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  1. weitec and standard suspension help

    Hey all, Brought some weitec suspension second hand, and i had seat sport suspension on my car, the front was ok, but on the rear the 3 nuts what hold the top mounts on have got a different thread. Just wondering, with new weitec kits do they come with the nuts? Or do nuts of standard...
  2. weitec coilovers

    hey folks looking to buy new coilovers can anyone tell me where the cheapest place is to buy weitec coilovers? are these good ones to go for or can someone suggest a better set? i have done a search and these seem to get a good ratting cheers folks
  3. Arnoldo

    Weitec Coilovers arrived - Need fitting advise :)

    Ok my coilovers have arrived and im looking to get them fitted on tuesday. Few questions. 1. - Is the coil on the left def for the front? 2. - Do I remove these clips shown in pic 2 as mentioned in this: http://www.seatcupra.net/forums/showthread.php?t=217668&highlight=weitec+ibiza 3. - Is...
  4. zach225

    Weitec review

    Hey all, had my coilovers fitted earlier so thought I would give my thoughts on them, firstly I would like to thank damien at dpm for hooking me up with an awesome price, secondly to performance 3000 in Yeovil. A very good service and £125 for fitting and all four wheel tracking and alignment...
  5. Fox god

    Weitec question

    Hi, i'm a bit stuck. A couple of months ago i wanted to lower my car but money was tight so i bought a set of Weitec 50/40mm F series springs from DPM performance. They gave the perfect drop and handle great on smooth roads. Unfortunately the roads around here are terrible and i cant take...
  6. tequilan

    weitec spring and shock set - big thumbs up

    got this fitted yesterday to my ibiza fr tdi and wow what an amazing piece of kit for just over £300 quid! i'd read many times damien blabbing on about how good this kit was and didnt want to follow the coilover crowd and im kinda glad i didnt now, im so surprised by the quality of the ride...
  7. BoomhaueR

    FK Silverline X Coilovers vs Weitec Hicon GT

    Would these fit my Leon cupra R? http://www.venommotorsport.com/product_details.php?id=11215&manufacturer=FK&category=Suspension How do they compare to the weitec Hicon GT kit? Thanks :)
  8. weitec coilovers

    hi, do you think you will have the weitecs on special offer any time soon
  9. JamJay

    Weitec Owners, Your Reviews Please!

    Hi all. Up until 2wks ago I was dead set on buying a fixed suspension package from KW but knowing me, i'll hate the way the car looks in 6mths and want to lower it more so I have been looking at coilovers now. I refuse to pay £700 for KW V1's when the same thing exists from Weitec which are the...
  10. tequilan

    possible problem with weitec hock + spring set.....

    hi guys, the above kit i bought off u recently and got delivered yesterday, ive noticed has a split part from thre factory, im not convinced its an imperative part as its only made of very thin plastic, but can u pls confirm as to wether its ok to be fitted to the car like this, or needs sorting...
  11. Weitec coilover problems

    Hi i been having some problems with my coilovers firstly the front shock are making cluncking noises when im on full lock and i want to go lower but when i turn them down the spring becomes loose if anyone know what it could be could you let me know cheers :)
  12. Weitec Hicon GT Coilover

    Is there anyone running these on there car?? Thinking of getting a set of these wanting to know what the ride is like as at mo just running lowerig spring an standard shock an its abit harsh. All info welcomed cheers craig
  13. Weitec coilovers

    Hi mates Hope all is well.. So I've been browsing around and came across some coilovers at a price that is very very good.. Weitec coilovers, anyone heard of them and/or have them on their car? Are they good? Reliable? Nice ride? My main concern is the very very bumpy ride, don't want...

    Weitec uk customer service sucks

    I purchased Weitec Hicon TX coilovers for my Seat just over 2 years ago, in July 2007at a cost of £605. Two months ago the front shocks started to leak all over my rims, crackle and the front of the car was bouncing all over the place. I had this diagnosed by AMD and ELITE Autos who...
  15. Scott-o

    17" Wheels and how many threads left on Weitec coilies?

    Hi there, did some searching but couldnt find any pictures. Basically ill be fitting my weitec coilovers soon and wanna get the threads taped up as much as possible before i fit them to combat corrosion. Was just wondering if anyone knew how many threads from the bottom their spring...
  16. CupraString

    Weitec Hicon GT Coilover Suspension Kit - Leon 1M 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, Cupra 1.8T, Cupra R

    Weitec Hicon GT Coilover Suspension Kit - Leon 1M 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, Cupra 1.8T, Cupra R 1.8T, 19SDi, 1.9TDi, Cupra 1.9TDi, FR 1.9TDi 09/99> Just wondered if you could clear something up for me,how do you adjust the ride height? Is it from the top of the struts, do you have to take wheel off or...
  17. rico

    lcr on weitec hicon gt coilovers

    Howdy, I am going to buy a set of the above mentioned coilovers i am just wondering about droplinks. Do you sell suitable ones or do you recommend a particular set? Many Thanks Rico
  18. james walker

    koni str.t or weitec ultra gt, opinons please

    hi guys... narrowed suspension choice to 2.. gone for fixed rate damping, also fixed ride height, not sure coilovers will suit my needs and probably wont be able to adjust them to full capabilities. so whats peoples opinions on the koni str.t and weitec ultra gt. the koni is -35mm weitec...
  19. weitec coilovers

    hi all i got my weitec coilovers this morning and just wondering do the back have mounts or not thanks joe
  20. Damian @ DPM

    Price Reductions On KW V1 & Weitec GT Coilovers!

    We now have the following reductions on KW Varinat 1 and Weitec Hicon GT coilover kits... Ibiza 6K KW V1 - Usually £754.85, Now £657.12 https://www.dpmperformance.co.uk/kw-variant-1-coilover-suspension-kit-ibiza-6k-10-14-16-cupra-18t-19sdi-19tdi-0899-p-1326.html Weitec GT - Usually...
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