1. doors filling with water

    hi, This is prob a common problem but my mk1 leon is filling with water at the rear footwells. I have found the door cards are full of water after a downpour, which i felt then led to the footwells, so I unblocked the drain holes on the doors to no success. then, in my opinion, i did the...
  2. Shaunyboy

    Part filled and left engine with just water - damage?

    i started to fill the fluids day before yestoday and put a milk bottle full of water in which is 2.27 litres, never got round to topping the rest up and forgot till tonight, any chances of damage or will it be ok? Ive just poured 1.5 litres of G12 in and squeezed the bottom hose and it was kinda...
  3. LCR 52 Reg Top Mounts and Electric Water Pumps Needs to be Changed

    Dear All, Well I took my car to Seat Camberly for the 7th year Service even though my car has only done 42K. Well they said that both two front mounts need to be changed. They discounted the price for parts and labour to £174 but they were unsure if the top mounts include the bearing for...
  4. Faulty secondary water pump

    All is good fuse wise but the original 9 year pump is cutting out and not always working. How important is this pump during driving? . I know it's purpose after stalling the engine . But my mechanic reckons it's important while driving too. What to do? Repair? Replace? Any truth in it's...
  5. Water leak in boot - NOT the usual rear washer problem

    Hi, Has anyone else had the following water leak. Have searched but can't find reference to it (amongst the hundreds of references to the rear washer line leak). I've got water collecting in the offside rear of the boot. Have taken the trim off and it's collecting in a cavity below the...
  6. Red light flash from water temp gauge. Cold weather.

    Hi Last year I had a map from a danish mapper, back then I could experience "Red light flash from water temp gauge" when I had below 0 celcius. Back then I blaimed the map for being ****. Now I have revo, and I had this problem this morning. What is this about, some cold/icy water warning...
  7. LEE69

    Water pump as just gone (now with picture of pump)

    What a git! :roflmao:
  8. water in footwells

    Hi everyone, just joined due to purchase of seat leon that now resembles a swimming pool in rear footwells and front driver side. Have seen on the site that there are numerous places where they leak. I have sealed the rear doors with silicon as per the guide on this site, but problem no better...
  9. water inside cabin

    gettin wet carpets because water collects at the bottom door seal and leaks in rather than drins away!!! any idea why??
  10. water leak driver's side - game on

    Hi Guys, Right so I've stripped out the wipers amd scuttle plate aned cleaned as much as I can in the area where water drains from under the scuttle panel in to the wing. Flushed area with water and had no leak over bonnet pull in car but a new leak at rear of pedals - not too worried about...
  11. 1.9...stefan

    gearbox problem... started after going through water

    as title, my cars suddenly developed a gearbox problem... it started after the heavy rain we had last week, our road was closed and we had to go via a basic gravel track, this was covered in muddy puddles, some very deep, lost the splitter in one of them... anyway, after getting back on to the...
  12. help!! ah the dreaded water pool

    leon cupra tdi 150+ right yes i know this is a popular topic but mines alittle different, iv got a pool forming in the front pass foot well and checked the doors dry as they can be with no tell tell signs there is drips coming on to the carpet on the front right section of the foot...
  13. leaking water into the rear footwells

    My Leon is leaking water into the rear footwells (yes,both sides!), when left parked up for any lenghty period of time when raining:cry::cry: I have looked everywhere but cant find where the torrent is coming from. As far as I can make out, it must be coming in from somewhere at the rear of the...
  14. DOLBY

    cambelt,water pump and major service quote for LCR...

    ok just had a quote for my cambelt, water pump, tensioner etc and a major service with upgraded spark plugs for £517.23 including labour...:D im going with the guys at totalVAG cos they are cool blokes that know what they are doing, i was thinking it would be in the 6s or 7s but it...
  15. Water leak

    Hi guys, i own a Leon Cupra R on a '53 plate, recently been getting loads of water appearing in the rear footwells, both nearside & offside, its doing my head in! Has anyone experienced the same issue, if so, how did you resolve it? Many thanks, Jon
  16. uzi_cupra

    Water Methanol

    Anyone installed a water methanol kit to their cars? i'm thinking of buying the water methanol kit for my cupra tdi, they say gains of 70BHP but thats bull:censored: prob be around 20-25BHP max. any ideas, is it worth the upgrade even with FMIC? cheers guys
  17. cupra_ad

    Water damage

    Yesterday I went through a flood about 1 foot deep because there was no other way to get from where I was visiting. Got through the flood perfectly fine but then about 15 yards down the road the engine just died. Managed to get her started again after about 30 mins and a lot of smoke was...
  18. water injection

    hi, anybody got water/meth injection fitted? if soo which 1 do i go for? iv been on the internet lookin at at them and they dont giv a seat option? the closest is vw or audi, which 1?
  19. water leaking

    hi people. not been on the forum long. water is gettin in my car wen its rainin, iv checked all my drain holds and they are clear:confused: dont no wer else to check, can anybody help? ash
  20. huge water problem! HELP!

    my 04 ibiza mk4 has a puddle of water in the rear passenger footwell, what could be the cause? is it common? i have already checked the bungs in the chassis and there is no problems there.
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