1. Smyg


    Hey, I'm going to order these OEM side blades from my SEAT dealer tomorrow morning. But it's mentioned that you need to buy two units of an "Adhesive kit" to mount the skirts. For this they want 50£ x 2 (100£ wtf). It seems to be a lot of money, since the skirts are already 410£ ...
  2. Finan

    Side Skirt Sizes?

    I've got a Mk3 Ibiza And wondering if they'll fit my mk2? are they the same sizes? i was gonna take one off and see but a lovely day just got spoiled by rain :(
  3. side skirt jacking covers

    hey all, bit of a random one but can anyone point me in the right direction of getting a set of jacking point covers for my white 16v cupra sport abf, cant find them on the net anywhere (unless I'm not looking hard enough), and not in any of my local breakers yards. don't have to be white as I...
  4. anybody seen my side skirt covers??

    ive lost 2 of my jacking point covers. :confused: they were painted kiwi yellow and are probably somewhere in doncaster or sheffield. 5 quid reward. :D its a bit of a long shot but the car looks wrong without them even tho i have spares i cant be bothered to paint them to match.
  5. Cupra R side skirt removal and refitting

    has anyone removed and refitted a Cupra R side Skirt - how do the plastic clips work do they break when they are romoved are new clips required for refitting? cheers chris
  6. dainott2105

    side skirt clips

    Hi all, anyone got the part numbers for the little clips that hold the side skirts on underneath the car. They are like a little black block that clamps to the rail and the skirt. Cheers
  7. phantombantam

    New design side skirt pics. (fitted)

    Here are a few pictures of my Leon FR TDI with new design side skirts fitted along with tailgate spoiler. (Supplied at reasonable price by David from SERE motors) What do you think?
  8. red line fun

    side skirt - jacking point cover

    passenger side one fell off yesterday, is there a cheap place to get these or as well asking my local dealer to order one up?
  9. Side Skirt Stud Locations

    Right ive tryed searching but not found what i wan't has anyone out there got the skirts off their car and able to measure the locations of the studs which hold the side skirts on. If you do please let me know. Cheers Mike
  10. Crackers

    Side skirt jacking point covers

    Hi all Can anyone tell me if its a common problem that the jacking point covers fall off. I had a tire replaced a couple of weeks ago, when i went back to my car everything was in place, so i drove home. When i got home i noticed the cover was missing. I rang the tire garage and they said...
  11. side skirt help

    i phoned my body repair shop today to see how hes getting on with my car, he said he would half me for side skirts if i was interested so i said i dont reely have money but went for a look anyways, i found these...
  12. Cal91

    Rear bumper skirt with exhaust hole.

    Hi, im new here, so hello! I have a Seat Ibiza 1.4 Sport (86) on an 06 plate. Is it possible to buy just the rear skirt for the rear bumper with the exhaust hole? Such as the one that is on the FR model? Its just I would like to see the exhaust and add a chrome exhaust tip, similar to the...
  13. skeeno

    side skirt fixing .

    hi could anybody tell me the best way to fix my side skirt to side of car its coming away from sill ? ;)
  14. Blade

    Side skirt bracket snapped

    Just to make those with side skirts aware of a problem i have come across with my K1 but it could affect any car fitted with skirts. It seems the rear bracket that holds the side skirt on located in the rear wheel arch can be a bit brittle. Mine has snapped clean in 2 between the 2 screws. I am...
  15. flegz16

    side skirt ideas

    thinkng about getting some side skirts. iv seen the SEAT ones, there alrite but a don't really want to get them, so if anyone has anyother ones that they know of then that would be much appreciated (not chavtastic as well :ban:) :)
  16. Side skirt replacement

    Hi Guys, I damaged my car a while ago now (pics below) and Seat have said £1600 to repair which I thought was a bit much.. If I got the aero kit skirts would they cover the main damaged section? The actuall metal is very slightly bent (high curb, long story) and the paint is broken along...
  17. RickyD1975

    Aero Side Skirt Jacking Point Cover

    Just wondering what you guys with the Aero Side Skirt have done to keep the Jacking Point Covers on securely? My O/S/F managed to fly off on Saturday morning. Luckly after an 8 mile journey back home I found it. One of the clips has snapped off, so I temporarely put gaffa tape at them...
  18. Donnyboy

    ** MK2 Leon - BTCC/Aero side skirt fitting guide **

    Tools needed. Star screwdriver ( the one in the boot tool kit is good ) Drill with small bit for pilot holes Torx set Sanding block Cloths The kit that comes with the side skirts Large bed/dust sheet Start by jacking the rear of the car and removing the rear wheel. I jacked on the spring seat...
  19. Side Skirt Fitment to early 6K models

    Will the side skirt for the facelifted 6K (00-02) fit early models (93-99)?
  20. Side skirt and FR bumper price

    How much do the side skirts cost painted? ...and how much more to be fitted? Also how much is the FR bumper painted and fitted (don't think I could fit that one myself lol). Cheers :)
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