the Alpine unit as you don't need to have a car full of discs as it works off USB and iPod only. Installed ok, but found that the EQ settings were...
  12. Radio Removal

    Could someone please point me in the direction of how to remove my standard radio in order to fit an Xcarlink. i have searched but the links came up with IE can not display this page :( Thanks
  13. Cupra R

    Can't get my radio back on

    Guy's can any of you help out on this annoying problem? Today, came to start the Ibiza (which has been stood for a while) and the battery was flat, got it jump started and after a bit of running around today, it seems to be starting ok again etc. However, the radio must of lost power and...
  14. Radio help

    Morning All Disconnected the Battery yeserday, and the radio asked for a code. I put the code fromt eh radio handbook in, but it didnt work? I treid switching it off and on, and then it just said "SAFE", so I turned the radio on, left it 1 hour, and it came up with 2000. I then put the code...
  15. Radio code problems

    hi guys, need your help. Disconnected the battery,and the radio asked for a code. I put the code from my handbook in, but nothing happens? When i put the correct code in and press the on off button it flashes safe, then a little number 1 came up on the bottom left. I repeated it again and then a...
  16. new radio

    Hi. Can anyone help with a problem i have had fitting a new radio to leon mk1. I have the harness,antenna kits etc. The problem is the preset channels are lost each time the ingnition is turned off. I presume there is a prob with permanent live but have no clue as to get over this. Can...
  17. cupraRgstar

    radio doesnt find any stations!

    as above my mates cupra doesnt find any stations?been told he neeed a new head unit but is this right or is there a cheaper fix?if so what is the part number
  18. Arosa radio wiring

    Can anyone please tell me where I can get a wiring diagram or pin-out for the Arosa (2001) radio power plug? I need to adapt it to a radio with standard ISO power socket config. Thanks in advance. johnmac
  19. altea phil

    Radio Fault ??

    Finally got 'round to reading the owners manual for the sound system, and I think I've got a fault. When I press the "AUDIO" button, the word "FADER" rarely appears on the display, so I am unable to alter the sound balance from front to rear. It did appear yesterday, when I was tinkering with...
  20. Radio turns itself on when parked..

    Help......Upon arriving home from work I noticed that the central console display was on and the radio was playing even though the car was locked up and had not been driven for a couple of days. So I unlocked the car with the plipper and turned the radio off by pushing in the volume control...
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