1. Dougy

    Dump Valve Springs

    Hi guys well as I have boost issues i'm just looking at every angle I took my Forge 007P off tonight and put on my standard DV to make sure it wasn't leaking. First thing i noticed is my standard DV was doing the chatter which indicated I put it the wrong way round which is fine. Now when...
  2. M20FES

    lowering springs - 20mm ?

    Does anyone know if i can get 20mm springs, i dont want to go really low, but running 18" rims and just want to settle the height a little bit. Anyone know whats the smallest drop i can get or anyone know how much lower Cupra R springs are over standard FR ones ?
  3. springs

    Hi big thanks to dpm for sorting me some lowering springs went with the weitec 50/40 orderd monday and arrived today just waiting for the spacers and alls good :D Any reason why the springs are Yellow not green just wondering if they have sent kw springs in a weitec box as kw own weitec...
  4. 40mm Springs causing slopped wheels :\

    When i brought my seat arosa 1.0 s, the last owner cut the springs down to about 3 circles left in the spring and the tracking and toe angle ect was all perfect.. I recently brought and fitted some 40mm lowering springs to replace the junk ones he used.. the front wheels are on a slope, both...
  5. RS6

    What are your thoughts Eibach springs

    Seems very cheap? i had a set on my corsa seemed really good http://www.eibach-suspension.co.uk/p1333459.htm obviously don't want to go to low car catches on everything as it is :)
  6. fitting springs and shocks

    hi there, have just ordered some weitech springs and dampners for my LCR and was just wondering if anyone new of a decent guide on fitting them or could just tell me what tools i will need so as i can be sure ive got everything before i start! Any help would be much appreciated, thanks guys
  7. Nautilus

    OEM sport springs and Koni FSDs

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm seeking to improve further the ride quality on my 2005 LFR (Continental European version of a LC). As standard for the model, it has the factory sports suspension and some chassis mods unrelated to the spring/damper combo. What I dislike in the current...
  8. Nath_123ni

    Coilovers or springs?

    Hi, just wondering what is better springs or coilovers. I've a 1.2ref and was wondering whats best? Upload ur pics 2 plz thanks!
  9. Lowering LCR (which springs)

    Hi im looking to lower my LCR but just wanted to ask which springs would people recommend, and is it just a case of taking off the stock springs and replacing with shorter ones, without changing anything else ??
  10. Eibach Pro Dampers and Springs fitted :)

    My pd130 has done 103k now and the suspension was feeling tired to say the least, and as I've decided to keep it I thought I'd better sort the suspension. Had a bit of a mission fitting the fronts along with new wishbones, drop links & top mounts yesterday; I didnt manage to start it until...
  11. truss

    KW Springs

    Noticed on another website that KW do lowering springs. Do you stock them or get hold of them?
  12. 60mm lowering springs

    Only after buying a standard TDi leon last week and Im planning on making a few adjustments. I put on a set of 18" RS6 alloys which look the part but the gap in the wheel arch is brutal!! Need to lower the car but i am having trouble finding lowering springs which give a drop of at least 60mm...
  13. Suspension Springs Help Needed

    I recently brought a Seat Arosa 1.0 Sport, the previous owner cut the front springs in half and removed the rear springs to lower the car cheaply (Idiot!). Because of him totally removing the rear springs i need to find out what bump stops and bushes i need and where they are fitted on the...
  14. Seat lowering Springs

    Hello.. I notice on the seat website you can now get lowering springs for the ibiza. And mine looks like a 4x4 how high it is. So i was thinking of getting these when i get a bit money. I asked my dad to price it up for me. and the garage i bought the car from said to him 132 quid for the...
  15. lowering springs for 1.8t sport

    hi guys would mk1 cupra diesel lowering springs be mk on a petrol version
  16. polo lowering springs for ibiza?

    Hi all, Just been on ebay and there is a cheap set of aftermarket lowering springs for a 2001 VW Polo and was wondering if anyone knows, would they fit my mk2 ibiza cupra sport 16v? cheers guys.
  17. springs. ?

    what the lowest springs you do for a mk1 leon fr 1.8 20v t runnen on standard shocks ?
  18. Lowering Springs

    Right folks who can find me 40mm lowering springs? Ive searched and looked on loads of sites but no luck. Its for a 2001 ibiza cupra..Many thanks Aid :)
  19. kyle'87

    50mm Lowering springs, do they exist?

    Im wanting to lower my cupra but feel 40mm isn't going to be enough! If not then 40mm it will have to be :( Coilovers will be bought for the summer before anyone mentions getting them instead :D
  20. DaNnY_LaD

    -40mm Eibach LCR springs

    Hi Guys.. Could you U2u me a Price posted for a Set of Lowering springs on a Leon Cupra R? Id Be looking for a nice OEM Ride Feel but to close the gap abit more between the archs & Wheels So around -30mm to -40mm... My OEM Dampers are in Fine Condition so thats all good.. Thanks Lads..
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