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  1. Wiper arms not working correctly

    On my Seat Leon 2010. Passenger side linkage was broken during spring change. Replaced linkage connected to old motor, this worked but the wiper arm was banging against the pillar Swapped in the new motor (in case something wrong with old one). Then passenger side wiper wouldn't move, just a...
  2. HighFlyingBird

    What brand wipers do you use?

    Bit of an odd topic for you all but given the recent downpours we've had I thought it'd make for a decent topic of discussion. Currently I've got Valeo Silencios fitted to my car, I fit them around January and was generally quite pleased with them, they make very little noise and haven't left...
  3. Windscreen Washer Fuse

    Got an IBIZA FR but my wipers water sprayer stopped working, there is no sound when try to activate it and screen wash level doesn’t budge. My wipers also still work so I’m not sure if it’s the motor that’s done in or if it’s a fuse? Does anyone have the fuse location?
  4. paul6316

    No Climate control, Indicators or wipers on LCR

    Just popped up the shops and realised that neither the indictors nor the wipers were working. The hazards are fine. I have checked both fuses and they are also fine. Any ideas?
  5. help please !!! mad wipers

    my wipers back and front wont go off even in the off position if i take one of the relays out from under the dash then the front only work in fast speed setting but the back just keep going she is due a mot very soon so if i dont get her sorted then she will fail and i love my cupra so so much...
  6. Front wipers

    Hi everyone I've been looking into upgrading front wipers on my FR, problem is i've looked at so many i now dont know what to go for! Any help would be appreciated
  7. Baldwin

    Windscreen wipers

    Anyone know the cheapest place to get windsreen wipers for a 05 cupra r? Halfrauds want sumit like £65!!!!!!! cheers!
  8. temp and radio and wipers!

    hi i have a ibiza 2000 s and the coolant temp wont move from the 60 mark when im moving and then after i pull up and go to nutrel tjhe temp gets to 90 then when the heater is put on the temp on the dash goes down to 60 again??? also the radio goes on when it likes and i go to push the...
  9. Are these the correct aero replacement wipers and arms?

    Hi guys, sorry to start yet another thread about mk4 golf aero wipers! But can someone please confirm that these are the right ones to get (without having to trim anything) for my 2005 LCR? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220551031535 Cheers!
  10. Jon TDI

    Front wipers stopped working!

    They've suddenly stopped working!:censored: Checked the fuses (hard to tell which one from the handbook), all seem to be intact. Rear wiper works, & the washers work, just no wipers. What the hell is wrong?
  11. Window Wipers!

    Hi guys i want to buy some aero blades for my mk3 ibiza cupra but not sure what size they need to be? Can anyone help? :)
  12. Intermittent front wipers don't work anymore

    Hi everyone, just joined the forum but I've had my 2003 reg Ibiza 1.9 TD1 130 for a few years now, great little car but the intermittent wiper function is a problem! Back in August 2008 the intermittent wiper function stopped working, but all of the other front & back wiper functions worked...
  13. McCann87

    Front Aero Wipers Smearing

    Just bought some new aero wipers and fitted them yesterday but im still getting smears accros the screen off them!! I've tried washing my screen with hot water and soap to get any grease that may be on there off, but still continues to happen! Any idea's
  14. Window wipers

    Back and front wipers keep coming on by themselves and will only go off if I pull the wiper stalk forward. Im guessing that there must be a relay or something like that which is knackered but where is it? Also temp gauge doesnt move until car heats rite up then goes down while driving so im...
  15. aero wipers

    Hi, Are the aero wipers available to fit the 2002 ibiza?
  16. halftone

    Front wipers stopped working ?

    Last night, had them on after clearing the ice, drove 5 minutes down the road, and they wouldn't do anything. I originally thought it was the stalk, as the washer jets didnt spray either, but the back wiper works. Shamefully, this is the first time I have ever needed to try changing a...
  17. Front wipers not working, not fuse

    I set out today & cleared my windscreen of the rain with the wipers twice, then as I got further a car was spraying the road muck on my car and I need to clean the windscreen so I pulled to spray and wipe but nothing happened I've read it's common when the spray is frozen that the fuse blows...
  18. Alhambra ... no wipers

    Hello ... newbie here Im after some help .. I have a 2003 130 tdi Alhambra. I changed the headlamp bulbs last week and following this 2 things happened. First the side light bulb and indicator failed on the drivers side ( I think I may have knocked a wire loose but due to the snow I cant get...
  19. monkeynuts

    windscreen wipers annoying me

    cummon guy's do all your windscreen wiper blades make a bloody annoying noise when you use them [:@]coz they are driving me :blink:.......................steve
  20. are there any advantages to aero wipers???

    as the title states is there any real difference with having aero wipers??? also, there are loads on ebay, how do you know whats decent!
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