1. Water Pump Not Working

    Noticed other day that when I turned the engine off, the water pump was working away like usual. It was changed dure the cambelt change....... Could it be an issue related to the sensors that I apparently need to change
  2. Water in the intercooler pipes?

    Hi, Recently I have noticed a small oil leak coming from the small hole in the EGR valve. Also noticed that the leak where the boost pipe (driver side) connects to the intercooler is much bigger i.e. not a dump oil patch but a proper leak (I mean not dripping out constantly but over a week...
  3. water in boot

    i think(know i no) my washer pipe has come off as the lights are not working on the passenger side,opened the light cover and its soaked,question is how do i remove the inside interior from the boot lid,i have removed 2 screws from the handles u use to close the boot ,but i cant see anything...
  4. Jerry*

    Cambelt Kit & Water Pump - LCR - How Much?

    Just been quoted £450 for replacement and fitting of the water pump and cambelt on my LCR by my local JCT600 Seat dealership. If I want a oil & filter change too they want £100 on top! :wtf: Just checked on e-bay and it seems that cambelt kits are £120ish and water pumps anything from...
  5. J0N

    Water Temp upto 120 degrees then back to 90??

    Had a quick search but thought I'd ask for fresh advice. Had a spirited run down the by-pass earlier and my water temp shot up to 120 degrees, the warning light lit up and the alarm sounded. Eased off and the temp went straight back to 90 degrees. Drove through town stopping at traffic lights...
  6. 8v loosing water rapidly

    ive had it for 3 weeks now and ive had to top the coolant up 3 times in the past 2 weeks. i cant see any signs of a leak anywhere, the rdiator is nice and clean (nothing to suggest a leak eg rust) all the pipes are fine. theres no visible leaks from coreplugs (the ones i can see without taking...
  7. G2232

    can you tell if water pump has been changed

    Is it possible to tell if the water pump has been change just from appearence? My golf (86k miles) appears to have had a can belt change but no record of whater pump change so was wondering if you could tell from appearence once its fitted cos 1 i dont want it going but 2 i cant afford...
  8. sambryant

    water leak :(

    hi all. i noticed yesterday that i have a leak. its in the rear passanger footwell. now i have checked the door seals and they are fine, the leak seem to be in the very corner next to the back side of the hand brake.there is no water near any doors. i personallly think its coming from under the...
  9. GlanzaV

    Possible Water Pump Failure (Advice for Driving short term)

    Hi, Our 2002 Leon CupraR (35000mi) has just hit 120deg on the way home from the shops (as I overtook a car) I let off and cruised into our village which was 1/2mi or so away and as I pulled into the house the water temp had returned to 90deg. I'm pretty sure it needs the waterpump changed...
  10. Water in passenger footwell and rear footwell

    Hi guys, i have a slight problem, after the snow i have been having a problem with water getting in my passenger footwell and the footwell in the passenger seat behind it. I have checked the seals and sunroof but these dont seem to be the problem. Im not sure whether i bottomed it out on the...
  11. Upholstery Cleaning - Water Marks on Seats?

    God only knows how this has happened, but I appear to have what I can only believe to be water staining on my drivers seat :(. Doesn't smell of anything else (thank god!) so I figure I might have left the window open a touch by accident, or some snow melted on it, or something. anyway...
  12. Water pump interval

    Hi! I got a Toledo 1.8 20v Petrol with 123k miles on board. I've replaced t. belt 10 k miles ago ;) but din't know that I should also change whater pump. how critical is that? how ofteh w.p should be changed.
  13. for guys interested in water methanol

    this is copied from a post by [email protected] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Water Methanol injection is a fantastic Product with many different uses. here are a few links where there isn't any arguing to sift through...
  14. gb

    vag radaitor water

    what is the water rated at for freezing at :confused: just out of interest:D
  15. _chris_

    help with removing water injection

    Need a bit of help for my mate, he has just brought a ibiza cupra with revo stage 2 and it has got some sort of water injection on it. he wants to remove it because we dont know if it been set up correctly, i believe the timing has bee advanced just over 5 degrees, what is the best/easiest...
  16. schnipps

    50k service with cam belt and water pump

    Been quoted 500 inc vat for the above from main dealer, ringing around loads of independents the prices vary quite a bit which worries me as i don't think they know what they are doing, i know its 60k for the cam belt but im past 4 years so want it out of the way. Arnold Clark want 210 for...
  17. GTV

    Water bottle help

    Hi there, I have got a problem with the Vario, seems to be lossing water and it looks like it might be the header tank, any body got an idea of the the part number and what I should be looking to pay for a new one from the stealers? many thanks.
  18. Al_G

    I Love Water Leaks!!!

    NOT!!! I seemed to have developed a nasty one above my accelerator pedal! Checked under the scuttle panel and everything looks solid and free of leaves, dirt etc. One think I did notice is that the seal around the loom housing felt a bit wet. Is this a common place for a leak? Oddly...
  19. /dev/null

    Water temp warning light

    A few times recently when it has been a little cold I have started the car and the red warning light below the water temperature gauge has flashed red and a siren like noise gone off! When I turn off the engine and restart, everything is fine. I asked the dealers who said this can happen in...
  20. Craigbarnley

    water in spare wheel well

    Hey peeps i have had a lot of water in my spare wheel well. i have checked the usual stuff rear washer lines etc but still no avail. any adeas the boot carpet isnt wet either its just all in the well.
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