1. shaunymac

    Shauny Mac's LCR (new pics added 20/1/11)

    Well I am on to my 4th Leon now 2 mk1's and 2 mk2's the LCR is my favourite though. Not really any mods so far apart from 007p, N249 Bypass, Silicone TIP, Air filter and Eibach pro springs. Here is the day I bought it. And after a recent wash Plans are to get all the...
  2. revere

    Shuddering Engine????????? HELP PLS (photo's added)

    Hi Guys, Took my car out today to b'n'q parked up and then came out after doing some shopping, half way out the car park my engine light comes on on the dash and my car feels like it is shuddering when I accelerate and also when at a stand still. Lack of power as well. Am quite worried about...
  3. 306Chris

    Front Bumper Vinyl (Finished Pics Now Added)

    After posting pics in the readers rides section someone suggested to vinyl the front bumper! A quick photoshop gives this: Before After: What d'ya think? Also is this the stuff to use...
  4. MrSpazzaneve's Ibiza mk4 Cupra TDI- pics added

    Model: Seat Ibiza Cupra TDI 04/2006 (i hope that the traduction is right :rolleyes: ) most recent modify Exterior: - white bright light by Eurolite - white beam by Eurolite - 6 led position lights by Simoni racing - smoked sidelight lamp - 75% black tinted back glass by Doctor glass -...
  5. Reuvers

    VW '92 Jetta G60 Eaton Kompressor (New rims!)

    Alright then, I sold the Cordoba Cupra a few weeks back leaving me with the Golf 1 daily. However I was missing the power of the Cupra so needed to find a replacement. I had set my mind on a Jetta because of space reasons, and wanted it with a G60. After quite a bit of searching I...
  6. Gravesie-363

    Gravesie LCR Progress Thread - Back on the road ! :) 29/12/2012

    Story goes, picked her up tuesday just gone . . . 55 Plate 42,000 miles FSH Tested till November Blah Blah Blah . . . Bought it from SG Petch in Darlington for a price i couldnt refuse! Im a mechanic so i had a look around it on Wednesday after work and found a couple of goodies on...
  7. NickyJam

    2.0CRD engine to be added to Ibiza FR lineup!

    I have had a SEAT representative inform me that SEAT will be introducing a 2.0 Common Rail Diesel option to the mk5 Ibiza FR lineup early next year (around March 2010)! This engine will produce 140hp (rough figure) as opposed to the current 130PD (estimated at roughly 130hp) Also to add, i...
  8. Cupraken

    Twintercooler fitted!! Now with added ITG intake!!

    Just bought Rob GTI's Twintercooler as he's defected to the other side and it wouldn't fit his Edition 30 Golf. Downloaded fitting instructions from Forge website, thought "that doesn't look too hard" .............3 1/2 hours later................ 30 screws to get the bumper and undertray off...
  9. Anone added just springs to an FR?

    Has anyone here added just springs to the FR instead of both new dampers and springs. Does it help much with ride quality? It has been suggested on here that the springs are the biggest factor in improving ride quality and that the dampers on the FR are sufficiently good already.
  10. stevegti6

    new wheels again pics added

    after all the grief i got for the last set of wheels i bought decided to get some bbs cv's will post up pics when they arive
  11. got new fmic kit (pics now added)

    hi guys i have new front mount now. before i had uni one and now i got a-m motorsports kit with all hard pipe work loving the look .and a great bit of kit havnt blown a pipe yet lol as them uni ones i used to blow pipes off at 140 ect not good as id be in a latby all the time. im very happy with...
  12. flegz16

    Flegz's mk4 tdi cupra

    Hello all, iv been on the forum for quite a while now so thought i would post a reader ride thread. So, i got my cupra just over 6 weeks ago and im more than happy with the car. this is now my 3rd car since i passed my test just under 4 years ago, and not surprisingly its my 3rd seat ibiza. i...
  13. Shaunyboy


    Are the liners on the BAM engine wet or dry? I got the head off today, as the m9 ribe is on order i butcherd an m10 spline in and got them off [:@]. The damage is quite bad, just the head and 2 pistons, in cylinder one a vavle has clipped the piston and taken a small chunk out so just need the...
  14. pedy

    the golf..... new pics added

    as some of you may know, Ive been planning on changing from my pug to a mk2 leon for a long time now... i got the 307 sold, and somehow ended up with a golf! It is a fantastic car, I think it looks stunning, it drives well (gt tdi 140) and it has full beige leather and most of the options which...
  15. Smee

    driving... BANG!!! black smoke - PICS Added

    hmm so after passing a diagnostic check and hitting requested to actual i drive to lake side today... on way home driving slow i decide to push it a little... sssshhhhhHHHHHHH........BANG!!!!!! black smoke.... i can hear the turbo spoil up now and then stutter. so i am guessing a pipe...
  16. Ibiza Cupra Tdi - Rear Whiteline Arb added and some pics!

    Ibiza Cupra 1.9 Tdi 6L - 03/2005 (one of my first mod's and the one i like the most) (front brake disc added) (seat sport arm-rest) (away with the fish-rod) Kit xenon 6000k (Rear registration plate with leds - looks blue in picture but i assure it's pure white + Led to reverse...
  17. My new Ovni 270bhp Bee-otch - New Pics Added

    Hi just bought this Onvi Yellow Seat Ibiza Cupra on Saturday afternoon after selling my mk1 Golf 20vt on Saturday morning. It's a 2001 X-reg, got 74k, fsh, fresh 12 months MOT and a huge spec - check it out. Engine: AM04 stage 2 turbo with Eurospec sports actuator...
  18. ScrewedSkull

    Help! Active sub added to an OEM speaker setup? 1st upgrade.

    :help: Timid newbie post, I've just become the proud owner of a '06 Ibiza 1.4 3dr Sport, and am looking to begin upgrading the sound system. I've already stuck in a new HU (a Sony CDX-GT222), with help from various threads around here, so thank you for that. Now I'm wondering about the...
  19. rsmith

    LCR W.I.P Update K04 Hybrid- F23 Here, mini review page 50

    Hi all, I have been doing a lot of work on my engine bay as of late, i have most of the mods done now apart from the final 2 engine bay mods which are a mirror polished inlet manifold and a CAI, but i think i am nearly there and can finally start on uprating the handling on the LCR, starting...
  20. evo2345

    Tinted Headlight covers new pics added

    Started Off as this, cheap buy from ebay Then decided to buy some tint spray and they turned out like this What do you gus think? im still undecided:confused:
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