1. Lowering on springs

    I just want to put my leon 1.6 down 40mm on springs, without replacing the standard shock absorbers. Is this safe to do? it wont damage my car or shock absorbers in anyway will it?
  2. Springs

    Just had a look at EKTA parts for rear springs. There appear to be about 16 zillion different springs for rear altea suspension (about 10 times more for Golf!) What is the difference between them? Surely some must be the same, you don't need that many different spring rates for the Altea?
  3. Crackers

    Shocks & Springs or coilovers

    Apart from been adjustable, whats the benifits of coilover suspension? I want to lower my Leon but cant really aford the coilovers but still want to know out of interest. Also anyone recomend the pest Shocks& spring kit to get. Got 19"s on and want to lose that horid gap between wheel and...
  4. bmb779

    eibach springs

    Is there a vast difference between Proline and Sportsline springs, is the drop difference very noticeable?
  5. mk 3 1.4 chill rear springs

    Hi all, any know the routine for changing a rear spring DIY on a mk3 1.4? as I would prefer not to use the man in the stripey jersey and mask at my local Garage. Cheers. lffrobbo.
  6. shocks and springs ? or just springs and other bits ?

    Hi there.. Am looking to handle up my mk1 fr. Now do i go for a complete suspension kit.. ? or do i do decent springs ,underside arb , and powerflexx bushes ? .. There both about same cost wise obviously a little extra work.. But what do i do ?? i can do the springs and shocks at a later date...
  7. FAST AL

    Springs not Coilovers.

    Where can I get some good but reasonably cheap springs to improve the ride?Need some good value as I already have the great car but do not have lots of spare cash at the moment. By the way well done to swiftcover.com with the way they dealt with our claim and the cheapness of the cover.
  8. Anone added just springs to an FR?

    Has anyone here added just springs to the FR instead of both new dampers and springs. Does it help much with ride quality? It has been suggested on here that the springs are the biggest factor in improving ride quality and that the dampers on the FR are sufficiently good already.
  9. Facelift FR on Lowering springs...

    Hi Guys, Looking at getting my mum a set of lowering springs for Christmas (lol) for her 2007 Ibiza FR 130. Has anybody got any pictures of how well these sit on just lowering springs? If so, please post them :) and if you could let me know which springs you have that would be ace...
  10. Leon Cupra Lowering Springs

    Any one got any idea how much the cupra lowering springs lower the car?
  11. new springs but bad tyre wear

    My ibiza fr has been lower 40mm but only on springs, but the inner edge on the tyres are really worn, what shall I do??? 4 wheel alignment or what???
  12. R 20vt J


    Looking at these springs for my k1! Has anyone purchased them from there? I have read that this is the best kit for the mk2 leon, Is that true or should i be looking at different springs?
  13. Buying new car. Springs?

    Not being funny but how do I know what springs I will have on my car? I am picking up an 07 later in the week and remember the 18s looking really nice. That led me to wonder if it had already had some modification made to the original suspension. Is there any obvious way for me to tell? Thanks.
  14. How hard is it to fit springs?

    I have a MK1 leon 1.6 16v looking at lowering it slightly. Is it hard to change the springs? Took a wheel off today and had a look. Didnt look to bad to take the unit out. I know i will have to take it to get aligned when ive done it tho.
  15. CupraString

    Springs & Shocks

    Springs & Shocks KW 40mm Lowering Springs & Shocks Suspension Kit - Leon 1M Cupra 1.8T, Cupra R 1.8T, 1.9SDi, 1.9TDi, Cupra 1.9TDi, FR 1.9TDi 01/99> Sorry to start another thread but im back on the idea of springs and shocks rather than coilovers as I prefer a more comfortable ride. With...
  16. Advice on Springs please......

    My new Leon FR 170 tdi in Candy white is arriving on Thursday and I am looking to lower her. Can you guys give me some suggestions as to what springs I could fit? I also want to change the alloys so looking for suggestions on this too (sticking to 18" so I can use existing tyres).....for now...
  17. andy_tratter

    Cupra's with lowering springs and dampers

    Hi all, obviously want to lower my cupra, but dont want to waste my money on coilies and not go as low as they allow. So.. can people with lowering dampers and springs post a pic or 2 of what their cars look like with them and also say what kit they've got and how low they are. If i want to...
  18. SteveTDCi

    Fitting Lowering Springs

    Has anyone on here fitted a set themselves on a Cupra ? just interested on how easy it is.
  19. Faisal

    Coilovers or shocks+springs?

    I have been doing a lot of searching and found coilovers to be what i want to go for,however i had a good read over warrens coilover sticky in this section, very interesting stuff. it brings me to question myself whether il benefit more from coilovers or shocks and springs. im not bothered...
  20. Cupraken

    Has anyone shortened standard Cupra springs?

    Just a thought, is it possible to shorten the standard springs or are they taper-ended or reduced diameter on both ends of the spring? If not poss, I'll spring :lol: for a set of Eibach Sportlines.............
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