1. Lowering Springs

    Hi guys, depending on how cash flows lol, i would like to lower my car on springs about 40mm drop. What are the best ones for comfort and quality on a budget of about £150? Don't want anything that is going to cause the interior to creak any more than it already does lol!
  2. SPRINGS - WHO and WHAT size?

    Recently got a LC and want to put some lower springs on, any recommendations on size and makes? i dont really want to have to change dampers etc so whats the lowest i can go without ruining the ride quality and other parts. I've had coilys on other cars but not too fussed about shlamming this...
  3. Springs and Shocks

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone knows wether Cupra springs and shocks would fit on a 1.6 sx ?? Thanks in advance, Paul.
  4. barnsley

    lowering springs

    Hi what the best price you can do on a set of lowering springs for a 2010 vw polo 6R 1.6tdi dont want to go too low only 20-30 mm
  5. fourtwofive

    ibiza cupra coilovers or springs

    hi im looking at getting a set of coilovers or shocks and springs. im looking for firmer ride but not too firm. i used to have vmax shocks and springs and they used to sound so crap. also looking for a 40mm drop not massive. i have 400 to spend...
  6. Coil Springs - Spanner needed.....

    Hi All I bought a Seat Leon FR last year and the car came with coil springs already fitted on the car. Anyway the car is ridiculously low and I've decided that I want to raise at least 3-4 inches. I ve been told that you can adjust the coils manually with a spanner but I didn't get one with the...
  7. James_LCR

    LCR Springs

    Damian, Am I right in thinking that the H&R 20/20mm LCR springs and lower than the Weitec 50/40mm springs that can also fit the LCR? I will hopefully being ordering a set next week and would prefer the lower of the two...I know the pros and cons over just springs but is there much in it...
  8. Leon Cupra Coil Springs!

    Hi! Could anyone please tell me if a set of front cupra R springs will fit my standard Leon cupra??? As I have a broken one on the drivers side of my car so am seeking a cheap replacement pair and have come across a cheap set of OE cupra R ones but am unsure of fitment! Thanks!
  9. lcrboy

    which lowering springs are best for k1

    looking to lowering my k1, and wondering which make of springs are best..........
  10. Lowering Springs and shocks

    HI guys I'm still looking into new suspension for my car, but I've decided to don't go with the cheap Hottuning coilovers and so I'm looking for aftermarket quality springs and some aftermarket quality shocks studied for lowered springs. About springs, I need something to resolve my huge...
  11. Leon Mike

    New Springs Required....

    Just failed the MOT on the old broken rear springs, common apparently. Our Leon has done 173k now so that's a fair whack on what I presume to be the original springs. Was going to order some o.e springs today @~£56+vat each (rear) Having looked at a few websites I see you can get koni etc for...
  12. tooly1

    euro rims 15' or 16' and lowering springs and shocks

    :p euro wheels for my mk4 ibiza looking to spend up to 250 ish second hand if poss i dont really know where to look and springs and shocks lowered to either 40 or 45 mm need abit of advice as i still want a level stance if you know what i mean! prices etc would consider decent second hand ...
  13. height difference between lc + lcr springs and shocks??

    Hello, just wondering if anyone knows if theres a difference in ride height if you fit lcr suspension to lc. Had a quick search but couldn't find anything about height, cheers
  14. ibiza fr tdi 5 door with eibach springs?

    anyone got a picture or two of a fr tdi ibiza 5 door on eibach springs? i've tried the search but got no where! :(
  15. Nath.

    Tailgate gas springs

    On my Leon the tailgate doesn't seem to fully lift on it's own, I have to assist it to go fully open. If I lift it about half way it just stays there. I keep banging my head on it when it's not fully up. Anyone else have the same problem? I'm thinking of asking for new ones under...
  16. supersport 50mm springs

    about to purchase a set of 50mm spings from supersport! any1 had a problems or mods u might need when fitting??
  17. 35mm springs fitted yesterday??

    Iv just had 35mm springs fitted front and rear yesterday. but doesnt seem 2 be low enough..any ideas on making it lower??
  18. truss

    Supersport Springs

    Hi Damian this may be a completely rediculous question, but thought it may be worth an ask. Im going to order some 35mm springs, but what i would like to know is whether supersport can do a 35mm drop on the front but use a 50mm drop on the rear to even it up a bit? they don't do this kit but...
  19. rear springs upside down!?!?

    ive recently put my weitech spring and dampner kit on my LCR and rang dpm(my suplier) to confirm which way up i should put my backk springs....they said the serial number goes the right way up which makes sence, so this meant the tighter coils go to the bottom......have had no problems since...
  20. -40mm golf springs on an LC?

    hello just a quickie today will it lower the the LC if i fit 40mm golf/bora springs? think lc's are lower than non cupra so figured they may already be 40mm lower cheers
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